The war against Christianity.


They are literally turning a Christian Church into a prison/restricted area. "Authorities" are building a metal fence around the Gracelife Church, to restrict entry. Unbelievable escalation:

Communist China-Canada Police Raid Church, Erect Barriers, Block Entry Due To Covid Tyranny
A church in Alberta, Canada was raided by police this morning for remaining open against a local order telling the house of worship to close due to COVID-19.

After the early morning raid, police erected barricades around the building and are refusing to let anyone on the property.

According to a Rebel News reporter, Christian Grace Life Church (Grace Life) located in Spruce Grove, Alberta was swarmed by police who set up two layers of security fencing and covered the entrance to the building with a tarp.

The reporter, Sheila Gunn Reid, also said police and private Paladin security were on the scene, but that officers had “no documentation to present to the church regarding closure, but are keeping members off the property.”

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A well respected street preacher, Pastor John Sherwood, gets shoved and manhandled by a Indian or Pakistani (possibly a Muslim) for causing alarm and distress. His crime was to preach that homosexuality is a sin and hurting the feelz of a passing bisexual and lesbian, who called the police. It's hard to watch this man being ritually humiliated, at least it was for me.
There's a well written piece in Conservative Woman on the arrest.


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The brown guy leading the arrest is a cop (handcuffs on his belt), probably some kind of minority hire political commissar. Shades of 1920s Bolshevik Russia, where ethnic Cheka types were leading Russian policemen taking outspoken Christians and patriot rebels to the gulags.


Finnish Bishop Elect charged over historic Christian teachings on human sexuality

Please pray for the Christians of Finland. A Lutheran pastor has been charged for a pamphlet he wrote in 2004 which articulates Christian teaching on sexuality.

“Finland’s Prosecutor General began an investigation of the ELMDF in 2019 for its booklet “Male and Female He Created Them: Homosexual Relationships Challenge the Christian Concept of Humanity,” despite an earlier investigation by Helsinki Police which concluded no laws had been broken.”

“Dr. Räsänen has now been charged with incitement by the Prosecutor General, both for the booklet and for other comments on human sexuality. As Dean Pohjola is editor-in-chief of Luther Foundation Finland’s publications—including the booklet “Male and Female He Created Them”—he also was charged.”


More trouble for Pastor Artur. There has always been violence against Christians, but it sure does seem to be growing more frequent and less outrageous to society in the age of Coronoa:

Another Pastor arrested:

Although to be fair, Canada is also arresting normal every day citizens who's neighbors snitched on them about not social distancing. COVID is a power hungry politicians wet dream: