The War on Russia


Also, the idea of China coveting Siberia for its lebensraum is naive. China's population is set to decline by 500+ million this century, due to the one child policy they've had for 40+ years. Their focus is on maintaining their borders and integrating Taiwan.

If China wanted to expand beyond its borders, it would have no problem taking over Mongolia, which is a huge country, or maybe splitting Mongolia with Russia. This is a country and people a quarter the size of continental US with a population smaller than that of metro Seattle, and a country with a very long and continious history of invading both China and Russia, so from a historian nationalist perspecitive, it would be a somewhat justifiable payback... Mongolia is completely landlocked between Russia and China, it would be conquered in a weekend by China.

I don't think a Chinese plan to invade Mongolia is in the works, but the point here is that it would be the low-hanging fruit for any expansion plans beyond the Chinese areas of Taiwan/HK.
Why would anyone want Mongolia? The Yak herds? A lifetime supply of Yurts?

Hitler wanted living space for Germans to colonize. The Chinese would not be interested in that, but would be interested in natural resources.
Russia has perhaps the top highest total value of natural resources of any country in the world. There is a handful of countries out there that could be completely self sufficient: Russia, the US, Canada and a few others who have oil, minerals, timber, farm land, etc. China is not one of them--they will always be dependent on others, and how is that fitting for the future ruler of the world?

China has an economy 8 times larger than that of Russia and a population 10 times larger.

The enemy of your enemy is your friend and all that, but what do the atheistic wannabe rulers of the world in Beijing really have in common with Moscow other than a dislike for representative government? If China is being friendly with Russia, it is because they want to buy what they have. But why buy it if you can take it? China has no loyalty to anything but the ideal that they will rule the world. Russia may be useful to them now, but tomorrow? Russia has to realize that, which is maybe why they are not selling them 5th generation fighter planes.

US colonel with a butch lesbo haircut at the grave of a Praviy Sektor militant

What is it with dykes who are trying too hard to behave and act like a man who has something to prove? :rolleyes:

Is she trying to provoke Russia by starting WW III? Look at the Ukrainian Skull Insignia patch on her left shoulder while she was in a "diplomatic" position. :hmm:



US Attache Showed 'Incredibly Bad Judgment' Wearing Death's Head, Military Analysts Say​

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - US Defense Attache to Kiev Colonel Brittany Stewart showed "incredibly bad judgment" publicly wearing a Ukrainian skull insignia on April 9, a former Pentagon analyst and combat veteran-turned-historian told Sputnik on Monday.

Stewart on Friday traveled to the Donbas war zone in the eastern part of Ukraine. In photos taken during her visit, Stewart was shown wearing on her shoulder a "Ukraine or Death" skull insignia, which is the patch of the 72nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade.

Stewart's action displayed amazingly bad judgment at a time of serious and escalating tensions between the United States and Russia, retired veteran Pentagon analyst Chuck Spinney said.

"Displaying a foreign military organizational insignia on her uniform is a provocation that shows incredibly bad judgment, given the states of Russia-US tensions and the Russia-Ukrainian tensions," he said.

Stewart had either seriously violated US military regulations or, even more seriously, had been given specific permission in advance to wear the controversial insignia openly, Spinney observed.

"It may be a violation of regulations to boot - unless she had a direct authorization from superior officials to wear it (which would be even worse)," he said.

Stewart was not just a regular serving officer but she also held an important diplomatic position representing the United States in Ukraine when she took her action, Spinney pointed out.

"In this case, the officer is a full colonel attache, whose duty is to be an official diplomatic representative of the United States in the Ukraine. She is also on what appears to be an official mission," he said.

Unusual Action

Stewart's action was highly unusual for any serving officer, former US Marine Corps tank officer and combat veteran Dan Grazier, now a historian and fellow at the Center for Defense Information at the Project on Government Oversight, said.

"That does seem odd. We didn't wear any patches like that in the Marine Corps... The Army has a bunch of rules about unit patches," he said.

The Donbas region has seen an escalation in the situation over the past weeks. On April 7, the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, said the situation at the contact line was deteriorating.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has described the situation on the border as "frightening." He said Russia was taking steps to bolster the security of its western frontier in response to increased NATO presence.

Vladimir Putin solidifies Russia’s same-sex marriage ban for generations to come​

The ban on marriage equality, defining marriage as exclusive “between a man and a woman” is one of a group of constitutional reforms which were voted on by the Russian public on 1 July, 2020.

The changes, backed by nearly 78 per cent of Russians in the vote, also included giving Putin the power to run for president two more times, meaning he could potentially remain Russia’s leader until 2036.

They also give the president lifetime immunity from prosecution, placing Russian law above international norms, and specify “a belief in God” as a core value of the country, according to AP News.

People are going to laugh at this, but it seems to me that Russia should be more concerned about China. China wants oil, timber, and farm land and what country has it all right next door, and has no allies who would come to its aid? Last century the USSR and Nazi Germany were sort-of-allies for a while, then Germany decided it wanted land and resources from the USSR and +30 million died in the next few years sorting that out.

Sure, the Russians are far better soldiers and would slaughter a lot of Chinese in the process, but what does China care? China has 10X the population as Russia, and China might actually be interested in the prospect of getting rid of a hundred million excess peasants in the process.

If China invades the Republic of China, the humaniatarian crisis on display in that densely populated country could push most of the world into containing China, crashing the Chinese economy and resulting in revolution. But if China contrives an excuse to invade Siberia, who would complain about it? In sparsely populated areas, the casualties are soliders, not civilians, and people care less for soldiers than for civilians. "Russia is always invading a neighbor, so now it is their turn--what goes around comes around." There were border skirmishes between the two countries in the 1960's if memory serves. It seems the only thing keeping the Chinese from rolling over half of Russia is the prospect of nuclear warheads landing in Beijing. The calculation may be how much land Russia would be willing to lose before triggering a mutually-assured-destruction nuclear exchange with China.

That's a terribly archaic view on international politics and practical reality.

1. Sitrep on resources. Fact is Russia actually doesn't have a lot of arable land in Siberia, most of it is frosty tundra, steppe and pine forests. For the good farmland you'll have to go to the southwestern parts of Russia, say Voronezh, and Ukraine, which is obviously impractical for China to reach. As for oil, most of it is either in the Arctic seas or near the Urals - both of which are too far for China to be profitable. Other than that and some mines, Siberia is pretty much a wasteland, I don't think the US would want to invade Canada for Yukon even if it's a resource-starved nation, no?

2. Cost-effectiveness. It isn't like Russia isn't selling them to China, and for a fairly good price too. Your view would be quite spot on if it's 1850, but not 2021. Owning the land itself on which non-rare natural resources situate has become more and more unprofitable ever since 1900. Germany was never interested in owning Russian land and resources until Babarossa after which cutting off oil for the Soviets suddenly became important. And you've probably never been in Russia, because if you've been there you'll know Russia is a bit of a third world country outside Moscow and St. Petersburg. If China conquered Russia, it would have to spend too much to properly occupy Siberia to prevent it to be returnable ever ie. colonise Siberia with say 5mil people, build roads, railroads, maintain military outposts and supply lines for like 500,000 mechanised troops. This means it simply isn't worth it when the Russians are happy to sell in the beginning. Plus the Chinese don't have any spare population to spend. Ever since the Industrial Age countries have been trying to boost their population numbers because every new mouth is potentially more labour to produce and products to be sold which keeps the economy afloat. The US economy boomed since the late 1880s because it had a bigger population than Europe and it kept the economy growing at a high speed continuously simply because there's more business to be had compared to that across the pond.

3. International politics. China and Russia are in a de facto alliance against the (((US and other countries))), which means they will never backstab each other even if they don't see eye to eye on everything. In fact, allies shouldn't ever have to see eye to eye on everything, the current world order is a system of manipulation by (((the same perpetrators))), and in a truly independent world, independent countries are entitled to have their own views on issues according to their own interests. Having differences doesn't mean they'll go to war.

4. Combat capabilities. Obviously you still have the 1980s mentality thinking the Russian army is some sort of steamrolling machine. It's not the beast it was anymore. Take its army for example. Russia has an undermanned, underequipped and unmodernised army due to its poor economical situation, so much so it has to reorganize its army into Battalion Tactical Groups - every regiment focuses on their efforts and training on just 1 rapid reaction battalion known as a BTG, and the rest of the regiment is assigned to reserve duty. What this means is that 1 regiment basically becomes ineffective if its 1000-man strong battalion is destroyed because it doesn't have to equipment to rearm its reserves. Other than that Russian are sorely lacking in modern equipment. For example Russia doesn't even have any drones in its reconnaissance company or its air force for that matter. That's mainly because Russia has never been good at electronics/avionics and it has always been struggling with cutting off enough weight for its planes to fly. This is why Russia hasn't been able to make its own 5th gen fighter until last year, 22 years after the US and 10 years behind China. The last time Russia made its own functioning surface combatant it was a 3,500 ton frigate, which speaks volumes about Russia's arms industry. The Russian army of today may still be able to thrash Ukraine and the lazy government paper-pusher armies of Europe, but it is definitely not up to the task to deal with a "rich" army like China's and the US. It's a nuke-wielding Saudi Arabia.
The Biden Administration has imposed new sanctions on Russia

Biden declares a National Emergency.

It seems obvious in what way this is going. The neo-libs in Washington look increasingly unhinged and disorganised. They are hardcore ideologues that will cling onto power no matter the cost. Neo-cons/neo-libs don't retreat.

The term has been uttered a couple of times already on this forum, but for the sake of relevance/understanding I will say it again.


One of the most terrifying things about it all is that there is no real head of the Biden presidency...he’s clearly not mentally capable and everything is run by a bunch of advisors (probably Susan Rice and Obama in the shadows.)
Unlikely. those are empty suits themselves. My bet is it's people like Leon Black. For what it's worth Martin thinks Kerry is the middleman between Biden and the Davos Crowd.
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WarGonzo (reliable Russian news outlet with a good track record) is reporting that 150 Turkish service members have been flown to Mariupol (in the Ukraine held part of the Donbass

Apparantly they are not there to help the Ukrainians by sharing their drone warfare experience but to coordinate the arrival of the Syrian headchopper cannonfodder that is now sitting idle after their adventures in Syria, Lybia and Nagorno Karabakh (and maybe soon Yemen)

Russia has closed the Strait of Kerch

Let's hope this is all just saber-rattling. This is NOT a war the US is in a position to fight and win, regardless of the absurd politics surrounding it here.

It is interesting to theorize however.

Let's say America takes on big-bad Putin. What may be more dangerous than Russia and China cooperating as allies is the possibility that they will both take actions against the US military independently and simultaneously. Imagine, we build up the fight over Crimea. Maybe then China gives N. Korea a little slack on the leash, and it goes right for S. Korea full force. Iran decides to go after Israel. What then?

Either way, the US does not have the manpower to fight Russia or China or BOTH without a draft. They pull all of the young white males out of the economy, the entire thing falls apart. There goes your tax base, blue collar workers (conveniently also most of the right wingers hmmm) I highly doubt those in the BLM movement or illegals getting drafted. Maybe we were sooooo impressed with the Somalians during Operation Gothic Serpent that the powers that be decided to import all of them since to fight for us against Russia! LOL

A wildcard many are forgetting to mention in a world conflict: India. They've had many squabbles with China in the past, would love to erase Pakistan from the face of the Earth, massive population, huge industrial sector, etc.

"May you live in interesting times"
The Jews want Russia back ever since their fall from power there; and China wants Russia's natural resources. In this sense, the Marxist Jews in the USA are allied with the chicomms in a plan to hopefully take over Russia at some point (also steal elections in USA, etc). To add fuel to the fire, the marxists hate that Putin is trying to promote a few based Christian policies like ending gay marriage. If it weren't for Russia's epic super weapons, then such a vast country, with such a relatively low population would be an easy target for another commie takeover. Let's hope and pray the leftists don't get what they seem to want, or ever seriously try to take it.

Why they hate him:

To be honest, Russia is already owned by Chinese via long term land and natural resource leases. The Chinese do not cut their own forests, rather, they get wood from Russia. This is just a small example.

At this point, there is very little love towards Moscow from the various federations in Russia. Putin is also just putting up a show. He imports many Muslim migrants year after year.
For those interested. The guys from The Duran will go live in about 30 minutes for another marathon podcast

Also, the Lebanese Hezbollah tied Al Mayadeen newscorp is saying Russia and Iran will soon sign a 25 year long Strategic Partnership (probably much like the China-Iran one.

As a piece of background info. Hezbollah opened an office in Moscow several weeks ago

Interesting podcast (several weeks old) on how the new belligerent neo-liberal Biden-Blinken tandem is speeding up the coming together of China and Russia

Also, today it came out that the 'Russian bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan' story was a blatant lie.


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Why they hate him:

Putin killed one of the big behind the scenes ((Banksters), Edmond Safra:

To be honest, Russia is already owned by Chinese via long term land and natural resource leases. The Chinese do not cut their own forests, rather, they get wood from Russia. This is just a small example.

At this point, there is very little love towards Moscow from the various federations in Russia. Putin is also just putting up a show. He imports many Muslim migrants year after year.

The Chinese do cut their forests, they just have an insatiable appetite for wood as the world's largest market and largest producer of wood. China doesn't own Russia's wood, Putin has placed export tariffs on raw wood products and they have been scaling up production of added-value wood products.


Russia has roughly one quarter of the world's forests, about 45% of its territory is covered in forests, about the size of the US minus Alaska. Their forestry operations were underdeveloped, they went through a high growth period recently to compensate for this but are also doing it right with a recent emphasis on added-value processing of wood products via export taxes on unprocessed logs and large scale investments in mills:

in 2006, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “Our neighbors continue to make billions of dollars out of Russia’s forests. We, meanwhile, are doing little to develop our own wood processing industry. We still have not put in place new customs duty regulations that would encourage the establishment of processing facilities on Russian soil rather than exports of unprocessed wood. Never subtle in dealing with problems military or economic, Putin and his government implemented a new Forest Code in February 2007. Most industry observers believe that this measure signals “a fundamental structural change in the global market for logs.”

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The situation on the ground looks different. In any case, I am sure that in a WW3 scenario, Russia would fight alongside/for China. The Oligarchs have long since sold their motherland for a few Yachts and Villas on the French Riviera.