The war against Christianity.


Speaking of the Spanish Civil War, has anyone read Mine Were of Trouble released by Mystery Grove Publishing?
I have not read or seen these books before, but, forgive my youthful ignorance, I was mostly unaware of the Spanish Civil War before going to Spain last year. It was rarely discussed in my history classes, if ever.

Call it happenstance, but I just began a book titled The Civil War in Spain, by Robert Goldston. Written in the 1960s, there is an apparent left lean to the book. Regardless, it is detailed and seemingly accurate.
I mentioned the 'two intelligence' in the eyes thing in passing the other day. Tim there is a great example.

No, it's not the glasses or the lighting. Pick any random older liberal woman with rescue animals bitching about Trump on Twitter, you'll see the same pattern over and over: a weird sense that each eye belongs to a different driver.

Since Quantum physics allows Spirits to interface with matter its not surprising. If I am not mistaken Salt is added to Holy Water to help make it effective. If its true that Salt acts as a barrier.

Then ions may play a role.


To be fair, many bishops and Catholic leaders approve of it and of the whole COVID-19 narrative. This muddies the waters

Really this is difficult. Me and my buddy always joke we just want a Church that doesn't believe in Covid. Can we have seperate masses with no masks? The SSPX Trad Catholic Church has outdoor masses on Sundays, but today it rained so the restrictions on attendees were in place. It's an hour away for me so I just stayed home.

Everyone is worried about being shut down. Everyone thinks they can bargain with these people? When do we see courage?


God forgive me for ever obsessing about the "muslim menace".

It isn't to be entirely underestimated. Muslim hatred for Christianity is real and historically they've been a huge military threat. Unchecked they probably would become that again but at the moment, from what I've seen, most of those in "terrorist" hotspots are infected with low IQ, short term thinking to where they'd probably be only squabbling with each other's clans for eternity if not provoked or manipulated by outside actors.