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The problem with a lot of Trump supporters is that they project their ideals upon him. Trump is from the better side of the swamp, he's a guy who had David Geffen as his mentor, and his spiritual leader was (is?) a kabbalah rabbi. His first two wives were Jewish, Marla converted and kept kosher. This is not conspiratorial hearsay, it's from his own book:

Trump is culturally and ideologically aligned with Kushner and his daughter, he's a zionist boomercon, he isn't ideologically aligned with this forum. For example Trump is not into "restoring Heritage America", he's kind of a boomercon moderate who buys into the melting pot myth, he's completely immersed in the Jewish NYC circle, that's his primary network. He started out as Roy Cohn's sidekick.

He is skilled at maintaining enough ambiguity in order to keep two mutually exclusive constituencies in his fold, the Adelson types and the America Firsters (9-D chess/QAnon). We get enough scraps to keep up in line (Kavanaugh, no global warming BS, no TPP etc) but the swamp gets trillion dollar bailouts and guys like Pompeo running the show abroad.

On the other hand, the gap between Tucker and this forum is razor thin, Tucker is a smart guy with a decent moral compass who gets it.
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They are now for Tucker.

Tucker Carlson Advertisers Depart After ‘Black Lives’ Comment

By Gerry Smith
June 11, 2020, 10:01 AM EDT Updated on June 11, 2020, 6:08 PM EDT

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is losing more advertisers in the wake of his controversial comments about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Walt Disney Co., Papa John’s International Inc. and T-Mobile US Inc. said this week they would no longer advertise on his show after he sparked an uproar in addressing the global protests over police brutality and racial inequality.

“This may be a lot of things, this moment we are living through,” he said Monday on his Fox News show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “But it is definitely not about black lives and remember that when they come for you, and at this rate, they will.”

A Fox News spokesperson said earlier this week, “Tucker’s warning about ‘when they come for you’ was clearly referring to Democratic leaders and inner-city politicians.” The spokesperson said Thursday that all national ads and revenue from Carlson’s show have moved to other programs and Fox News hasn’t lost any revenue overall.

A spokesperson for Disney’s ABC told the publication Deadline that ads for its shows were placed on Carlson’s program without the network’s knowledge by a third-party ad buyer.

On Tuesday, T-Mobile Chief Executive Officer Mike Sievert replied to several tweets asking about the mobile-phone carrier’s advertising relationship with Carlson’s show and whether it backed the host’s message.

To one Twitter poster who said he would no longer watch Carlson’s show and called the comments “vile,” Sievert replied, “Same. We aren’t running ads on that show and we won’t be running ads on that show in the future. Bye-bye, Tucker Carlson!”

Papa John’s will no longer advertise on any opinion-based programming, it said in an emailed statement Thursday. “Placement of advertising is not intended to be an endorsement of any specific programming or commentary,” the pizza company said.

Online activists have targeted Fox News advertisers as part of an ongoing campaign to damage the profits of companies that they believe promote bigotry and sexism. The protests following the death of George Floyd have also pressured media companies to step up their support for racial equality.

According to Alphonso, a TV measurement company, the brands still advertising on Carlson’s show include MyPillow; Relaxium, a sleep aid; LeafFilter, a gutter protector; and KardiaMobile, a heart monitor.

Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch said in a memo to staff last week that “it is essential that we grieve with the Floyd family, closely listen to the voices of peaceful protest and fundamentally understand that black lives matter.”

Carlson’s show has seen several waves of advertiser boycotts in recent years over his commentary. In December 2018, PepsiCo Inc.’s SodaStream, TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. and others pulled their ads from Carlson’s show after he said immigrants make the U.S. “poorer and dirtier and more divided.”
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The 2006 clip is nothing.

The communists tried to use it a year or two ago to no effect. It was around that time when the uniparty declared Tucker a threat and sent an actual mob to his house to harass his family without him home. Pretty sure it was around the same time he was saying things like "Israel has a wall so why can't we?" sort of stuff... flying a little too close to the sun.

I can't find the the clip but Tucker didn't back down one inch. Essentially said on his show: "I'm not sorry and if people want to debate my opinions, they are welcome to come on the show. I'm here 5 nights a week." I knew right then and there, right after his family was directly threaten and he didn't back down, that he was a real leader.

A true rare diamond in American politics.

As for a potential POTUS 2024 run vs whether he should stay on TV instead:

I can understand how people would prefer he just stick to TV/media as a commentator/unofficial advisor but we are going to need a guy like him in the 2020's to navigate the complexity of salvaging Red America, cutting the cucks and communist out, and fighting for America 2.0. Tucker has been in Washington for decades now and understands the game VERY well and who the real bad guys are regardless of party affiliation. He is a million times more of a deeper thinker than Trump could ever be and we gonna need someone ultra sharp AND principled to have even a chance of coming out of this whole mess alive with relative minimal collateral damage. We get another amateur/incompetent/sell-out GOP guy, that's it. It's probably game over.

At the national level, we will be fighting our way out against a fully democrat/uniparty controlled federal government in all likelihood. We will also quickly lose several state governments nearly immediately due to overnight amnesty for illegals along with the the floodgates being opened. If someone with Tucker like attributes comes along then sure, it's less of an imperative and Tucker can keep doing his thing. However, can anyone honestly name a single legit and viable alternative to Tucker?

Unfortunately, Conservative Inc still has a pretty strong hold on the GOP and you can thank Trump for a lot of that since he has enabled tons of swamp characters. Nikki Haley, Pompeo, and Pence are are not what we need in 2024 but unless some sort of GOP/America First reformation occurs between now and 2024, you can bet names like the aforementioned are going to be well funded and propped up by the uniparty media.

More MAGA flavored guys like DeSantis have some potential but he is still Con Inc from what I've seen thus far. His first trip as governor of Florida was where again? Israel. Hawley has some potential but I don't if he is in the Con Inc camp or not. He might be a better fit in the senate as the majority leader; helping to flush out the corrupt GOP senate folks (i.e. basically everybody).

Can you imagine a President Carlson, senate majority leader Hawley, and house speaker Jim Jordan? That be some real shit right there. More likely to happen in America 2.0 vs the current paradigm where it's nearly impossible for decent guys to rise to the top based on ideas and principles.

Remember: Dumbass Trump got played by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell for 2 fucking years. These two guys were openly hostile towards him during the 2016 election and he acted all surprised when they Charlie Brown'ed his ass on the MAGA agenda stuff. If not that, then Trump clearly sold out. BOTH are really bad regardless of circumstances.

Tucker in contrast has ZERO illusions about the the type of people he would be dealing with, how evil they are, and how they play the game. He already has prevented WW3 with Iran by all accounts and his tenure at Fox is probably hanging by threads. And he already has a real grassroots support base that would donate to him to give him some financial ammo to work with.

My gut insintict tells me he will run if he doesn't see someone decent in the GOP 2024 field running. He knows this country can't survive much longer on its current path and he doesn't want to see his children suffering within the borders of communist anti-white America. He's wealthy enough that him and his family could bounce pretty easily but that just doesn't seem like his style from everything I've seen thus far.
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I'm so sad that Fox News deteriorated after the fat man owner died.

Fox News was a legit great thing for men for a few decades. The only Italian/Brazilian style TV shows in the western world. I always loved when Fox news had a bunch of hosts in very short miniskirts sit around discussing economics. It was great. Rip Roger Ailes.


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They are now for Tucker.

Tucker Carlson Advertisers Depart After ‘Black Lives’ Comment

I am not putting too much stock into this. It's hype so that the left can feel good that they "got one" on Tucker.

I watch Tucker nightly now, and in the past 6 months, I have not seen any ads for Disney. Maybe there was one, one time for Verizon but I even doubt that. I remember seeing an ad for a Universal Studios movie. Once.

These advertisers were not with Tucker but were with Fox, and my bet was they just told Fox "don't you dare even mistakenly play our ads on Tucker." And then they're making a big story out of it.

If I'm not mistaken Tucker has the highest rated show on Fox News right now. And if Fox lets him go there will be many angry viewers who, my guess is, would stop watching Fox altogether and follow Tucker wherever he goes. Anything can happen but I doubt Tucker has much to be worried about.
I was over on the CHAZ subreddit yesterday and it was really interesting that most of the people on that sub thought Tucker Carlson and his coverage of CHAZ was funny and most liked him general, because he was anti-neocon and anti-big business.

This actually tells me a lot. Tucker might have an audience on the left among some of the less crazy Yang/Bernie types, who would never vote for Trump out of sheer disdain for style and morals.


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Last night Tucker opened his show telling his viewers that he was the #1 show in primetime. He said this not to brag, he said, but to let his viewers know that they are not alone. It was comforting, but I don't think that's the reason his show is now #1.

I believe it's The Streisand Effect in action. Last week advertisers boycotted him and announced it. The irony is that, as I've claimed before, I do not believe that any of these advertisers played ads during Tucker's show to begin with. I think they were virtue signaling. I don't think any ads were actually pulled.

The result is that people want to see how awful Tucker is, so they tune in. And what they see is not at all controversial, and in fact, may make them reevaluate some of their views and how the media plays them.

A soft sort of red pill, in a way.

In any case, Tucker has more viewers and hopefully more influence.


Tucker is #1 on TV, but who watches TV anymore? And he's #1 because the rest of the audience is split amongst the various CNN, MSNBC, etc. offerings. Unless he's getting more viewers than all of them combined, he's not #1 in a hard sense. And even if he is, see my first sentence.

I like Tucker, I'm glad he exists, I'll celebrate any success the not-left can get and I'm open to a big-tent movement. But, stats like that aren't all that meaningful. Still, "you are not alone" is a good message. So important in this era of mass censorship.


Right, but what's the total viewership for whatever garbage is on CNN and MSNBC and CBS national news and whatever else is on in the same time slot. No one of them tops Tucker, but I'm sure that collectively they blow him away. Part of the reason Tucker is #1 in the slot is because he is the only alternative, whereas CNN and MSNBC and stuff are "splitting the vote" so to speak.


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@kel -- I decided to test your hypothesis.

Per this site:

Tucker was at 3.94 million viewers.

Anderson Cooper is in the same time slot, and had 1.74 million viewers.

MSNBC has Chris Hayes in the same time slot, and had 1.75 million viewers.

So for cable news alone, CNNs and MSNBC's audiences account for 88% of Tucker's.

That by itself is mindblowing, but here's more perspective.

Tucker is #1 in his time slot. The number 2 show, Good Bones on HGTV, had 1.84 million viewers. Forget about the Cable News talking head category, Tucker Carlson has more than double the viewers of the next highest rated show in his time slot. Tucker has more viewers combined than CNN and MSNBC do in the same time slot. Out of the top 100 shows, 9 of them are on at 8:00pm Eastern, and 32% of viewers at 8:00pm are watching Tucker.

That is phenomenal, and fills me with lots of hope.