The War on Russia

This thread is dedicated to events and discussions concerning Russia and the West's/NATOs incessant cultural, spiritual and (geo-) political War on it.

The Russians are expecting a Biden Administration. Prospects for improved bilateral ties are low - in fact deterioration is expected

A couple of days ago the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergej Ryabkov had an interview with the Interfax Press Agency. There is a clear, more hostile tone distinguishable.

A couple of snippets.


But if ideologization of relations with Russia and formation of the approach to Russia as a strategic rival, adversary, or enemy, you name it, continue, then we will treat them accordingly.


Q.: And do they need us?

A.: I don’t care.

Q.: They are closing consulates general. Is this a sign of them losing even more interest in us, or not?

A.: Probably. I think this could well be the case. But the main thing is that this should not cause us any anxiety. This should not turn into a topic for our internal discussions, in my opinion.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed last weeks cyber attacks on US government agencies on Russian hackers.

About a week ago the US closed its last two consulates in Russia. Only the US Embassy in Moscow remains open.

Article by Finian Cunningham on the Deep State's desire to drum up conflict with Russia under a new Biden Administration

He's probably onto something. The tools in Washington might see Russia as the villain needed to at least re-unite some of the country under the banner of Diversity, Equality and Tolerance.

Article on the Saker by Matthew Ehret explaining the likely consequences of the new US National Defense Strategy 2020 (that was released on December 17)

A snippet

On December 17, 2020 A new US Maritime strategy was unveiled putting into practice the regressive concepts first outlined in the early National Defense Strategy 2020 doctrine which target China and Russia as the primary enemies of the USA and demanding that the USA be capable to “defeat our adversaries while we accelerate development of a modernized integrated all-domain naval force of the future”.

The Pentagon’s Advantages at Sea: Prevailing with Integrated All-Domain Naval Power continued by saying “China’s and Russia’s revisionist approaches in the maritime environment threaten US interests, undermine alliances and partnerships and degrade the free and open international order… moreover, China’s and Russia’s aggressive naval growth and modernization are eroding US institutional advantages.”

The document continued to describe that “we must operate more assertively to prevail in day-to-day competition as we uphold the rules-based order and deter our competitors from pursuing armed aggression… ready, forward-deployed naval forces will adopt a more assertive posture in day to day operations”

For anyone who has been paying attention to the vast growth of the Pentagon’s Full Spectrum containment policy around China’s perimeter begun with Obama’s Asia Pivot, it may appear as though these words are not new, but just a continuation of American unipolar agenda, Pacific war games, and psychological projection onto perceived enemies, that have been underway for years. While this is certainly true, it must be noted that they are occurring at a time that NATO 2030 has enshrined an anti-China military posture into the Trans Atlantic security doctrine which had formerly channeled most of its hate purely onto Russia.

The link to the actual report (Advantages at Sea) is in the article

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The usual fake bravado. The US acting though on the NordStream 2 pipeline.

Russia and China are doing joint air patrols in the Western Pacific Region

Article has a translation button

Marco Rubio demands action beyond sanctions for the alleged cyber attack

The EU has sanctioned Russia and Russian representatives over the alleged Navalny poisoning.

Russia has now responded by banning EU representatives

Russia will open a naval base in Port Sudan soon. 300 servicemen are expected to move there

In general, we are talking about the creation of a Russian logistics point on the territory of Sudan, in the waters of Port Sudan. As usual, in order to “maintain peace and stability in the region”, the decision “is defensive in nature and is not directed against other states.” The agreement will be valid for 25 years and will be extended automatically if neither party announces its termination.

No more than four Russian warships will be able to stay at the naval facility at the same time. But on the other hand- “including ships with a nuclear engine”. The number of future personnel is indicated as being “within 300 people”.

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The Ukrainians have turned off the water supply for Crimea. They have done this before but the perceived coming Biden Administration is making them feel confident. The bullets are flying again in the Donbass and now this

To be clear: this is a war crime. Russia could possibly retaliate by cutting Ukraine off from Russian gas.

Crimea is still dependent on water resources from the Ukraine. The Russians are in the process of building their own water infrastructure and will begin building water desalination plants soon




Russia will hold out, being pretty much self-sufficient in resources and in possession of a strong nuclear deterrent. On the social side they are curbing globohomo in in their own country by running patriotic education and supporting their traditional Orthodox faith (however corrupt the church is, it is still better than the alternative). The globalists cannot do anything to meaningfully harm Russia, especially while facing severe crises of legitimacy in the US and Western Europe.

From my non-expert POV, the biggest challenges for the country are how to assimilate or stem the large numbers of Muslim immigrants and the matter of eradicating ingrained corruption handed down from the communist era.

Louis IX

It will take around 10/15 years to bring water to Crimea.
But Russia controls the Kerch strait ,Crimea isn't isolated , there will always be enough merchandise to be brought there.
Crimea is safe , it is just a matter of time. Donetsk/Lugansk are easier to take down with these new (((Turkish))) drones.

This article is about 10 days old but ever so relevant due to the looming Biden Administration

A comment from the comment section that I'd wanted to highlight:

"This article is a somewhat comforting read in that it posits a kind of meta status quo moving forward. I find it a nice wish.

I hope I am wrong in feeling that we are instead entering dangerously unknown waters. Seeing most of the world goose- or lock-stepping towards trans humanism hell is deeply troubling from my perspective. And there would seem to be all sorts of geopolitical implications, though I am far from an expert in this area.

The lock step appears very much Anglo Zionist to use your terminology. The English, for example, are in a thrall of 1984-ism, while the Rockefeller Institute gamed the whole thing as an exercise just months before the official arrival of the virus.

The China connection is difficult to resolve because there are strong WHO/China ties (along with Gates, Fauci, Biden connections) on the one hand vs. a growing anti- China sentiment on the other hand. The WEF billionaire club clearly sees China as the ideal authoritarian governmental style serving as a model for the whole world as they plan to run it.

However, Russia seems clearly in another category altogether. They are not a darling of globalists as China is, and appear to be committed to the old model of nationalism. They also do not appear to be in active expansion mode as the Chinese are (Africa, ocean take over, etc). Thus, I can imagine that the marriage of convenience between China and Russia in trying to survive against a strong US could easily begin to weaken.

The globalists have strengthened China at the expense of the US. This situation would seem to put Russia in a precarious position. I do not share the view of China as benign actor with only increased trade as its objective. If China is the new home base for the globalists, then a nationalistic Russia stands in a lonely and targeted position as one of the few remaining hold outs.

I do wonder if the globalists have made a fatal decision in planning to rely on China going forward. It is easy to see why the Chinese would jump at the offer of free help over the past few decades, but it is hard to imagine either the Chinese or the Anglo Zionists playing second fiddle to the other. Shared leadership? Sounds like fantasy to me.

As they say, there is no honor among thieves. Partners in crime are seldom magnanimous with the spoils. In other words, I see strife ahead. Globalism is just no fun at all if one or more countries refuse to submit.

Those behind the locks downs have shown themselves to be ruthless in the extreme. Millions of lives are being destroyed economically as billions will now serve as Guinea pigs for barely tested new technology vaccines. Serious scientists are raising urgent concerns.

If I were Putin, I would be on full alert. Trump’s good intentions towards Russia were overtaken by his need to satisfy political allies as he tried to strengthen the US. A Biden presidency would have no good thought towards Russia nor interest in a strong US. Anything and everything is for sale to the highest bidder – a game China is happy to play, but one that leaves Russia without a seat at the table."


If there is to be escalation & possible outright hostilities / conflict between the Globalists & Russia, where do you think that will leave Ukraine?
If there is to be escalation & possible outright hostilities / conflict between the Globalists & Russia, where do you think that will leave Ukraine?
Right on the front line.

Any escalation will be fought third actors' territories. Think Syria and/or Ukraine

This link contains a more elaborate explanation it that possibility

From that same thread:

When I say Russia I mean the Russian sphere of influence. Obviously Russia and NATO will not confront each other head on.

The game plan is rather easy.

1a. Aggressive NATO expansion towards Russia's Eastern, Southern and 'Asian' borders
1b. Economic warfare through heavy sanctioning and international pressure on severing economic ties with Russia
1c. Inciting anti-Russian sentiment globally through soft power, cultural institutions and exploitment of historical grievances

2. Bring Russia to it's knees by
a. globohomo subversion, b. inciting insurrections/aggressive Islamism in its restive Republics c. long term economic recession + possibly scarcity of goods due to the sanctioning


You think that Ukraine will be armed & used as proxy to attack Russia interests? Or that NATO etc will send in their forces to 'defend Ukraine' to do so?
You think that Ukraine will be armed & used as proxy to attack Russia interests? Or that NATO etc will send in their forces to 'defend Ukraine' to do so?
The Ukrainians are building up their military forces for an attack on the separatist LNR and DNR regions in the Donbass

It fits the NATO strategy of a death by a thousand cuts. They are engaging Russia by proxy throughout the FSU +Axis of Resistance

In the case of an attack on the Donbass it is highly likely that the Russian military will enter the fray due to the Ukrainians upgraded weapon arsenal. Putin himself has said that its more likely to see Ukraine destroyed than it entering NATO

I am personally of the opinion that an Ukrainian attack on the Donbass will likely result in the Russian separatists greatly expanding their territory.


The picture for the US is even worse than that. Russia and China have been having joint military exercises for some time and seem to be collaborators in backing anti-US insurgencies in various places.
Navalny was detained upon arrival in Russia a couple of days ago (and then released upon probation). Today his press secretary and several employees were also arrested.

Violent protests by the Soros crowd in Moscow right now

Nizhni Novgorod


Saint Petersburg

Also protests in Vladivostok, Rostov an Don, Omsk, Yekaterinenburg etc.

Let it be clear. Navalny is becoming a problem for Putin.

It's time the gloves come off.
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The Biden Administration is keen on renewing the START Treaty that will expire in a couple of weeks. Russia is open to it but without the new pre-conditions that the Biden Administration is setting.

English version available

The intention to extend the treaty is showing lack of judgement on Putin's side. I don't know what he is thinking, many of his moves point towards appeasement of NATO. Has trying to appease people that want your head on a silver platter ever worked?

New Biden Administration wants to 'persuade' its allies to abandon the NordStream 2 project

Germany is now between a rock and a hard place as they need the gas for their environmental agenda but their master is pulling quite hard on the leash

Previous countries that abandoned Russian gas for political reasons are the Baltic states (which are now paying more than double the energy bill) and Ukraine (who routinely have to live in frosty homes)

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The audacity of these people..

Fomenting internal political revolt in other countries is something the CIA has been doing forever though. I think the purpose of these very public fanning the flames type statements from the State Department isn't so much that they think they can cause Russia (or China) to have a revolution anytime soon.

They are doing it to probe internal weakness or political fault lines in those country's domestic political infrastructure. They are looking to see what the domestic response is to outside intelligence provocation. It's A-B testing CIA style where they poke the bear to see how Russia will respond domestically so the CIA can adjust their gay ops with spies or paid dissidents in Russia in another way to try to counter it.