Thoughts about Higher Rate of Dementia in Women

So in the scientific community, they reason that the higher prevalence of dementia in women due to some gene that is twice as common in women than in men. Now I don't know if it's because I don't buy this, or because it doesn't interest me, but I've always wondering if there's another reason! When I first heard about dementia being higher in women than men, I couldn't help but think of it from from my own bias: that is that a lot of women don't challenge themselves mentally. Whether it be learning an instrument, or learning about science; there isn't the same motive for women to justify their existence in the same way that there is for men.

As you're probably aware, whenever you hear women talking about going back to do some course in adulthood, it's often something stupid like cooking, or child minding. And when it comes to the sciences in school, they avoid always avoid chemistry and physics, and go with biology because it's not really a real science. They seem to avoid mastering things that are a real skill - like poker or chess for example. So when you hear all this talk about how the brain likes to be challenged, you do have to wonder if women miss out on some of this. And I don't know if lots of socialising is enough to stave off dementia. Yes, socialising stimulates your brain and gives it novelty, but it's not really challenging it.

My grandmother had dementia before she passed on. But when I think about it, perhaps it made sense; she was a stay at home mom (different times). She was always just the person who made the tea and that. She wouldn't have been the one to get into political discussions at the dinner table. My own mother has had dementia for a while now too. Both my mother and grand mother would have spent a significant amount of time in the same environment without any stimulation prior to developing dementia.

I really don't know how strong an argument there is for this being a cause to their higher chance of dementia. I mean there are plenty of men out there that also just live in an impulsive manner without trying to better themselves. Just because 99% of all inventions are created by men does not mean that 99% of men are trying to create inventions! So this also isn't something I'd dare say out loud. It isn't an argument that would not go down well in colleges. And ironically, it's colleges that are the places that investigate the answers to questions like this!
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I was wondering about this lately but it's been a while since I read anything about it. I remember Daniel Amen, the "Change Your Brain Change Your Life" guy, said his mother's brain scan was superb. I thought, It's like a used car that's "lady driven" ;)

Of course men are much more likely to suffer head trauma and be exposed to stuff like toxic fumes, and probably more likely to drink a larger cumulative amount of alcohol. Women are probably more likely to avoid eating animal products which are high in nutrients. Women are probably more likely to not be as respectful of their body's need for adequate sleep. Also women would err on the side of being slim rather than overweight, and with so many foods being "empty calories" the body becomes deficient in nutrients. Therefore the slightly overweight person (the man) might do better in the long run than the aesthetically pleasing one.


Make up! Yes, that is pure poison, pure ClownWorld.

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Women don't have to do physical labor or other dangerous jobs, so if they miss a night of decent sleep it's no big deal. They can just whine and lean on their teammates more than usual.

In case you didn't realise, there aren't too many thin women these days!
True, but even still, being thin has a much greater effect on a woman's attractiveness (SMV) than on a man's. For analogy think of nutrients as gold you are trying to get out of a riverbed. The prospector who goes through more dirt is more likely to find enough gold to break even or make a profit for the day. Food being empty calories means that you need to go through a lot of dirt to get the gold.

Contradictory to earlier—but much smaller—studies, the researchers found that the risk continued to decrease as weight increased, with overweight people 18% less likely to develop dementia, and obese people 29% less likely, the BBC reports.


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Dementia seems to be a lack of very young children in their lives.

Grandparents are supposed to be the child minders. And if crazy old Grandma Clara spends most of her days with crazy little toddler Frank than who is the wiser? But if she just sits in her rocker all day in isolation, who can blame her from losing her shit.
Dementia seems to be a lack of very young children in their lives.

Grandparents are supposed to be the child minders. And if crazy old Grandma Clara spends most of her days with crazy little toddler Frank than who is the wiser? But if she just sits in her rocker all day in isolation, who can blame her from losing her shit.
What? Like the other posters, you obviously didn't read any more than the title.


But you implied that it was a big deal by mentioning it as a possibility for dementia.
There are other threads here to vent about those sort of issues.
I'm not sure what your problem is, I'm just trying to add to the conversation with some ideas.

Regarding sleep, in large sample sizes slight deviations on average can have a measurable effect. Do you even bell curve? Women are in general less responsible wouldn't you say? So if a woman's friends calls her up on a Wednesday night and says "how's about a girls' night out?" she's probably more likely to say OK than a man who feels his whole life is riding on his success at work. I'm not declaring absolute certainty on this effect - it's just a theory.

I think you are trying to ask "do you think the fact that women are much less likely to master skills is the main cause of their greater incidence of dementia?". You might be onto something, but as you can see there are a whole lot of other factors.


Additional possibilities:

-Antidepressant(s) use.
-Birth control pills & hormone replacement 'therapy'.
-Years of makeup and chemicals being absorbed through the skin.
Yeah, this is exactly my suspicion as well. Antidepressant use in women his very high in the United States, and gets exponentially higher as you compare older age groups to younger age groups.

My hunch (not substantiated by any research) is that the reason for this is largely due to feminism. But how? Well, feminism has encouraged women to abandon their God-intended ways of being a help to a man and nurturing their families. Instead, they've wandered head-long into careers and other pursuits that have done them considerable harm, all while simultaneously championing their ability to be independent. But it is a farce. They are applauding themselves for doing the very thing that is destroying their collective spirit. And their only way of coping is to take drugs, rather than repent of their folly and humble themselves before God and play the role they were designed to play.

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