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Based on everything I read about Jack I do think he's being genuine about saying it was wrong to wholesale block the NY Post story links and not grandstanding bc he's afraid of the Senate subpoena. I'm not saying he's a good guy but he's not a pure SJW ideologue. What I think happened is the super SJW faction on Twitter got carried away and did it without Jack and many of the other Twitter executives knowledge.

I think a lot of tech companies are like that, they're not monolithic leftist hives. They're overwhelmingly democrat and liberal but they're not all batshit crazy critical theory spouting SJWs. In the history of Japan post WWI the army, specifically the Kwantung Japanese army made decisions independently without consulting the civilian government such as taking over Manchuria. So the army did something then it became a fait accompli that the Japanese government was forced to accept.

I believe the super SJW faction of every tech company does that and the more moderates (leftist but moderate compared to the crazies) just accept it because its a fait accompli and bc most of the SJWs are diversity hires they really can't reverse the decisions and punish them because that would be racist of course. That's where a lot of the "Oops we didn't mean to delete that tweet it was a technical mishap!" comes from. Some lone SJWs having a tantrum and pushing a button and the top execs having to clean up the mess. I'm not saying Big Tech doesn't do a lot of censorship planned and approved at the highest levels but there's also a lot of SJW mavericks censoring things independently and seeing how far they can go before there is pushback. In the case of the NY Post story with Hunter's emails and photos the censorship was so China style brute force that they had to walk it back.


Twitter removes top White House coronavirus adviser tweet claiming masks don't work

Twitter removed a tweet from top White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Scott Atlas for questioning the effectiveness of masks in combatting COVID-19.

Atlas’ tweet read "Masks work? NO" and preceded several others that questioned the use of face coverings in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Atlas also used examples of areas where he had said 'cases exploded even with mandates' including Los Angeles, Miami, Hawaii, Alabama, France, Philippines, United Kingdom, Spain and Israel.

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I like Gab because of its strong Free Speech stance. I frequently go to Gab to check various pages for news, memes, etc.

As Gework mentioned, Gab is growing as a lot of people are joining since they mentioned they were kicked off, suspended or banned from other social media platforms for posting COVID, Hunter Biden's leaks, etc. Also, people mentioned Parler is a joke for censoring Biden laptop posts.

I was surprised to see this reply to Roosh's Gab post; I frequently check NR's page for latest posts or news.

I think you'll like it better here, brother.

Roosh V @rooshv
Twitter suspended me for 12 hours because I said that coronavirus is just the flu.

Edit. Bonus: Forgot to mention that the Gab founder Andrew Torba (@a) is religious (Catholic, I think).
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Gab founder's reply to the Washington Post, who's planning to write a hit piece on Gab & QAnon:
Torba: "You should be reporting on the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop instead of the people who predicted it."

Roosh, I was on Gab and followed a link to watch your, making a pizza video. I don’t use twitter much, but it was crazy to finally see something like this. A warning over a how to make a pizza vid.


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Roosh, I was on Gab and followed a link to watch your, making a pizza video. I don’t use twitter much, but it was crazy to finally see something like this. A warning over a how to make a pizza vid.

The "warning" is because you are going to Bitchute. It's another little trick by the knaves at Twitter to warn people away from a non-censorious Youtube alternative.

I second what people said earlier. I've been visiting Gab more as well. You have out there the vanguard of the banned and so you need to go there understanding that. There are people who revere the Third Reich and display dindu caricatures, there are goofballs, there are non-Christian, blunt guys like Heartiste, John Rivers, and the Zman who wouldn't play on Twitter but sometimes have solid insights, you have Q people, etc. There's a growing number of conservatives out there and Andrew Torba seems like a solid Christian. It's more of a Wild West atmosphere, but any man should prefer that to walking on eggshells on Twitter so we don't offend the precious sensibilities of mentally warped neoliberals. Even the more "out there" types on Gab are more normal and able to reason than so many of the crazed lefties and degenerates on Twitter, people you can't even civilly engage without bringing down the ban hammer. I see Gab gradually transforming into the go-to platform for the entire America First right.

I'm not sure why the America First guys and Michelle Malkin haven't gravitated to Gab instead of going to Telegram instead.
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