The Tomi Lahren thread

You call this working? They broke off the engagement because she wasn't done whoring around.

edit, She is only 28 but she sounds pretty nuts. I don't get it, politicians and navy seals are not enough for her, then who is?

I call it "female ego inflation syndrome" it is the process whereby a woman who is a train wreck with low sexual market value inflates her value through delusions to the point she thinks she is 6-8 points higher than where she really is on the ladder.

Tomi Lahren has an ego that is in the stratosphere and it has taken her to such a level she is unmarriageable because there is no man on par with her or better than her and women never marry down, they only marry up or on par. She sees herself as deserving only the best, and even that won't be good enough.

She has priced herself out of the market because of her delusions.

Max Roscoe

Orthodox Inquirer
She is another example of why women's opinion on politics is irrelevant. She is only popular because she was a "based conservative." She's white so she can't be a liberal voice, and conservative boomers ate her up.

A woman who is fanatical about politics of any kind is a huge red flag. Women are not primarily logical beings in the way men are, so she is coming to her position on politics from an emotional frame, not a logical one, and she really doesn't have anything in common with you, despite how big a conservatard boomer you may be.

And a woman interested in politics is a huge red flag and a personal turn off.

When I toured the Nicaraguan war museum in Leon (all tours are led by former fighters), I was shown a picture of a woman this guy knew who was a rebel fighter, and he pointed and said "the women, oh gosh, the women were the most obsesseively scary ideologues in the movement, with fiery insane eyes and they would do absolutely anything for the cause (for the social credit, essentially).