The total meltdown of society


We could consider it damnation, but it's easy to say that when you don't have to deal with it on a daily basis.

"On Wednesday night, Mr Andrews said he wanted to “send a message” to Victorians after news the state’s “circuit breaker” lockdown has been extended."

There are no more "people" of Victoria, they have long gone. So what do we "oppose"?
It is not the church who's gonna do it (mask mandates, lockdown peddlers) so who will?

It's our prayer as our church left us long ago. They now preach vaccines and netflix. I'm struggling to stay sane as some of you do too.
But remember, we will win. The garden is only for the ones who did not bite.

God Bless, I love you all.

Viktor Zeegelaar

Really be careful to follow the MSM by yourselves. I do get through what the MSM is reporting through the alternative/conspiracy media. However, I found that when I dove into it myself I felt a sense of uncleanness, of literal poisoning. The information is poison, so refrain from it. That will help to stay mentally sane.


What was quite a -perhaps strange- consolation to me, was the insight that the early Christians faced a total meltdown of society not essentially different from our own. When I read, for example, Romans 1, I do not only read a text about a past age, but also a strickingly accurate description of our contemporary society. Of course, there are many differences between both ages (such as the increased technological and organizational means of the Enemy today), but not when it comes to the essence of Godless behavour. In the past, Godless people behaved as lunatics, today they behave as lunatics, and in the future they will behave as lunatics (because they are, in fact, lunatics). And we know from Matthew 17 that Christ is the only true cure for such lunacy. So, to add to Viktor's accurate remark, there's no news under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). In fact, I listened to a sermon the other day in which the preacher remarked that there is no need for us to read the (mainstream) news. You can better read the Bible, he advised, because then you get both the news AND the Word. (Though, let me be the first to admit that I do yet not abide to this advice as much as I should.)

Robert High Hawk

This is a very apt post. For some reason I've been pushed closer to my breaking point here where I'm living because the laws are getting WORSE even as whatever made up metrics they have are getting better. But the laws are getting worse in a way that is getting more personal to you, demanding more personal compliance for certain things vice limiting your options. I really am praying for patience in these difficult times, but I have faith in God and his plan.