The Tommy Robinson thread

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Enigma said:
Tommy has fucking balls of steel but I often worry for the safety of his family. If I were in his situation, there's no way I'd have my children living in Luton with the kind of name he has.

I know what he's thinking though. He's thinking, "Where am I going to run to? How long can I run and how far is far enough? When is it time to make a stand? If not now, when? And if not here, where?"


Tommy is planting himself in Luton like a tree beside the river of truth.

Tommy is saying, "No, you move."

And God bless and protect him and his family for it.


I remember Howard Stern talking about his situation in high school Roosevelt Long Island. From Wikipedia quote "in the late 1960s, Roosevelt became a predominantly black area; Stern remembered just "a handful of white kids" had remained in his school and repeated instances of bullying from black pupils". Paraphrasing, he said his mom thought it was wonderful that he had this diversity, but she didn't have to go to that school. Much like this troll on Twitter. He has no clue what it is to live in Luton.


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Just nodding off to sleep lads. But no such chance eh?



Tried doing an, but they won't show this page - they show another page. Mmm...

So he did a dance remix of the call to prayer. Well fucking lock me up too. Coz I got that shit all over my hard drive. I was doing that shit since I was fucking 15.

I recorded them at the mosques that used to blast out their shit at 5 am in the morning when I had to go to school at six - no fucking consideration at all. I lived in their country. Deep in it. I'm half-arab myself for what it's worth.

And now this shit.

Come find me. I'm going to put this shit all over youtube. Call to prayer? You can't have it both ways.

I do realise I am being a useful idiot.
I do realise that my government is agitating against me to stave off the kiddy fucking videos.

But fuck me. I got Allah all over my hard drive.

I love the way that don't work for BBC. They are fucking cunts the lot of them.

Oh well, guess it is time for sleep now.

Don't be scared of these clowns 'fam'.

We are fewer than them. But we are bigger and better.

I know we are being wound up and distracted. So I just ask that we all take a step back. Don't be involved with their game.

But you got to admit, it's funny as shit.

I want to go to war, don't know about you.

Wake me up before you go go.

Call to prayer?

Whose fucking prayer? Not mine.

It's ok. I'll fight. I get it. Time, place. Let's have it. eh eh.

They must think we are right fucking mugs.

Find the cunts perpetrating this shit and cut the cunts off at the knees.

Army? Useless. Never in the right place.

Police? Useless. Bought out by gangsters for their coke and tranny addictions.

Everyone else? Don't give a fuck?

Eh eh.

It's pretty funny when you have a death wish, and you watch all the big hard lads all around you cower in fear. Fucking pussies.

Ah well. I know, I know...


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Jesus Rigsby, you really lost it there.

I know.

I know.

Still, with enough meta-cognition to see what a twat you sounded like.

A paradox innit.

When the storm comes, it won't be posted.

The revolution will not be televised.


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Foolsgo1d said:
The guy Tommy is interviewing is a typical British metropolitan moron who infests this country with his idealism and self-righteousness.

They are insufferable twats. Those are the guys who just don't get it.

Yep. It's tossers like him that make me relate more to the working class than the middle class these days.


Foolsgo1d said:
The guy Tommy is interviewing is a typical British metropolitan moron who infests this country with his idealism and self-righteousness.

They are insufferable twats. Those are the guys who just don't get it.

I'd also argue that he was virtue signalling with his tweets, perhaps to get some retweets or 'likes' off some SJW type girls in the faint hope that he gets a bit of action (obviously they have no interest).

But year, I'd agree. The only thing that guy is missing is a slightly posher accent, then he tops off the metropolitan elite student stereotype.

Why isn't this called the Stephen Yaxley-Lennon thread?


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It's never good to follow heros. It rarely ends well for you or them.

A lot of people put Tommy up there as a bit of a hero. In his way he is. Maybe the persecution by the police isn't real, but it looks real to me.

The British police are known to crush certain people who cross them. You don't want to fuck with them. When you get on their radar, they will fucking destroy you and your family with no mercy.

Tommy's saving grace is the media of the 21st century, and periscope.

Is he really a hero? A plant? A bellwether? Who knows?

I come from the school of use your ears and your eyes and your nose. Just seeing him walk around asking these leftards simple questions, getting attacked by them, being threatened with arrest when attacked by the police, is enough for me to draw an initial conclusion.

It could be a massive psyop. Probably not.

Then there is Britain First. Now, they are being made out to be even bigger meat heads. But if you saw the video of them going in to the council offices, asking difficult questions, well, when those outside the UK say: why don't you brits do anything - cowards - have a look at that video. They were threatened with arrest as well.

I don't know if they are any good either. We have no charismatic leaders. We are all fat, ugly, bad-teethed individuals. Stupid, ignorant, ill-informed, bigoted, racist, the worst that humanity has to offer.

Tommy bridges the gap. It could be he is a useful idiot, it could be he is many things we have not even considered yet. I tend to think of him as an Englishman, pushed to the edge. Forced to take a side. The internet is his boon. Periscope his good friend.

It's too late for Britain. Game over in London. A thousand wannabee graphic designers and soon-to-be porn models will disagree with you. Pretty soon they will realise that there can only be one DJ in the room and a thousand others dancing to his tune.

We aren't allowed to talk about this. On threat of imprisonment.

I would formulate a sharp incontrovertible argument, but I'd only go further up the stack of 'persons of interest'.

It's good to rant, play the fool. Don't become too wise.

You will notice a lack of hard-hitting treatise on the subject. Not that I am capable of course.

Tommy is no saviour, they will kill him before he gets to that stage. I think he is a good man. A brave man, but a useful idiot nonetheless. Not to take away from anything he does.

Who among us would stick their head so far above the parapet, as Tommy has?

Talk is cheap, words are easy.

I follow Tommy's movements quite a bit. I know some things. But I won't post them here. For persec, but also not to antagonise the security services.

Do not worship false idols. Every man and woman is a star.

Where are the heroes that will come and save us?

That's right folks, it's just you and me. Silly little vulnerable fools we are. While all the real hard men know which side their bread is buttered... and keep their big hard mouths shut.



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Ha ha Yeah. This just came up as the next video to the last Chumbawamba one -

Just too ironic not to post.

This band is so far to the left they got banned by the Communist party. They make your average Trot look like Maggie Thatcher!

Yup, we truly are in Bizarro world as predicted by Justin Raimondo from

See also:

Peace is war. Truth is a lie. Freedom is slavery.

"This is the land of do what you're told..."



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One thing I noticed about these raging lefties, is their barely suppressed rage.

"I wouldn't piss on you, if you were on fire", harmonise Lou Watts and Alice Nutter.

No, I don't think you would.

But here's the thing. Where do I become your enemy? If I don't vote for the same party as you? Because I don't want my children being sexualised at the age of 3? Where does your fantasy land end and my reality begin? Vice versa.

You fucking lefties are so full of the good fight, and you take our good nature to be weakness. But you are the weak ones. You have a good backup with the police taking your side now and the government too, pushing your toxic agenda. Not necessarily talking about you Alice and Lou, but if the cap fits...

They say the Devil has the best songs, but that's not really true, the Left have all the songs. They ostracised anyone who did not toe the party line at birth.

It's one thing to sing to a room full of pissed up punters, another to strap on an M-16, knowing you might not come back whole. How will you cope with no legs, arms?

Not really anything to do with the Tommy Robinson thread. Apologies.

But still worth thinking about.

The really weird thing is the words in these songs are a battle cry if you just close your eyes as to where they come from.

One thing's for sure, no one is going to be posting Tommy Robinson's movements in this thread. And without that. Without free ability to associate and assemble, then what are we? Fucking slaves.

So excuse me for posting some shitty vids.

"Can't here you coz your mouth's full of shit - do something about it!"

This is England - 2017.

But the best is about to come.


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Tommy is posting regular vids with The Rebel. I'm assuming he's got a contract with them now for across the pond reporting. This is good, since smaller newsgroups are branching out and expanding. Start replacing the crumbling MSM.


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Tommy ready to throw down at the beginning. I wish he'd start a new political movement, I'd join it in a heartbeat. Would get crushed by the authorities though I suspect—a genuine working class revolution against the neoliberal elite would never be allowed to flourish.


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Anything he started would have the exact same problems as the EDL. Infiltration and subversion from every angle and impossible to keep in order. Besides he's more suited to his current job as an in-your-face reporter.

Have you seen Paul Weston's Liberty GB party? Their manifesto is near perfect and Paul is far more articulate and atuned to politics than Tommy.


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I've spoken about Liberty GB in the past, I like their positions. I flirted with the idea of joining in 2015, but never did in the end.
Teedub said:

Tommy ready to throw down at the beginning. I wish he'd start a new political movement, I'd join it in a heartbeat. Would get crushed by the authorities though I suspect—a genuine working class revolution against the neoliberal elite would never be allowed to flourish.

You see the blonde defence lawyer comforting the rapist on the way to the court room by saying 'We got you, we got you'. Ironic that she is probably a self proclaimed feminist.


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Great podcast with James Delingpole. His stories about prison are terrifying. Definitely a plan from up high to have him killed in there, without a shadow of a doubt.

Nearly all his teeth are fake apparently, after guards locked him in a room with a load of Muslim extremists for a couple of minutes. One day I'm gonna donate a shit load of money to him, for how terribly he's been treated for speaking the truth.



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The fact is Teedub, this is a fight we won't win.

The police and the army are anti-Tommy.

What we face is so unthinkable, it's not true.

They call us racists when we want racial harmony.
They hound us when we have different opinions.

Sharia law will be enforced by the police, and by the army.

We are severely outnumbered. It is a fight we can not win.

They are forcing us to use other means.

I really appreciate your threads on the matter Teedub. Sorry if I shitposted before.

Tommy is a hero. If that makes me a racist nazi scum, so be it.

He just wants some kind of coherence in British society. He doesn't hate black or indian people. Before the days of the net he would have been crushed. And still they try to crush him.

Our police force is corrupt. They are fucking wrong 'uns. And that comes from someone that supports the police.

We are headed to war.

My forefathers died for nothing. The attitude of the police and the army is fucking disgusting. I pray the civil war in their ranks will sort things out. But I fear we will be ruled by midget lesbian muslims.

UK is a country of cowards.


Not really Rigsby. The difference between the police and army/marines is the police are babysitters and enforce the law.

The army and marines are there to kill because they are trained killers and have access to the ultimate weaponry. You won't ever have a military comprised of a country's own native population in the West that will slaughter its own.

The one thing that communism, maxism and third world countries have that we don't is this trigger mechanism for slaughtering your own countryman.

The men are trained to follow orders but it will take many years to create a mindset where your army will kill any number of people or at least suppress them. These men are our own and the only reason a military turns on its own people is through dehumanising and creating an Us vs Them atmosphere.

The police are THEM already, the military not so much.

If we were to have thousands of outsiders in our military then we would see a shift in action.