The TV Series Thread


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Ozark's newest season came out the other day. Solid overall, even though it's a little too plot heavy for my taste. It has also become borderline campy regarding the old poppy farmer Darlene and her shotgun. Not as good as the last season but worth a watch.

It does suffer slightly from wokeism. The black female FBI agent from the last season is back. She's recently given birth to a son, but there is no mention of a father at all, but I suppose a lot of black moms are used to being single. Halfway into the season Marty gives her a tip about a shipment of guns. They pull over a tractor trailer on the highway and this forensics accountant is barking tactical commands at the SWAT team. The truck blows up and right before it does she screams "Get out of there!!!" just based on a gut feeling I guess.

Still entertaining overall though, even if it isn't really treading new ground.