TikTok nurse phenomenon

I work with nurses and I would say:
#1 they're women so they crave attention obviously.
#2 They work in healthcare so they think they save lives everyday and are heroes.
#3 Nurses usually don't get much credit or attention from the public, doctors do, so naturally these female nurses with a superiority complex from working in healthcare absolutely eat up the idea of doing stupid tik tok videos to tell the world that they're a nurse (receive the praise and attention from being a "hero") and of course the prospect of attention from starring in a viral video.

A national pandemic (while international attention is focused on the healthcare industry and healthcare workers) is the perfect time to broadcast the fact that they're a nurse.

It's a well known meme in the healthcare field, some karen type nurse running up to the scene of a MVC or medical emergency and telling everyone she's a nurse. Like wow congratulations your a nurse you don't have the authority to do anything other than basic life support unless your working under a doctors orders. It's like being vegan or doing crossfit, they have to tell everyone.


nurses are the most self-indulgent, slutty, bitches in the West.
In other words--they're just your average woman.

In the past nurses may have been there more out of a calling (and provided fuel for the positive nurse archetype) but these days it pulls in women from all walks of life just because it sits at sort of an ideal sweet-spot (ever-growing demand, high pay, relatively low barrier to entry, high social status). It is to women what "learn to code" is to men.