The TV Series Thread

Watching Narcos. It's a lot better than I thought it would be. Of course even in Narcos a head of the Cali Cartel is a raving in your face homosexual. In real life he was rumoured to be homsexual but never flaunted it the way he does in Narcos.
Until the way over-the-top wokeness of later seasons, I thought Money Heist was amongst the best-written shows on TV. Sadly the last two seasons are very on the nose about being pro-tranny, pro-gay, and other stupid parts I think they included as a response to earlier critics saying the show was “too patriarchal and misogynistic.”
I thought the first season was very well written and entertaining. Agree on your last point...seems everyone must toe the woke line these days unfortunately.
currently watching "True Detective" b/c of Jay Dyer's Matthew Mcconaughey impressions... "The Psychosphere" its actually really good! Season 1 was on point, and i didnt think id like season 2 because of the new cast and story (the series is an anthology where every season is a whole new story) but season 2 is not disappointing so far. Im about half way thru it now.

I want to start watching The Wire, ive heard good things about it but never seen it as of yet.
How did you like the other seasons of True Detective?

I would suggest Fargo if you haven't already seen it. Similar to True Detective in many ways.
All the seasons are excellent.


I've been watching this TV show on Prime called Modern Love. Some of the stories are pretty good, but they are more and more pushing the gay and interracial agenda that tends to ruin things.

Jesu Juva

There is a 4 part Fantomas mini TV series with Helmut Berger, two episodes directed by Claude Chabrol and two by the son of Luis Bunuel. I watched it a dozen times. It is closer to the books than the movies with Louis de Funès.