Thoughts on Nomad Capitalist?


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^^ That guy started off as a nobody too. Just make a website similar to his and publish information on specific countries and cities. Learn about SEO and get your website to rank in order to get visitors. Some visitors will naturally ask you for consulting.

I have experience setting up websites if you want you can PM me if you have any questions.


He got started by opening up a pool cleaning service in America I think.

He would never hire someone that's not in a poor country country he can't pay peanuts for, he's basically said this in his videos. Easier to make your own website but there is so much information out there I feel like the more I learn the less I know.

There's a website called I browse. A lot of info there. What's really challenging is the information constantly changes. After a while of reading I get a headache.

I can see real value in setting up a website that gives advice on how to avoid tax and set up offshore corps with privacy. Not many are doing it. I think you can make a solid business providing the service of remote opening of bank accounts offshore. All you do is find a lawyer in the offshore country and pay him a fraction of the money to open a customer's account in his country. People are paying 6-800USD a pop for this right now. I checked and only a few places are doing this but only for 1-2 countries. I imagine most people would rather not fly to a country just to open a bank account.


Is there an active forum dealing with international tax optimisation?

A community with people sharing experiences for free is much more appealing than giving this guy 6k :)

An example on my mind is moving to a country with high gambling tax but lower income tax.
In this case one could set up a company in a country with little to zero gambling tax, then pay themselves through the company (and the lower tax rate with it).