The Transgender Pill


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blck said:

To back up what OP is stating, EPIC SELLOUTS got his channel shoa'd today, he probably annoyed someone, transpocalypse now will probably follow...
Victor Pride also made a podcast on freemasonery & Inverted reality that is worth listening

Those weird female body proportions don't add up, how can you tell me that those freak can sustain life being this ripped when most of men habe a hard time getting muscular.

My only hallmark now is to watch the shoulder/hips ratio where for a female the hips should be as large as the shoulders, if not I don't buy it!


You can also examine the hands as digit ratios for women are just overall smaller versus men. A trans will 90% of the time just have large hands that are just not in sync to thier modified and hormone adjusted bodies.

Also, to the above...

I've been saying that Emma Watson is a psyop for years. She has the body of a teenage boy and there is nothing on her that is feminine aside from long hair.

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loremipsum said:
Sword and Board said:
Um the knights Templar actually opposed ((())) and is why they were hunted into the ground.

Freemasonry though is A Judaism/satanic cult.


I would delve more into it but I will get banned.

I will say this though. Once the Knights Templar were ex communicated a new group gained complete monopoly on financial usury practices to kings and nations.

This same group holds an obsessive grudge on the crusades and Christianity in general.


911, while I do believe you and i am not against the OP , do we really have facts that Templars were jewish owned?

Strong facts I mean?
GloboHobo said:
The normalization of transgenderism isn't new

Transgenderism has been on the agenda since Weimar Germany, which just like in modern Weimerica was run by Satan's chosen people.

Uterus implants are coming soon

The future world ruler will be transexual

They are also pursuing what will happen in the west: A transgender prime minister

Thank you for posting regarding that very important topic!

As you say it's not new, but it is much older than Weimar and goes back thousands of years!

Most of the current world leaders are already transgender. There are many trans prime ministers.

One also needs to know there is an important distinction in creating transgenders. Few are transgendered before birth.

The majority (so far) which is changed after birth will not be able to bear children. An artificial uterus will luckily not help in this case.


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People need to dig further or at least go on 8ch/pol/, history is repeating itself as precisely & predictable as swiss watch:
Before WW2 what was Berlin about?


Sex Ed center:
The Institut für Sexualwissenschaft was an early private sexology research institute in Germany from 1919 to 1933. The name is variously translated as Institute of Sex Research, Institute of Sexology, Institute for Sexology or Institute for the Science of Sexuality. The Institute was a non-profit foundation situated in Tiergarten, Berlin. It was headed by Magnus Hirschfeld. Since 1897 he had run the Wissenschaftlich-humanitäres Komitee ("Scientific-Humanitarian Committee"), which campaigned on conservative and rational grounds for gay rights and tolerance. The Committee published the long-running journal Jahrbuch für sexuelle Zwischenstufen. Hirschfeld built a unique library on same-sex love and eroticism.

Seem like we got back in time, Aldous Huxley first publication was 1932, he was an insider who try to warn others:



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One small note on the above: Huxley wasn't so much warning us, as he was laying out the plans. He and his family had long been part of the globalist cabal. Jay Dyer has a lot of info on this conection.


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ilostabet said:
Huxley wasn't so much warning us, as he was laying out the plans.

You can chose to see the glass half empty, I'd rather see it half full but Huxley showed you the glass in the first place...

Abelard Lindsey

The John Varley novels "Steel Beach" and "The Golden Globe" features a future solar system wide society where gender changing is routine and socially accepted.