The Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Divide thread


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It’s like when they say an obese teenager dies from COVID and was “healthy”. No one even blinks unless it’s an obvious 400 lbs.
If he/she/it is 200-250lbs that’s technically obese but actually bold, beautiful and healthy in Western clown world.
The only non-elderly person in my town who I know died of covid was a doctor in his late fifties/early sixties who weighed twice as much as a person of his height ought to. He was a good man, but it is what it is.

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Not sure which thread to post this in.
In my small online community, I am having a regular ding dong with a Jewish guy I know who keeps responding with CNN MSNBC BBC and Guardian articles to dispel my anti vaccine narrative.
It seems that I am changing minds and having a small ripple effect on the normies and vaxxed in the chat.
He is throwing the kitchen sink: conspiracy theories 9/11 crackpots Trump fans , flat earth, insurrection , brexit... he seems to be very focused that everyone subscribe to the cnn worldview with nix deviations. What they say is La Verdad.
The weird thing is, and I fail to see what it has to do with covid, but he keeps invoking Nate Silver and Nate Silvers accurate predictions in the 2020 election.
Nate Silver got his predictions right in the last 2020 election?
It's extremely hard for Jews to see truth.


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Is Ann Coulter funded by Jews?



You have to murph yourself through many mental hoops as a normie to account for the absurdity, irrationality, inconsistency and incoherency of your perspective.

On another note, fortunately the fact checkers have done their work again:


And Canada is going very vile:


And Jews are gonna Jew:


Ratting systems are being set up.


Where have I seen this before?
The book describes a government system that was developed and implemented by emperor Qin Shihuang and his Prime Minister LI Si in 211 BC. Qin Shihuang was the emperor that conquered all other states that ended the Warring States Period that lasted from 401 - 221 BC. The emperor would not have succeeded with his victories without applying the Legalist system Legalism is not only a theory, it was implemented.

The purpose of the legalist system was to make the state as powerful as possible with at its head a king or emperor that had absolute power. The emperor decide what had to be done and could not be challenged by any person or group. The emperor used the law to tell the people what to do and think. Nobody could refuse what the law specified and nobody was allowed to question or criticize any law the emperor had issued. The emperor decided when and how to change laws. It was not the "role of law", it was ruling with laws.

To achieve absolute adherence severe punishments were applied. Nobody could question a verdict nobody could issue a pardon. This also required a "thought police", the "universal mutual surveillance system." Families were organized in groups of five ten. Each member had to report if anybody was acting or expressing opinions forbidden by law. A person that did not report suspicious behavior was punished the same the person that had broken the law.

The country was divided in 64 provinces ("commanderies") each with a civil servant as its head, chosen and appointed by the emperor. In principle anybody could become a member of the civil service after passing a civil service examination. The civil servants were promoted on a basis of performance and without regard family relations or wealth. This system was very effective and still functions to day


I do wonder if Totalitarians in the West actually took inspiration from Chinese Legalism. But it does look quite similar.
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From google books:

Neil Mackay is a multi-award winning investigative journalist, newspaper executive, non-fiction author, radio broadcaster and filmmaker. His last film, an investigation into the rise of the far right in Europe and America, was nominated for a BAFTA. He is the author of The War on Truth and All the Little Guns Went Bang, Bang, Bang.
Another midwit journalist/propagandist who thinks “the rise of the far right” is the great evil of our time, and refusing to enthusiastically swallow globalist propaganda equates to a “war on truth.” He never asks himself what’s causing people to drift rightward politically in the first place. And predictably, the establishment showers him with prizes and awards for his service.

These people parrot all the same establishment views, and they all link together in their minds. Everyone on the planet must take the vax. Right-wing i.e. anti-globalist politics is evil. And so on.


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Still waiting for hysterical, histrionic, demented, deranged, Mammon-worshipping Jew Jim Cramer to explain exactly how taking an experimental injection that has already killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world and has manifested no true protective properties against a fake, media-generated damp squib of a “pandemic” that really IS “just the flu, bro,” can be said to genuinely “promote the general welfare.”

Well, maybe what he really means is it promotes the (((general welfare))). In that case, he’s correct.

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It;s useful to link these articles, because when you go to the comments section you find out that no-one buys the lies.

The author of the garbage is called Susie Boniface. She's also responsible for more garbage like:

Vaccination volunteers are being trained to deal with terror attacks. Why don't we arrest the anti-vaxxers?​

I'm pretty certain that there isn't a single 'antivaxxer' running abortion clinics.
Actually I'm quite sure nearly if not everyone employed by the baby killing industry have taken all jabs. So who's REALLY killing their babies?