Time to end it

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Five years ago today I joined a forum of like-minded men, only to have it turn into a cesspool of faggotry like everything else in modernity.

Figured I'd get a nice round number out of the way before leaving. Since the forum software changed there's no option to delete your account.

So ban me.

To ensure I get banned: Christians are all pedophiles who worship Jews, and they deserve every church burning down and to be fed to lions.

There, that should be enough.

Bye y'all


It does sounds like a lot of good things where lost in the transition from old to new roosh forum though. Its a shame there wasn't somekind of middle ground. It goes from one extreme to the other. its roosh's style though he is an extreme person. Its his forum. You can always start a new one in the spirits of the old roosh forum and build it up from the ground yourself. But you probably won't.
Not open for further replies.