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I've never heard of this coffee shop so when I started reading I assumed either US or Australia.

Then when I was about 4/5 done the post I instead thought... hmmm, this sounds a lot like BC (Canada) leftists. Sure enough.

If you guys want an idea of what it's like here, from grown men who are so internally cucked that being in the same room as them is sheer hell, here you go.
I just saw the name, the ugly grey building and the soulless sucking sound from the image and thought, "Probably Main St".

Close enough.


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Start this video at around 2:45 and there is a interview with one of the owners about the controversy

The apology is to member's of the LGBTQ2SP+ and BIPOC communities.. :rolleyes:

Damn! I was getting rather excited, when I saw the name and logo, as it suggested something entirely different to me. For a man of a certain age, mention of a bow brings back memories:



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So one company decided to layoff white people only.

Then this dude says Americans shouldn't be entitled to jobs created in their country.

What so you guys think about applying as a "visible minority" if you are European?

Would a corporation question you or do anything if you obviously aren't?

Asking for a friend..



Get Woke, Go Broke: Disney's LGBT Kid's Film 'Strange World' Projected To Lose $147 Million​

It's not just your typical forced diversity pie chart film, it's Strange World, now considered by many to be Disney's "wokest children's movie ever" because of its prominent gay teen protagonist. Overt woke propaganda is not a big seller these days, though to be fair Disney started production on the film in 2021 when it might have assumed that progressive ideology could still be imposed on the American public.

2022 appears to be the year of the death of woke entertainment, at least at the box office and in streaming numbers with the majority of overtly leftist productions taking an epic nose dive in profits. Streaming shows like The Rings Of Power on Amazon and films like the gay comedy romance Bros are facing some of the worst audience numbers relative to their budgets in the history of popular media, and Strange World may be the most dismal performer of all.

The movie is set to suffer the poorest opening week on company record relative to budget, and is one of the worst overall theatrical performers in years. Strange World had a production budget of over $180 million not counting marketing, and pulled in only $28 million in the first five days of its release. The movie is projected to lose around $147 million and is not expected to bring a spike in subscriptions once it is transferred over to Disney+.

Pro-woke producers and writers have admitted in the past that their agenda has to be implanted into popular legacy franchise products like Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, and Marvel in order to trick people into the theaters. Whenever they create original stories rooted in diversity politics they fail miserably. It is a rare moment of self awareness for leftists; the problem is that they never seem to ask themselves why this is the case? Or, perhaps they just don't care that the vast majority of audiences find these movies repellent.

Maybe it's because the productions are all the same, with the same shallow messaging, the same methodical and political casting choices and the same ideological preaching. When your singular focus is propaganda it is nearly impossible to tell a good story with characters that people can relate to.

The messaging of Strange World is yet another climate change allegory from Hollywood packed with just about every woke trope one can think of, including the final lesson of the film, which is a futurist lecture on not letting the past, tradition, history, heritage hold us back from the inevitable Utopia of "progress". Abandoning the old world and long held principles always leads to happiness in the new Disney fairy tale dynamic.

This narrative takes center stage more so than Strange World's LGBT characters, but the mainstream media's obsession with gay representation, especially in kids films, cannot be understated. Most of the press for Strange World revolved around the gay teen romance embedded in the movie.

There are many successful films with gay characters in the US and globally; it is not necessarily an indicator of box office poison. However, American audiences and foreign audiences alike are not welcoming of LGBT content for children. In the past decade the LGBT issue transformed from a predominantly social issue into something else entirely. The gay movement (and trans movement) is now a political movement - They have made the sexual into the political with an agenda far beyond "equality" which they have already achieved.

Audiences are aware of this and do not want their children propagandized, with many parents wanting to wait until their kids are older before having to explain obscure sexual habits. It is a line that audiences will not allow Hollywood to cross, as the Strange World box office calamity proves.


So I got this friend who is part brown but his dad was with a white woman. A can of black hair paint will make him look like an angry dude at a gas station. My buddy is orthodox though not muslim, and he has a degree. Will this help him in corporate culture if he does the “flight from white?” Could he improve his status by emphasizing the “other” and checking “other” on ethnicity. If he can get a high flying job he’ll donate a lot of money to causes that our current Supreme Court might like. I wanna help the guy out .



Vanguard CEO Abandons ESG Investing Alliance: "Not In The Game Of Politics"​

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) has been a hotly debated topic over the last few years.

The seemingly unquestioned march towards corporate utopia has met with resistance among those who oppose the idea that government oligarchs should dictate the affairs of private business firms. The long-term effects of the ESG movement are largely ignored by the mainstream.

As Tom Czitron previously commented, ESG is largely justified on the basis that corporations and financial institutions should be socially responsible. They should work obsessively to address the perceived menaces of climate change, racism, sexism, and a host of subjects. Our benevolent political and economic elite define what is virtuous and what is not for a grateful public.

But, as of late, there are some naysayers that dare to stand up to the socialism-by-stealth promoters with Tim Buckley, chief executive at Vanguard, perhaps the biggest name yet to buck the ESG orthodoxy.

“Our research indicates that ESG investing does not have any advantage over broad-based investing,” Mr. Buckley said in a recent interview with the Financial Times.

Matching word to deed, his comments came after he had withdrawn his firm from the $59 trillion Net Zero Asset Managers initiative, an organization that is part of the $150 trillion United Nations-affiliated Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero.

“We don’t believe that we should dictate company strategy,” he said, in his first public comments about the decision.
It would be hubris to presume that we know the right strategy for the thousands of companies that Vanguard invests with. We just want to make sure that risks are being appropriately disclosed and that every company is playing by the rules.”
As The Wall Street Journal reports, Mr. Buckley effectively claims that ESG managers are playing the fool and taking their clients’ money with them.

Fewer than 1 in 7 active equity managers outperform the broad market in any five-year period. Over the past five years, not one relied exclusively on a net-zero investment methodology.
Betting his clients’ money on politicians and regulators consistently doing the “right” thing would be irresponsible.
There is a receding chance the globe will be at net zero by 2050. No one should promise to base his entire investment strategy on such odds.
The Vanguard boss also warned investors not to expect superior returns from ploughing money into ESG funds and alternative assets - two of the fastest growing parts of the asset management industry - rather than the index-trackers championed by his firm.

“We cannot state that [environmental, social and governance] investing is better performance wise than broad index-based investing,” said Buckley.
“Our research indicates that ESG investing does not have any advantage over broad-based investing.”
The decision to withdraw from the coalition has sparked fury among environmental activists, with Al Gore calling Mr. Buckley’s decision “irresponsible and shortsighted.”

Buckley, however, said, as The FT reports, that Vanguard was “not in the game of politics”.

“Politicians and regulators have a central role to play in setting the ground rules to achieve a just transition to a lower carbon economy,” he said, when asked about the increasing politicisation of ESG investing.
As Terrence Keeley writes in an op-ed via WSJ, freeing the asset-management industry from a prevailing orthodoxy that promises wealth and environmental sanctity while delivering neither requires monumental fortitude.

Translation: We're losing money doing this.

Get Woke, Go Broke may actually be working.