The TV Series Thread

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I know there are separate threads on different tv shows. Right now there are myriads of series available it is hard to know what to invest time on. Any shows you recommend or dislike you can post here. I have been meaning to watch the following

Marco Polo
the Last Kingdom
New Girl

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


I've been watching The Americans on a binge lately. Its about sleeper KGB agents posing as a normal american couple in the 1980's.

There are nitpicks, but it's pretty good if you can suspend your disbelief during the occasional girlpower (eg woman beating up multiple male FBI agents.) They really didn't need to do this to show how 'strong' women are as they have good depictions of women seducing and manipulating men which is much more realistic.

Good spy series anyway.


Person of Interest. Two episodes left of the series (went five seasons, and was allowed a proper ending as they knew the fifth would be the last one). First season is mostly procedural action/crime, though I still found even the first season great, but with the second season - and hints of it in the first - it turns very heavily serialized with a series spanning arc.

The Last Ship. Season 3 starts tonight.

Z Nation. If you might like hilariously campy, over the top and excessively gory zombie apocalypse shows. Season 3 starting in the Autumn.


Watching season 2 of Marco Polo. As someone with a raging AZN fetish I have to say the lack of nudity is disappointing this season. I'm 5 episodes in and haven't seen a single titty or bare ass.

How bad is my fetish? I haven't banged a round eye in months, and I don't miss it.


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Nice thread. I am about to finish Mad Men and will need something new to watch until football season starts back. The Americans and Person of Interest sound pretty good.

For anyone with Netflix or other streaming option I'd recommend Mad Men, The Sopranos, Justified, The Shield, The Wire, and Breaking Bad if you haven't seen them, they are all better than whatever else is currently airing. Californication and Eastbound and Down are entertaining comedies worth watching as well and both have plenty of nudity.

Other than The Wire and Breaking Bad every one of these shows has strong male leads who dominate their worlds and get lots of pussy so there are many scenes that resonate with the type of guys around here.

As for current shows, I'm looking forward to Narcos S2 this summer and Longmire S5 this fall.

ETA: The Night Manager is a mini series that was released on BBC in the spring and AMC a few months ago. Only 6 episodes but a quality show.
In addition to the shows Chauncey mentioned, I'd throw in 24 and Fargo.

24 has a strong male lead and is the closest thing to watching an action movie on TV. There are a lot of ridiculous parts but the show is incredibly addictive and entertaining.

Fargo is a crime series. Arguably the best show on TV right now.


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Person of Interest
12 Monkeys
House of Lies

Also just started watching the Americans per a few posts in threads like these.


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Recently been watching Blacklist, Bloodline
And Friday Night Lights on Netflix. I didn't think I would like Bloodline but I'm glad I stuck with it.


Banshee is an amazing serie too. It's about an ex-con who steals the identify of a small town sheriff.

Plenty of nice fight scenes, plenty of nice women, and yeah, the protagonist fucks most of them.

Give it a try :



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I stopped watching TV shows a few years ago because of the noticeable gender shift. Only show I try to watch is "Supernatural".