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Let's backtrack a bit. Who's interest did the Kazak gov really represent?

That's plausible. Angry masses of people could be easily lured given the right commands. Subversion is something that these intelligence agencies have been studying and refining for decades.

Putin must be mad at this development. He'll have to ultimately appoint the new prince of Kazakhstan.


i am no expert but I do not trust this woman.

Putin sabre rattling in the Ukraine. Lukashenko battling the EU on the Polish border.
And then suddenly this 1000s of miles away on their Eastern /Southern front.

This reeks of Zog.
Her comfortable and safe life in the West is only possible if she parrots the ZOG narrative. Just like with any political refugees in the West.

Once she publicly drops any red pills, watch how she will either completely dissappear from the mediasphere or whatever type of Visa she posseses to be in the EU gets suddenly revoked or she gets deported to Kazakhstan.


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i am no expert but I do not trust this woman.
Agreed. I didn't know who she is until I did some digging into her background and found a couple of interesting articles about her. Looks like she can't be trusted due to her shady past.

The Iskander Yerimbetov case: The trial of the Kazakhstan regime’s hostage​

The brother held to account for his sister

Iskander Yerimbetov is the brother of the human rights defender and lawyer Botagoz Jardemalie. She had been furnishing legal consultations to the opposition politician Mukhtar Ablyazov and other persons being prosecuted for political motives in Kazakhstan.

In 2013, Kazakhstan began prosecute Jardemalie within the framework of Ablyazov’s case. In October 2013, the authorities of Belgium granted Jardemalie political asylum. Interpol removed Jardemalie (in 2016) and Ablyazov (in 2017) from its wanted list in connection with the political character of the charges. Kazakhstan organised surveillance of Jardemalie and was likely involved in an attempt to kidnap her. The Belgian police are conducting an inquest into the available facts.

In order to force Botagoz Jardemalie to return to Kazakhstan and “cooperate with the investigation” in the case against Ablyazov, the authorities subjected her brother Iskander Yerimbetov to criminal prosecution. Mikhail Zorov, Dmitriy Pestov, and Vasilina Sokolenko became random victims in the war that Kazakhstan’s authorities are waging against Ablyazov and his supporters.

As long as there’s a person, a charge will be found

At first, all the defendants were charged with being involved in a “criminal conspiracy” with the opposition politician Mukhtar Ablyazov. It was being demanded of Iskander Yerimbetov that he provide false testimony against the sister and the opponent. However, after he had refused to commit perjury and give false evidence, and no ties between Yerimbetov and Ablyazov had been established, the investigation completely changed the charges to ones not connected with Ablyazov’s case.

At the court trial, the judge prohibited any mention about the opposition politician and Yerimbetov’s sister – Botagoz Jardemalie. At the last court session, the judge yelled at Yerimbetov and interrupted him, inasmuch as the latter was making mention of torture, Ablyazov, and Jardemalie.

Another Belgian Negligence: The Case of Botagoz Jardemalie​

Although there is an international arrest warrant issued on her name, Botagoz Jardemalie, a Kazakhstani national and the right hand of Mukhtar Ablyazov, had a company in Brussels, Belgium, and repeatedly visited the country without any hindrance from Belgian authorities.

Who is Botagoz Jardemalie?

Jardemalie was born on 10 July 1976 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. In 1999 she graduated from Adilet Higher Law School in Almaty. Between 1997 and 1999 she worked as an assistant lawyer in the Almaty office of the law firm White & Case.

In 2003, Jardemalie graduated from Harvard Law School, and became a registered attorney admitted in New York State in 2004. She worked as a lawyer for White & Case in New York City. (see here:

In November 2005 she is hired as managing director at BTA Bank in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and in October 2008 she becomes a member of BTA’s Management Board. Incidentally, 2005 is also the year when Mukhtar Ablyazov became the sole owner of BTA Bank.

After gaining ownership of BTA, Ablyazov began creating a network of offshore companies through which he managed to siphon billions of dollars from the bank. The Kazakh government discovered the scheme in 2009, when it nationalized BTA. According to Kazakh prosecutors, Ablyazov managed to steal 7.5 billion dollars using his network of dummy corporations. More about Ablyazov, here:

Ablyazov was also strongly connected to Alexander Potkin, who allegedly handled the assets belonging to Ablyazov in Russia. Potkin is a well-known Russian nationalist, and the former leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI).

Potkin was arrested by the Russian authorities in October 2014. According to investigators, Potkin’s work was supervised by Ablyazov’s closest allies – Ilyas Khrapunov, Ablyazov’s son in law and the son of a former Mayor of Almaty Viktor Khrapunov, and Botagoz Jardemalie.

In other words, Jardemalie was hired by Ablyazov to help him with his daring scheme to siphon billions of dollars out of Kazakhstan through his offshore companies.

In 2009, Jardemalie resigned from all her positions in BTA – and fled the country, just like Ablyazov. Sources say that Jardemalie was also Ablyazov’s mistress.

She is married with Peter Sztyk, owner of New World Oil & Gas.

Business in Belgium

In September 2012, Jardemalie and her husband created a company in Brussels, Belgium: Botagoz Jardemalie SPRL. The company was located at Chaussée de Louvain 467, 1030 Schaerbeek, Brussels, and offered consultancy on cross-border litigation cases and on managing projects developed between the European Union and Kazakhstan.

Later, on 13 March 2013, the company changed its name to Ponte Mundi, and Jardomalie was appointed managing director.

The arrest warrant and afterwards

On 4 May 2013, Kazakhstani authorities issued an international arrest warrant on Jardemalie’s name, accusing her of “misappropriation or embezzlement of entrusted property” in relation to the positions she held at BTA Bank.

In spite of this, nothing happened to her, and she was able to visit Belgium on at least two occasions, without being questioned by the Belgian authorities.

The first visit took place on February 2nd 2016, when Jardemalie and her husband sell Ponte Mundi to Ruchat Lexial, a law firm.

The second visit happened on 5 September 2016, when Jardemalie resigns from her position as managing director at Ponte Mundi.

On all these documents, Jardemalie and her husband clearly satate their address: apartment 4100, Le Reve residential tower, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The French connection

As noted earlier, the address of Botagoz Jardemalie SPRL and then of Ponte Mundi is Chaussée de Louvain 467, Brussels, Belgium. This is also the address of Ruchat Lexial, the law firm that eventually became the owner of Ponte Mundi.

Ruchat Lexial was founded by Emmanuel Ruchat, a highly connected expert in immigration law, criminal and political law. In Brussels, Ruchat leads a LREM committee (a political movement created by the French President Emmanuel Macron). In France, he worked with former Ministry Michel Barnier within the framework of “New Republic,” as well as with Senator Jean-Marie Bockel (“Gauche Moderne”). He participated in drawing up with MEP Alain Lamassoure a report titled “Citizens and European law enforcement,” submitted to another French President, Nicholas Sarkozy.

Well, this lawyer with top connections both in Belgium and in France hosted and then bought a company owned by Botagoz Jardemalie, a person wanted for “misappropriation or embezzlement of entrusted property.” This raises tons of questions.

A Belgian failure

While Kazakhstani authorities are doing everything in their power to recover the billions of dollars stolen by Ablyazov and to apprehend him and Jardemalie, the Belgian intelligence failed to discover that an international fugitive was doing business in Brussels. The Belgian authorities didn’t seem to notice the presence of Jardemalie in their country. Nobody ever asked her any questions about her presence in Belgium.

Also worrying is that this is the second connection between Belgium and Mukhtar Ablyazov. OSI discovered that a prominent Belgian businessman, Frank Monstrey, acted as a front of Ablyazov. (See here:

By all accounts, the Belgian authorities’ failure to discover the presence of Jardemalie is a gross negligence – and provides another example of incompetence. Time will tell whether this incompetence was willful or not.


Agreed. I didn't know who she is until I did some digging into her background and found a couple of interesting articles about her. Looks like she can't be trusted due to her shady past.

The Iskander Yerimbetov case: The trial of the Kazakhstan regime’s hostage​

Another Belgian Negligence: The Case of Botagoz Jardemalie​

Quite revealing information. Thanks.

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A few days ago, I was thinking of Russia opening a multiple front against NATO, for instance in Georgia or Latvia (before Ukraine) :
Post in thread 'Ukraine conflict lounge'

... but it turns out, it's the other way round, NATO opening multiple fronts against Russia, in Kazakhstan before Ukraine.

So apparently, Putin has been so cautious, and carefully calculating, that meanwhile NATO has moved its chess pawn first.

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Guys listen - it's not only about gas prices.
It's about everything.
I'm from post Soviet country.
Look what happened after collapse of USSR:
In regions like Baltics ,there were strong pro-west movement (in good sense) and KGB and Soviet komunist party didn't completely managed change of power ( change of looks , actually). Many were thrown out for good. Many stayed in background- but that's an other story.
But it regions like Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan - things went out different way -
Ex KGB and komunists formed new power clans / gangs and during all these years they grabbed all the positions and all the power. It is a total usurpation by ex KGB and communists, in these countries.
It's easy to speak, when you live in reasonably democratic place. But those places are different.
That's why I feel very sorry about people of Kazakhstan and I wish them good luck and enough power to resist. And I really, really hope, they don't give up and achieve something good.


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Will Russia take parts of Kazakhstan?

I think this is highly unlikely. Both Russian and Kazakhstan are very careful with ethnic relations in their countries. They would not allow what happens in The West, where one group is open for destruction and the other off limits. In the FSU any race-baiting is off limits. But that is on the surface. There is very little mixing between the different groups and they are not overly welcome in moving to Russia, though it's unlikely they will have any specific issues. The default position of Russians on Kazakhs etc. is "Don't talk to them."

The remaining Russians in Kazakhstan are not living in historically Russian territories. Whereas parts of the Baltics + south and east Ukraine are essentially Russian. There isn't a dispute here. Kazakhstan was 60% Russian at the end of the USSR. Now it's about 20%. The understanding is that the Russians will slowly leave and the country will slowly reindiginse.

I received this from the area in the north where there are more Russians, before they snipped the internet:


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Protests are violently repressed and the momentum is back with Tokayev/Nazarbayev. These protests were Maidan at ten times the speed, but it's now reversed at the same pace. The danger of regime change is gone. All the riot videos you are seeing are mostly from 24-48 hours ago.

For a moment it seemed as if there was a genuine possibility of parts of the military switching sides. The activation of CSTO Article 4, the oligarchs leaving the country and the videos of isolated military units joining the protesters prove that.

Almaty has been taken back with an extreme levels of violence. The Army assembled on the outskirts of the city and moved in in the morning. There are some towns and cities left where protesters remain in charge. The main city that is under their control is Aktobe. The Army is assembling on the outskirts, and has taken back Aktobe airport. They will likely move in within 24 hours.

The Army is shooting to kill, by its own admission. Protesters are dubbed bandits, criminals and terrorists. There are hundreds of deaths - even though official numbers still talk about 'dozens' killed. In the riots 18 police officers also got killed. Before the crackdown there were already videos circulating of morgues full of gunshot riddled bodies. That will get worse

It's pure and brutal use of power. For comparison, the 2020 Belarus Protests had 0 casualties. The 2013-2014 Ukraine Protests had ~100 but over a 4 to 5 month timeframe. Not even Arab or African dictators apply this level of violence usually - with exceptions being the for instance the 2013 Rabaa Massacre

In the short term protesters will try to keep up but quite frankly there is little room for that. The intelligence services will come down on them with all they got, and they'll be made an example of. Their faces are all over the internet. In the long term this could come back of no serious changes are made, especially with the world economy circling down the toilet bowl.

Footage of the Army opening fire. Allegedly near one of the main squares of Almaty.

Domestically speaking there is a lot going on below the surface but I prefer not to talk about this because it's mostly speculation. It has to do with the different clans/oligarchs vying for power. Some say there is somewhat of a rift between Nazarbayev and Tokayev. No outsider can possibly know if that's true.

As for the geopolitical situation, it might very well be that Kazakhstan just fell into Russia's lap - like Belarus did about a year ago. After having played both sides for 20 years Luka suddenly came to the realization that the West demands 100 percent compliance and a handpicked stooge whereas Russia leaves some room for autonomy with Luka at the helm. It wasn't a difficult choice. Tokayev/Nazarbayev might come to the same conclusion. The fact that there are now 3000-5000 elite Russian soldiers on their soil is another motivation.

Another conclusion from this episode is that Russia isn't playing around anymore and won't let another Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan happen. However it still can't keep its own backyard safe and continues to be on the back foot. January 10-12 will be interesting, when Putin will have another talk with the architects of this regime change attempt. On the matter of security guarantees and a stop on further expansion no less. Hilarious.
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I originally thought that Kazakhstan was an artificial ethnic group invented by the Soviets for the ease of dividing territory (like a good chunk of artificial third world countries) but actually it makes sense for them to exist as a separate nation state. The Kazakh Khanate existed from the 15th to the 19th century occupying the territory of modern Kazakhstan until they were assimilated into the Russian empire.

However, given the low education level of the average person there and the bounty of resources present, they wouldn't be able to maintain independence against the nearby giants of Russia and China without playing ball with at least one of them.

I heard that Nazarbayev took several steps while he was still in power to reassert Kazakh identity over ties with Russia, so it may not be as clear of a US/Russia split in this.


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A few days ago, I was thinking of Russia opening a multiple front against NATO, for instance in Georgia or Latvia (before Ukraine) :
Post in thread 'Ukraine conflict lounge'

... but it turns out, it's the other way round, NATO opening multiple fronts against Russia, in Kazakhstan before Ukraine.

So apparently, Putin has been so cautious, and carefully calculating, that meanwhile NATO has moved its chess pawn first.
What’s the response to this though? A false flag operation to stoke more political/racial tensions in the US or Europe? A Seth Rich style hit to send a message?


I've witnessed idiotic Californians pay nearly $6.00 a gallon for gas. Not a peep. This narrative of revolution due to fuel prices is highly questionable. They'd probably laugh if they heard what we are being told.

Meh. It can be both. Even astroturfed protests still exploit a legitimate grievance. Keep in mind a gas tax is what kicked of the Yellow Vest protests.

There's a difference between a fuel increase where people can still afford to live and one where it's pushing already poor people over the edge into not being able to heat their homes or cook.