The Vaccine-Related Fertility Timebomb Thread

Geo Martin


So the women that did wont be focused on the issue. And if these are designed the sterilise, then the slow creep of it can continue without the alarm being raised
I tnhink that by the time many of the young vaxxed women as in their 20s would like to conceive probably in 5 to 10 years time, they will be experiencing some other more pressing health issues of the auto immune dissorder kinds. Unfortunatelly, these injections might be the last straw on the declining health of a good proportion of the population, especially urban ones. Can't say now to what extent, but it cannot be anything good, of that I'm sure.

Laus Deo

Let the muddying of the waters begin!

COVID to have ‘life-long impact on population’ as fertility crashes to record low​

Shane Wright

Uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to Australia’s fertility rate falling to its lowest level on record with warnings it may never recover, leaving the nation with a recession-sized hole in its population make-up.
Through 2020, 294,369 births were registered across the country, a 3.7 per cent or 11,500 fall on 2019. The fertility rate dropped almost 5 per cent to an all-time low of 1.58 births per woman, a fall larger than Australia experienced during the darkest years of the Great Depression.

It was the lowest number of births registered in the country since 2007 and down by 6.6 per cent on the peak number of births recorded in 2018.
The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that the biggest falls were in Victoria, where there were 3846 fewer births, a 4.9 per cent drop, and in South Australia where births also fell by 4.9 per cent or 952.
Across NSW, there was 3.4 per cent fall, or 3330 babies. Tasmania defied the trend, up by 1 per cent or 54 births.
Demographer Liz Allen from the ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods said the nation’s fertility rate had been falling for the past 50 years, but a range of factors were now making it even more difficult for prospective parents to start a family.
She said the financial insecurity caused by the COVID recession now overlaid ongoing issues including the high cost of housing, which required both parents to work to raise enough money to buy a home, anxiety over climate change and growing gender equality.
COVID would weigh on the nation’s population profile forever.
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Other Christian
This proves yet another "conspiracy theory". The theory was that the pandemic causes very low fertility rates and now we have some data that seems to indicate the theory was true. The only question is whether it is caused by the alleged "virus" or by the reaction to the alleged "virus"?

I think that the infertility is really caused in part by the uncertainity about future. This is a valid explanation. And they will use this to hide the other contributing factor which will be infertility by the vaccine.


They're pushing the idea here that being unvaccinated endangers you of miscarriage, because of virus infection. Whereas obviously the vaccine is causing and will cause a tremendous attack on fertility.

Easy. You can still get infected with the vaccine. Vaccine only “proved” to lessen disease severity and decrease hospitalization. Pregnant women were not included in the original studies.

Blade Runner

I think we will see all cause mortality continue to increase YoY before we notice any greater changes in fertility, for sure. The fertility thing, given the culture, is so confounded already it will be MUCH harder to point out, or prove (compared to people dying, obviously a very certain endpoint).