The woke capitalism thread [Get woke, go broke]


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Lauren Chen went and saw the "Birds of Prey" last weekend. She shared her movie review and thoughts on her YouTube channel.
I didn't watch the whole clip, but around the 5:05 mark, she said:
"...I think it's safe to say and I mean this completely seriously...this movie does hate men. I am not exaggerating when I say that.

...literally every single man is bad and all the women are awesome and empowered and competent. The messaging here is really quite transparent."

That's I all I needed to know. No wonder the movie is doing poorly. :lol:
I took a look at the free version of Birds of Prey.

Wow - it's even more evil than it seems.

In the first 5 minutes:

+ Harley's dad was a drunk who sold her for beer as a kid (to pedophiles or what), then he dumped her repeatedly until she ended up at an orphanage led by nuns. (WHITE MAN BAD/ FATHERS BAD)
+ THE nuns of course were all evil and spend their time spanking her, she took revenge by smashing a nun with a baseball bat - you see teeth of the nun flying around - so she likely broke her jaw (CHRISTANITY BAD/CATHOLIC CHURCH BAD/DISCIPLINE BAD/ VIOLENCE AGAINST CHRISTIANITY GOOD)
+ they show her getting dumped by 2 guys and 1 woman at college (GAY PUSHING IT MUST BE)
+ after the JOker dumps her (they wouldn't depict it as her leaving him, because the man has to be always the evil dumper) she gets herself a hyena. The guy at the illegal store is creepy and tells her that she can pay with her body. They show later that she fed that guy to the hyena as you can see an arm of his being gnawed at by the hyena. (WHITE MAN BAD/CREEPY MEN DESERVE TO BE KILLED)
+ at a club where she behaves like a lunatic and dresses like a toddler being dressed by her Antifa mom and her friends are a mix of radical feminists/radical man hating lesbians and Antifa comrades - at the club a man insults her - calls her a stupid slut and then she breaks both his legs (WHITE MAN BAD/SEXIST MEN OR EVEN INSULTING MEN DESERVE TO BE HEAVILY PUNISHED EVEN FOR WORDS)

+ oh - and they say that she was the real mastermind behind Joker's criminal achievements (PATRIARCHY HOLD WOMEN BACK - IF WOMEN RULED THEN WE WOULD BE COLONIZED SPACE BY NOW IN A MONEY-LESS UTOPIA - not the more likely outcome of never having left the caves and grasshuts)

And all of it is being done with her being a "quirky" asshat who screams in a club that she is a Phd: "I am a Phd!!!!!" as she sits there in her bird outfit, behaves like an ass, is psychotic all around.

Also the actress for age 29 looks very rough - I would have given her 35+.

Those are the first 5 minutes and they are horrendous. I cannot even say how evil such a movie is. It would not even have passed the censors in most of the century as it depicts a teenage-friendly heroine as a veritable psychopath - and all in a positive light while in reality it's not. It's the equivalent of making a Jack the Ripper movie but making the guy good-looking, charming and hilarious. Obviously women would love that because they are psycho-lovers by instinct, but it's not a good message to blast out.

The movie is pure Luciferian crap and obviously it's stupid as well.

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News sources are now reporting that Warner Bros. has changed the title of the movie to "Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey." They're saying the movie's lousy box office results spurred this change:

"While it’s not confirmed that the movie’s underwhelming box office numbers motivated this change, it’s safe to assume they had something to do with it, as it’s rare for a film’s listed title to change post-release. (Representatives for Warner Bros. did not immediately respond to EW’s request for comment.)"

They used to do this with television shows that were tanking. Anyone remember when "Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place" became "Two Guys And A Girl?" Or when "Zoe, Duncan, Jack And Jane" became "Zoe?"
The problem with the movie is not only that it was violent and dumb. It was at times outright boring. There are reports of people walking out in the middle - even the few who came. It's not funny because women most often are not funny - neither the feminist writer nor the feminist imput.

It seems also that they went fully against the superhero genre as it was done by people who hate the superhero genre. They cut the powers of Canary short, but also got rid of masks which is even more stupid in the end as some of the empowered women and the drunk 50yo female super-cop become mano-a-mano real superheroes - WITHOUT MASKS.

Another point - the propaganda and the female empowerment must be absolute. Of all the participants in the movie then The Huntress has the only credible superhero origin (credible in the 1 in a billion superhero fantasy world). She gets trained by assassins and killers since childhood and has the motivation. Black Canary has the superpowers, but she fights man-a-mano while being just a club-singer. Harley Quinn is a crazy psychiatrist, but somehow she has enough combat-ability to take out a giant police station armed with a bean-gun. She kicks ass of all cops and only lets whimpering and cowering male cops go.

The issue I have with that is that a good writer could have easily let her have the Joker-fighting style using gimmicks, surprising attacks, outside help (2 trained CGI hyenas) or gas. She could have easily attacked the station via a psychedlic colorful gas while being armed with a giant hammer. A bunch of psyched-out semi-blind cops can potentially be taken out by a crazy psychiatrist with a hammer. Then in the end when she is in a pickle she says: "You know who is immune to the gas?" "Who?" "They are" - pointing to her two trained pet hyenas and sidekicks.

But no - we cannot have that - she has to be the super-ass-kicker. The problem is that suspension of disbelief works only under somehow existing rules - super-assassin, super-soldier, super-trained-billionaire - those people are believable ass-kickers. That is why they did not do this with the Joker trying to build him as the super-hand-to-hand-fighter. But Harley - his psychiatrist sidekick - she is the superfighter together with geriatric overweight female cops who are 5"1.

I really hate what Hollyweird craps out now. The good side is - you can miss everything and are none the poorer. This art form has fully entered Stalinist territory.


I basically can't watch any movies anymore. It's all propaganda BS.

In Australia, the streaming network Stan (Aussie Netflix) recently released a movie called '"True" History of the Kelly Gang'.

Ned Kelly is probably Australia's toughest and most (in)famous folk heroes. An 'F the system' cop killing bush ranger who fought in a home made iron armour suit.

In the movie,

- His Dad was a cross dresser (transgender?),
- The Kelly Gang performed their robberies wearing women's dresses (to appear 'crazy' and scare their victims),
- There was a drag queen male prostitute in the brothel (movie is set in 1870's),
- Children are singing songs with the 'C' word in it,
- 2x 'evil white male' police sexually assault Ned Kelly's mother in two separate scenes
- In one of the sex scenes above, 11 year old Ned Kelly was there watching it

And finally, to top it all off there is a scene where Ned Kelly's snuggles up in an intimate embrace with his male 'friend' (i.e. Ned Kelly was gay).

There must have been more, only got half way through before turning it off. Just another slap in the face to our one of our historical figures in our foundation story (who was a criminal, but still).



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PixelFree said:
I basically can't watch any movies anymore. It's all propaganda BS.

In Australia, the streaming network Stan (Aussie Netflix) recently released a movie called '"True" History of the Kelly Gang'.

Even from the trailers I figured it would be a mess of historic revisionism.
Clearly gave the impression that the show was not an accurate nor even reasonable representation of what life was like in those days.

From your description, didn't think it would be that bad... :S


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Simeon_Strangelight said:
Also - the total boxoffice of 33 mio. $ US and 48 mio. $ - rest of the world. There are rumors that those numbers were padded by the studio in order to not be too embarrassing. They often buy tickets in bulk which they likely did for Captain Marvel as well. Even if the numbers are real, then they won't break even - they need 200 mio. $ + for that.

The numbers are definitely off the mark.
This may be a 'Box Office Mojo' problem, not a Warner Bros. / Birds Of Ghey problem.

Yet some clown is claiming that this dud film made $26 million, in it's opening weekend in Australia...

Shazam made ~$12 million for it's entire six week run in Australia.
Thor:Ragnorok made ~$26 million for it's entire nineteen week run in Australia.

Yet Birds of Ghey somehow made $26 million in one weekend?


They're also claiming Birds of Ghey made ~$16 million in it's opening weekend in Germany.
~$26 million France.
Yet only ~$4 million in the U.K.
SAS went full retard with a commercial - they took it down initially, but then put it back up again after the SJWs complained:

108.000 down votes for those self-hating Marxist psychopaths.

People go to other videos and vote them down.

I am sure that it works out well for them.


Why is any one on this forum watching TV, and paying money to go and see satanic movies made in Hollywood by satanic pedophiles. I have not stepped into a cinema for over 10 years. I suggest that who ever has a TV, to get rid of it, and stop giving your money to Hollywood. I don't care about TV or some stupid movie whether it's done good or not in the ratings. My friends think I am weird, but I don't care. I have other more exciting and more manly things to do. Like hunting, target practice, gardening, the gym and my favorite travelling, and of course work.


Simeon_Strangelight said:
SAS went full retard with a commercial - they took it down initially, but then put it back up again after the SJWs complained:

108.000 down votes for those self-hating Marxist psychopaths.

People go to other videos and vote them down.

I am sure that it works out well for them.

The SAS ad reminded me of this post-911 ad, which seemed innocuous at the time but is actually quite subversive. It was sponsored by the (awful) Ad Council.



Only movies I watch anymore are indie horror films and the occasional gems such as Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I haven't even watched a comic book film since 2015. The movies churned out lately are fucking trash. Same goes for TV shows, wokeness is everywhere now.
Billionaire and gobalist trillionaire capital is super-woke and all those woke psychos rely mostly on the support of papa Rothschild and Co. If they are set out on their own, then this happens as demonstrated in crowd-funded comics of woke vs good apolitical (more right-leaning) comics:

Always punch Nazis comic:


Full proceeds: $5,646

Comicsgate comic creator ex-Iraq veteran who got actively attacked by the woke crowd and woke comic-industry:


$404 913 USD by 10 619 backers

On top of it the creator raised another 800.000$ for other comics since then.

Kickstarter booted him off because Kickstarter is a SJW platform which goes against profit:

So woke: 5.600$
Anti woke: 400.000$

That is pretty much where things would lie in reality. It's just that the woke crew has the full support of the world trillionaires at least in the main themes, media, entertainment. But they won't support of course their own projects and if you look at the support - that is the full monetary power and passion of the SJWs. They only sit on twitter while not doing anything, not putting any money into anything.