Thoughts on Dr Osborn’s exercise programme?


Has anyone read Dr Osborn’s book, Get Serious? Link:

I’ve been using Stronglifts as my lifting programme but I’ve grown tired of it - I hate squatting and deadlifting on the same day, for example.

I’ve since been looking for a programme that I can ideally do for life. My goals are to just be healthy - I have no desire to look big, but some lean muscle would be nice. I’ve been reading around and found the above book. Given his medical background I feel like his exercise programme (found in the appendix) should be one that you can do for life.

For those who can’t be arsed to check out the link, Monday and Friday require heavy compound movements with some additional isolating lifts, whilst Wednesday is more to do with functional strength eg farmers walks and pull ups. Tuesday and Thursday are 30 mins cardio (although I swap these around as I play football/soccer twice a week). The other days are for rest - id probably do some Yoga for flexibility on these days.

I’m not sure what to think of this programme and would be keen to hear what others think. On the one hand, hitting each muscle group just once per week (apart from abs) seems like a nice change for me and is something I could see myself doing for a while. Yet, on the other, I’m concerned that I wouldn’t be hitting my muscles enough to make any decent progress.

What are your thoughts?
Average at best.

But hey the guys a TRT fuelled neuroscientist so it’s obviously legit.

We all know the SQ,BP,DL and OHP are your bread and butter. This is common knowledge. This isn’t 2001 anymore when bodybuilding knowledge was limited to the latest issue of FLEX.

Why this shit is constantly re-packaged I will never know.

Hit the gym regularly, smash utter fuck out of whatever muscle group you’re hitting and magic will always happen