The Trapped Sparrow


Yesterday at work I was at the top level of an above ground parking garage, which is at the base of an office building. The entire garage is enclosed with glass and metal screening with the exception of the entrance/exit at ground level.

A sparrow was just standing on the floor of the garage, not moving. I walked slowly to look at him, and he looked back still staying in the same spot.

It was obvious he was trapped and exhausted. He had flown into the garage, and was unable to escape. I felt pity for him, and wanted to save him.

As ridiculous as it may sound I spoke to him. In a calm and gentle voice I told him I meant him no harm, and that I knew he was trapped, and I wanted to help him escape.

But as you may have expected, as I slowly moved closer to him he flew away. All I wanted to do was help him out of this trap, but he did not understand.

Today I went back to see if he was still stuck at the top of the garage. I found him not far from where he was yesterday lying on the floor. The sparrow was dead.

As I looked at him I began to think that we as Children of God are like the sparrow. We are trapped, and Jesus wants to save us.

Some will fly away to try and save themselves, but others will allow Jesus to rescue them.

Thank you for allowing me to share. May God bless you all.


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Same thing happened yesterday here. It had been trapped since Sunday, so it was pretty tired already.

It died around noon. We had left some water and bread for it Sunday night, but it never ate or drank.

Sparrows don't seem to understand trying to help them.

Robins who get in here are pretty easy to reason with and will often let you pick them up when they get tired.