Top ten red flags


Snag87 said:
The percentage of women who've done porn has to be extremely low. That said, I believe most women who've performed in porn wouldn't tell the guy they were dating, at least not initially. And given the volume of porn the odds of you procuring the information yourself seems low...

It's probably higher than you think if you include sites like Chaturbate, never mind the risqué Snapchat shots so many young women probably did in high school. Even when deleted, images often aren't really deleted. There already exists reliable facial recognition technology and data software that can pull identities from petabytes of video files. If/when that capability ever goes mainstream (i.e., out of the hands of the globalist social media companies and governments who have it now) it'd be a convenient way for the average guy to disqualify a potential mate early in the game.


A few more to add:

Has private social media accounts - does not share your relationship on them
Inconsistent communication
Lack of self awareness
Cannot contribute to a flowing conversation
Always blaming you for any problems


I know I'm going to sound extreme but I'm beginning to think that social media in any capacity is an avoidable. You're stretching your luck to an anomaly at this point but it has a chance to say a lot about the girl. Especially snapchat and Instagram.


A big red flag for me is if she strongly resists any attempt or suggestion you make in helping improve a nontangible area of her life.
- Third world hustlers who wouldn't realistically be interested in you if they had a good First World standard of living
- Virtue signalling, not only liberal but conservative too. Those women who feel the need to let the world know how they're the strictest most traditional Christians, the most submissive wives, the biggest Trump supporters or the most over-the-top gun nuts. Trad-thots and similar types, in other words.
- Cold eyes. The aforementioned thots tend to have them.
- An obsession with jewelry
- Any kind of plastic surgery
- Fake lashes/nails
- Bridezillas
- "Body positive" women. The whole body positive nonsense is nothing but covert narcissism and virtue signalling. It's also a sign of a lack of accountability and a tencency to blame others for their own shortcomings.
- Women who try to manipulate you by acting angry/disappointed or giving you the silence treatment
- Lots of gold/pink complements. In my experience they mean materialism and immaturity respectively.


The third world women someone mentioned is a great one.

There are two sides to this

1. She is acting all along to get your financial/legal support for immigration. Often times also for her family

2. She is genuinely traditional, but will change gradually due to Western/Metropolitan exposure.

The third world women from big cities (Jakarta, Mumbai, Mexico City, etc) tend to be ticking time bombs. They already have the city bitchiness, just need the first world amenities and freedom to let loose.

Magnus Stout

Lots of good points, but I would mark two biggest red flags as those you have the least power in changing but which can reliably destroy you:

1) Narcissisism, bi-polar, and borderline personality disorder. These simply cannot be fixed by you. And, it would be madness to marry someone with those problems. Many of these women should not even reproduce (they become horrible mothers that scar their children).

2) Hostility to Christianity. Nearly all female vices (tattoos, hair color, fatness, etc..) spring from her rebellion to God and Man. Testing for that “rebellious spirit” is a reliable filter.

Lastly, being wary to commit to her (i.e. you have standards & won’t sleep with her right away) is a reliable indicator to her that you have status in the socio-sexual hierarchy above the dreaded Gamma. Remember: if women are the gateways to sex, men are the gateways to commitment (relationships).


I won't repeat what's been pointed out above, as they are all spot on. I don't think I saw the following though. Words of wisdom from my Dad from back in the day: She will most likely become her mother. If she has older sisters, observe them too, as she will also turn out to be a lot like them.

So, if her mother or older sisters are any of the following:
Bat shit crazy
Aggro cunts
Or any of that other previously described stuff, watch out!


Magnus Stout said:
Lots of good points, but I would mark two biggest red flags as those you have the least power in changing but which can reliably destroy you:

1) Narcissisism, bi-polar, and borderline personality disorder. These simply cannot be fixed by you. And, it would be madness to marry someone with those problems. Many of these women should not even reproduce (they become horrible mothers that scar their children).

+1 to this. The narcissistic mother is a cancer. Generally divorced. "Happily alone". She views her kids as her "best friends". Has no one else in her life. Tries to be the cool mum, allowing her kids to drink or do drugs from a young age, through fear of losing the only people who technically have to stay with her.

Conversations start with, and are limited to topics concerning her. As her kids age, she'll treat her son like the 'chad ex boyfriend' that left her. Blindly ignoring all his shortcomings. The daughter will fill the void of friend. She'll use her as a sounding board to talk only about herself. When the daughter finally meets someone she cares about, the mother will try and kill the relationship, because it's a threat to her own attention, from the only person who gives her some: Her daughter.

She will actively say she doesn't want grandkids, because grandkids create another person she has to compete with for attention. As time goes on, and the narcisstic mother begins to lose the attention battle, she will feign illness, all in the aim of gaining sympathy from her children, forcing them to spend time with her.

This sad existence is more prevalent today than at any other point in human history. It starts with the 'you go girl' independent mindset in their early 20's. Eventually she marries in her 30's. It's not the guy she wanted, but her options are limited. Struggling with her narcissism, the man quickly divorces shortly into the relationship. If she hasn't had children, she becomes a cat lady and dies, much to the dismay of nobody. If she has kids, those poor souls are forced to deal with her bitter, selfish nature until the day she dies. The only hope is that she's hit by a truck before the kids have families of their own. It would save a lot of drama.​


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1. Any indications that she's into druggie culture, such as often changing her hair color in non-traditional shades (red, green, blue, etc)

2. Has ever worked as a stripper

3. Has pierced nipples.

Number 3 is actually a fairly significant tell in my experience. I don't know what it is about it, but 100% of the women I've met who had pierced nipples were flaky, into drugs, promiscuous, and/or materialistic. Since the members of this forum don't believe in premarital sex, I guess you'll have to check for #3 by seeing how she looks in a swimsuit or by asking her in the tone of a fun question, "So, do you have any tattoos or piercings"?


if shes a liberal and calls everyone racist. if she ever uses the words "white privilige" or "white supremacy" then kick her to the curb. if she constantly (more than once a month) asks you to cook dinner. if she thinks you are supposed to do the washing, cleaning etc. if she doesnt automatically do all those things herself once you start living together.

La Águila Negra

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@ C-Note

Are you serious now? Pierced nipples? I left the West a long time ago so I am not up to date about the latest ever downward spiralling trends, but have pierced nipples really become a thing?

When I was around 16-18 those navel piercings started to become popular. Young me actually thought it was pretty hot, and looking at it in hindsight it was also a big slut-tell. Usually it was some sort of shiny fake diamond dangling

Back then pierced nipples were for bdsm freaks and similar wackos. Guess it really is a race to the bottom
lunchmoney said:
3. Does not cook

That's interesting. I eat healthy and I once had a gf who'd cook a lot. I'd be very disciplined about my eating, and it would annoy her that I wouldn't try her food.

It was always awkward when I'd come home to relaise that she cooked up something. I'd already have had my dinner planned which meant that either way, food was going to go to waste. The only way to make sure that the like of this didn't continue to happen, wasn't to talk to her (she wouldn't listen), but to make a statement by putting my foot down. She'd say something like "I was only trying to help"! Quite ironic, but that's how she'd frame it... and you'd want to thread carefully not to hurt her feelings. She'd often say "it's a shame that all this food is going to go to waste", and she was right... but I didn't like the fact that she'd have to cook it in the first place given that she knew the way I was. She was obviously used to people appeasing her, and thought that she could manipulate me into eating her food. It was hard to refuse because I knew some snide remark would be about to come. I'd never get away scot-free.

Eventually she got the hint, but it took a long while. Eventually she stopped nagging me for not eating things she'd cook. It was funny to then listen to her complain about others when it came to food. It'd be a case of "I delivered some of that left over lasagne to Jimmy and he never sent a thank you text"!

She once offered me a scone that she had baked and I said "flush it down the toilet, cut out the middle man". I heard a similar line to that in James Bond. She did not take it well!
A girl who is impulsive and who also does not have a hobby is a bad combination. You see someone who's impulsive will end up being impulsive with food, and the result is that they'll be fat later in life.

And the things they do to fill the void of the hobby can be very irritating. One girlfriend I had a dog that she'd give far too much time too. Feeding the dog was like the equivalent of her hobby! She'd also get up late, watch reality TV, and stay in her pyjamas for ages.