Tinder and Onlyfans NOW. What will the sisterhood come up with for LATER?


Perhaps not the sisterhood itself but actually the opposite: the programming dudes. We're evolving into an era dominated by AI (artificial intelligence). Apps which turns images into videos are coming online every month now. We see images and videos being faked to the point where we no-longer can tell if it's fake or real.

I'd say the next big thing will be apps filled with AI-generated attractive women based on the users' preferences, that will then link to their onlyfans (or other paid service) so that guys can buy their AI-generated pictures. The dude with the credit card in his hand is about to buy fake images of a girl that does not even exist.

We've had chatbots and fake girls since the early days of the internet, on all those dating / hook-up platforms. But AI is taking it to another level. Now one guy alone can create 500 of those women, all computer-generated, and tick all the boxes of the end-user's wishlist. You prefer blonde, tall women with big eyes? Fortunately, the AI bot knows so and will generate a woman just like that for you. Take into account all the information that companies sell to another. They will know specifically what type of music that girl has to like, what movies she likes, her hobbies. And a profile (pictures, videos, story, etc. will be 100% generated by AI). Since it's all generated out of nothing, he (the programmer who made it) is not even risking copying someone else's face and pretending to be them. We're literally talking about photos and videos being generated from scratch by the computer, to act like a girl online. This will be a big money scheme for some (the developers) and it will be a game that any guy would like to join in on. But after a while (I'd say a year at most), everyone will abandon the apps like Tinder and Onlyfans. Simply because you won't be able to know if it's a real person behind the profile. Not only that, those websites will get stricter in regards to verifying you're a human. Who in their right mind, in 2021-2022, would like to give companies MORE of their information? Like I said; those apps and websites will shutdown due to lack of users.

So once those AI programs gets published open-source, grab one and start creating fake girls on all websites, make some money off of guys, and then enjoy it while it lasts.

This will be just like those "You won 1,000,000 USD! Click here!" ads we used to see in the early days of internet. People clicked on them and believed in them (we're talking late 90's to early 2000's). These days, everyone knows it's a scam. We don't even spend a second thinking about it. Same thing will happen on sites like Onlyfans or apps like Tinder, once AI has taken over. Users would expect to be talking to an AI bot.

Will this be good or bad? Only time will tell. One thing's for sure: people ought to get used to being outdoors again if they want to get laid. The internet will be too fucked. But only time will tell once the transgender surgeries get too good to be true (it's already happening, to some).


It feels like we are at the end of the rope, and the next step is absolutely turmoil and a hard collapse that will bring, in our lifetimes, through building back after great hardship, a return to more normal, dare I say good times.

The thing is, only the strong are going to survive to experience it.


Absence of decent women
Good point. While it is best to ignore this degeneracy, one cannot ignore that these apps make it all too easy for women to swim in a cesspool of sin. It makes the pool of viable, marriage-material women smaller and smaller, and since we cannot depend on church to find a decent woman(everyone will tell you it’s not to place to find a wife), then this becomes an issue for every man.

Also, is it just me observing this, or do the majority of young women now just openly talk about “hooking up”, going on dates, using tinder, texting guys, etc? Perhaps it’s because I took a break from society because of covid last year, but man, most of the time I go out now and say, sit near a group of women or women sit near me, the first thing they talk about is texting men, dating men, etc ...and loud enough for at least anyone near a 5 ft radius to hear, it’s not like they’re whispering. Absolutely no shame anymore.

Back to the topic. I believe OnlyFans is the “final frontier” in deteriorating relations between men and women. There is no way we can come back from a woman, with only a smartphone, earning at minimum a thousand dollars a week for online prostitution. No woman will come out normal from this unless they are graced by God to see the light. Absent of that, they will be damaged and won’t be suitable to wife up.

We are entering times where if you don’t end up meeting a woman who is an actual, devout, God-fearing Christian, you may need to consider solitude. I used to think that perhaps Men like us could bring a secular woman to God, but the forces of this world make that near-impossible. Plus, reading the experiences of men trying to do that don’t seem to go well. So again, we should start preparing for living a life of solitude and retreating from this world, akin to what the desert fathers did after Christ Ascension, as well as the growth of monasticism during and after the fall of the Roman Empire...
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Absence of decent women
It would be interesting if this pushed the small portion of scrupulous women/families into traditional settings though, since at that point what is somewhat but barely hidden (dating culture which is just a hidden version of prostitution for most) will be much more exposed as being totally worthless. That is, now you don't even have to do the dance of pay for the date/fake courting/etc so you'll only have two options: direct payment or actual relationships for marriage set up by families.

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We are entering times where if you don’t end up meeting a woman who is an actual, devout, God-fearing Christian, you may need to consider solitude.
Overwhelmingly true. It's a spinoff of my "lottery" idea, literally that's what you need to hit if you want this aspect to work out in the west or perhaps, anywhere. I'm quite often shocked how few boomers or older really understand what's going on regarding male and female dynamics. From what I've seen, the group that had the last real shot of normal dynamics (and still with changing issues in society) were those born in the mid 70s. They still could pull off the high school or college connection and move forward. Nowadays, everyone is trying to be a man, whether that's alpha on down to a weak version of a breadwinner (women). There is no real role in society for women even though the feminists and those influenced by them think there is.
Any predictions on the future mainstream trends?

1) Women becoming more masculine, rude and hostile towards Alpha behaviour

Using "gamespeak" I have noticed that women are no longer allowing men to pass "shit-tests" anymore. 10-15 years ago if you would disagree with a women in a playful way or even in an openly disagreeable way it would generate a sense of intrigue and attraction in that woman's mind because you were that one special man who did not cow down to here like the other orbiters in her circle have done on so many occasions in the past.

Nowadays if you disagree with a women they lose their minds and start to become more openly hostile towards you. Generation Z and Late Millennial women in the West have become so brainwashed by feminist anti-male woke propaganda that they consider any man who stands up for himself and his opinion to be the "enemy".

Thus if you want to start a relationship with a women in a modern Western City today, you will most likely have to assume a more passive role in the relationship from the get-go, which will ultimately lead you to being cucked somewhere down the line. Honestly It's better to live like a monk than deal with such woman. Just read the story about the guy working at McDonalds for his Lawyer degree chick on the other thread if you wanna know more...

2) Women starting to approach men/Polyamory

Yes this has been a recurring joke amongst the manosphere for a long time but it will eventually happen. (And I have actually seen it happen recently but only in small numbers.)

And No it will not solve the 80% - 20% problem but will in fact make it worse. What will happen is that open polyamory will take place in which a Chad will have a relationship with up to 2-3 different women at the same time. These women will be perfectly fine with sharing same chad weather it be an orgy in bed together or him arranging separate days during the week for a quick bang.

3. Women openly trying to cuck men

I have seen women flirting with other men in front of their boyfriends/spouses. I have also seen a woman trying to play off a daygamer with his wing and enjoying the psychological drama of them competing for her attention. It seems to me that women are no longer interested in vanilla sex but there has to be some sort of cuckold element to it as well.


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That would end most of the sway of OnlyFans and Tinder overnight.

Yeah prostitution itself will not become mainstream, although it will continue to be decriminalized. The push will be for prostitution over video chat or with your AI love robot. Ending normal sex and definitely ending in-person human interaction is a big part of the Jews plan.