Time for a Covid-19 Melbourne protest!


All thanks to 10,000+ BLM protesters, we are suffering stage 4 lockdowns in Melbourne, Australia. The rest of us couldn't see our mum's for mother's day or honour our veterans for Anzac Day but these BLM terrorists were allowed by the government to protest and cause a major outbreak. Mainstream media tried to hide it.

They are thinking about stage 5 if that's even possible. We currently can't leave our homes after 8pm to 5am and have to wear a mask or be fined. You need a work permit to go to work from today and can't travel more than 5km. We can only leave our homes for food, medical or work. It's not, it's a $1650AU fine. They are also thinking about bringing back the "bonk ban" where you can't see your girlfriend.

This Chinese virus kills as much as the yearly Flu where this lockdown is a fucking joke!!! Our Radical Leftists Premier Daniel Andrews acts like a typical Leftist and locks down everything hard. I have respect for countries like the USA, Sweden and Brazil for seeing the virus for what it is, the yearly flu. More people have died from suicide after losing their job or business in Australia than COVID-19.

Does anyone from Melbourne know of any protest groups online that are going to protest? They are planning to lock us down for at least another 6 weeks (maybe to Xmas) like this which I and my friends aren't going to stand for! Daniel Andrews is a pussy where he only lowered from stage 3 to 2 after we protested 3 months ago.
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This Andrews-nut openly talked about a "six MONTHS" stage 5 lockdown (meaning no reason AT ALL to leave your home, Wuhan style) if this 6 week stage 4 doesn't "work". This madman even said he has "6 weeks to think about what a stage 5 is".

This guy is an obvious maniac who won't ever give his (fraudulent) powers away.
Dark times await Victoria.

Edit; Worst thing out of this is that rural areas are now in lockdown "3" with many having few, or no cases at all.
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I found this guy who is planning to organise a protest I believe! He has over 10k followers since March 2020 and sounds more piss off than me.

There was a small anti mask protest last week by a National Conservative Christian who were arrested. I requested to join their group on FB.
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OT but I think on one of his blogposts Krauser posted a link to a video of Avi Yemini doing fraudulent Krav Maga coaching in Melbourne(can't find the video now). Since you linked to Avi. But it's hilarious how the Israeli grifters are all the same way(despite being on "our side" normally).

Edit: for the life of me cannot find the post, and perhaps not the video, but I'm pretty sure this is the studio he's talking about (Krav Maga Australia)

Edit 2: this is the comment i was thinking of. But the original video is taken down. It had the characteristic Israeli and Australian flag and was clearly by Avi. https://krauserpua.com/2013/07/13/daygame-and-compliance/#comment-25154

Edit 3: I found the mirror to the original video. The lengths I go to for autism...
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I lived in Melbourne for a while years ago. I can't imagine what it must be like in that city on such a lockdown. Biking around or laying in Carlton Gardens reading or having a picnic with a friends or lovers was like 90% of my life there (though I did at least have a little backyard, so I guess I could've just posted up there). Having to wear a mask in the middle of a big park or while on my bike... ridiculous.


If they go to 6 months, I will relocate to another state. I'm done with this nonsense. I played by the rules and I'm effectively being punished with house arrest.

I do think it is complete crap that they crack down and arrest lockdown protestors, while allowing BLM protests to continue unpunished. Its tyranny to selectively enforce laws like that and speaks volumes about the left wing govt in power in Victoria.


Dictator Dan at work making sure we have no more freedom!

Victoria Police have arrested two men accused of organising Sunday’s anti-lockdown “freedom day” rally in the Melbourne CBD.

Two search warrants were executed last night in the suburbs Mooroolbark and Chirnside Park, where police seized mobile phones and a computer.
Police allege the men were behind the planned rally this weekend, supported by coronavirus conspiracy theorists and so-called ‘sovereign citizens’.
“As a result, a 41-year-old male from Mooroolbark was charged with incitement. He was bailed and is due to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates Court on January 21, 2021,” police said in a statement.
“A 41-year-old male from Chirnside Park was also arrested last night, but was released with intent to summons. He is expected to be charged later today with the same offences.”

Under Section 321G of the Crimes Act 1958, incitement is an offence where someone incites any other person to pursue a course of conduct which will involve the commission of an offence.

Victoria Police had yesterday slammed the “selfish” protesters and vowed to take action, saying it was “a completely blatant breach” of the CHO’s directions that “puts Victorian lives at risk”.

“This selfish behaviour will absolutely not be tolerated. Be assured Victoria Police will be responding and will take appropriate action,” the statement said.

“There will be a highly visible presence in and around the city to ensure the community is complying with stage four restrictions.”

Police said they would “have no hesitation in issuing $1652 fines or making arrests on the day, if necessary”.

News.com.au understands police had expected around 100 people to show up, but are hoping yesterday’s strongly worded statement and the arrests of the two men will put an end to the event.

Police aren’t taking any chances, however, and will be out in force in the Melbourne CBD prepared to arrest and fine anyone who shows up.

As of this morning, one Facebook account that had been promoting the rally was still posting, vowing to attend.

“Their legal attempts to force this evil upon Australia with enforcement of ‘biosecurity’ will collapse in court,” the page wrote.

“We will treat our police personnel with all respect due to them. If they wish to arbitrarily fine or arrest us this will be fine with us. We will not resist in any way. These matters will be resolved in court.”
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Where to go though?

I feel QLD, SA and WA are just a 5-10 years behind.

It feels like China has launched a soft war onto us. Financial + Political infiltration.

They own 1/3rd of our CBD land already, much prime residential real estate, most Energy assets (Electricity and Gas retail, distribution and generation), Seaports, Airports, many other businesses and from the looks of it, several politicians.