The Vox Day thread

Jamal D

I've been of a similar opinion for a long, long time now.

Whether Crowley, Lenin, Schwab, this pope or that king.

For 'Their' plans to remain largely intact after many generations; if not over many, many centuries.
It indicates a shadowy & sinister string puller.

No guesses as to whom.

Voxday :

The Evidence of Evil​

Bruce Charlton reasons his way to an identical conclusion that I have also reached before:

This is why I have no doubt – no doubt whatsoever – about the truth of the core Christian perspective. Once an individual capable of thinking at the strategic level takes an honest and open-minded look at the world and its history, it is utterly impossible to reasonably conclude that evil does not exist.
Moreover, it’s entirely obvious that the material world is insufficient motivation and reward for those who are at, or very near, the top of it. There is quite clearly something – something non-material – that the Soroses and the Rockefellers and the Clintons and the Schwabs of the world are seeking which cannot be convincingly explained by mere hedonism, greed, or ethnicity.
So you think you need religion to understand/accept that there are evil forces in play here?


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I believe the answer is simple and I realized it as a child many years years ago when an old woman was speaking about death. She said:

"If people didn't die, then the powerful and rich would rule forever."

What do people think the demons are promising them? Eternal life, rule over the earth (possibly parts of the universe), and having God's true believers as slaves.

Modern technology, hallucinogens, personalized medicine, and transhumanism is aimed at convincing people they can one day live in this body forever. It's a completely seductive idea to many especially the elites.

How they fall for this trap is beyond me.


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So you think you need religion to understand/accept that there are evil forces in play here?

If nothing else.
Biblical text heightens one's perspective beyond & above the mere here & now.

Whether it is contemplation of an afterlife.
Contemplation of the Spritual Realm.
Contemplation of morals, actions & consequence.
Or contemplation of sinister forces toying with & corrupting mankind.