Top ten red flags


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3. Does not cook

That's interesting. I eat healthy and I once had a gf who'd cook a lot. I'd be very disciplined about my eating, and it would annoy her that I wouldn't try her food.

It was always awkward when I'd come home to relaise that she cooked up something. I'd already have had my dinner planned which meant that either way, food was going to go to waste. The only way to make sure that the like of this didn't continue to happen, wasn't to talk to her (she wouldn't listen), but to make a statement by putting my foot down. She'd say something like "I was only trying to help"! Quite ironic, but that's how she'd frame it... and you'd want to thread carefully not to hurt her feelings. She'd often say "it's a shame that all this food is going to go to waste", and she was right... but I didn't like the fact that she'd have to cook it in the first place given that she knew the way I was. She was obviously used to people appeasing her, and thought that she could manipulate me into eating her food. It was hard to refuse because I knew some snide remark would be about to come. I'd never get away scot-free.

Eventually she got the hint, but it took a long while. Eventually she stopped nagging me for not eating things she'd cook. It was funny to then listen to her complain about others when it came to food. It'd be a case of "I delivered some of that left over lasagne to Jimmy and he never sent a thank you text"!

She once offered me a scone that she had baked and I said "flush it down the toilet, cut out the middle man". I heard a similar line to that in James Bond. She did not take it well!

When I lived in Cali, I used to date a Mexican girl that loved to cook. It was good because she saved a lot of money but damn was her cooking unhealthy. She was making sodium, unhealthy fat, and carb heavy Mexican dishes all day. Thought that sprinkling some cilantro on rice or a burrito was vegetables. No wonder her family was all overweight.

Some red flags for me are:
-- Bunch of degrees that have no value.
-- Student debt.
-- Requires constant excitement and entertainment.
-- Obsession with brunch and happy hours.


Any kind of mental issue, as well. Most are bullshit covers for just a lousy (or lack of) personality, but either way it's an indication that you're going to have to be babysitting her. Imagine having kids with a woman who needs you to focus on her (and her to focus on herself) and your kids are left to fend for themselves because their narcissistic mother doesn't have her shit together after over three decades on the planet.
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A degree in psychology. Crazy alert. Those are all trying to fix themselves.

Back in my fornication days, I dated this crazy bitch who was working on her masters degree in Psychology. She always tried to microanalyze me and show off her "intelligence" then threw a fit when I called her out. Long story short, within three months, I had to file a restraining order. Not the most fun of times...


A woman who seeks her moms approval for everything and isn’t a independent thinker for herself.

I dated a few women like this. I’m in my mid 20s though. But man it’s annoying.


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The Stronger Sex said:
A degree in psychology. Crazy alert. Those are all trying to fix themselves.

That's probably the worst degree after Women's Studies. I know of three psychology graduate women that are huge red flags. One has some deep issues with either lying and/or plain craziness, one grew up without a father and is a slut now that dabbles in lesbianism every so often, and the other was sexually abused by a relative when she was a kid.


For less obvious things...

Find out what she thinks about contraception and if it’s a good thing. I’ve found an extremely close inverse correlation between whether they’re marriage material and how positively they view contraception.


Even though many of these have already been said, this is my personal list:

1. Most/all of her friends are guys
2. Short hair
3. Messy cars/bedrooms
4. Doesn't look or act feminine (biggest one)
5. Shows up late to dates with no warning
6. Excessive drug use (especially alcohol)
7. Addicted to social media
8. Cares more about her "career" than anything else
9. Poor relationship with family
10. Single mother
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1) Vegan - This is a ridiculous left wing position and the lack of protein makes them vulnerable to further brainwashing. Cults will literaly feed initiates low protein diets in order to mold their minds.
2)Talks shit about other people to you - That means she talks badly about you to others
3)Yoga Pants outside of yoga - She is either lazy or loves attention or both
4)Loves coffee/wine - Enjoying popular consumer goods does not replace a personality
5)Loves travelling - She's getting fucked. A lot. And no one will know or judge
6)Obsessed with dating shows - She loves the drama and the extreme narcissists become her role models
7)Career Oriented - All career women get divorced, sooner or later. I have literally been told this by career women
8)Dog/Cat kids - An attempt to replace biological children
9)Starts looking to settle down near the big 3-0. This means she wasn't serious about it earlier and whatever man she finds will be crammed into the man sized hole in her life
10)Shitty friends - Her friends will egg her on to hook up with men and encourage her to nuke her life.
1) Vegan - This is a ridiculous left wing position and the lack of protein makes them vulnerable to further brainwashing. Cults will literaly feed initiates low protein diets in order to mold their minds.
Have you ever heard of a guy called Red Pill Vegan on youtube? He makes some strong arguments about why he thinks veganism is best.

I'm not saying I agree with him on all stuff, but he's made a few interesting videos pointing out contradictions that diet gurus have made, and explores the possible reasons why they do so.


Have you ever heard of a guy called Red Pill Vegan on youtube? He makes some strong arguments about why he thinks veganism is best.
I haven't no. Back in my blue pill days I tried veganism, managed to do it for 8 months. Even with proper supplementation you still need animal fat and protein. Been there done that, I don't recommend it.

Has ever done porn!?

This statement reflects the degree to which Gen Y has been completely whacked out by pornography. Who would have anything to do with anyone in porn, much less a woman?

I was once a share partner in an LLC that formed to finance a horror film starring a porn actress that went legit.

The fact that it would seem normal to have a wife that had done porn just demonstrates how little moral sense Gen Y have and how thoroughly porn has saturated US culture.


porn problems
The normalization of pornography is a serious issue. I don't know of a single guy under 35 that doesn't casually use. Even the religious ones are trapped in some sort of shame-use cycle. Guys discuss is openly. Go to your local mall and look at some of the advertisements aimed at women and girls, it's all softcore pornography.

There's also a push to normalize sex work and not shame men who date former sex workers, or even current ones.
As a Gen X aged 46, I cannot understand the Gen Y obsession with porn. When I was young, porn was the obsession of nerds and serial killers. I cannot for the life of me understand how grown men can act like 15 year old kids who just found Uncle's Hustler magazine.

Gen Y often speaks of porn addiction. As a Gen X, this is hard to understand. Porn was something teenage kids used as masturbatory material until, aged 17 or so, they started getting laid. When I was a young man in the nineties, anybody who was over 20 and still beating off to porn was a sexual derelict.

When I was growing, porn was regarded as a mob-connected operation involving organized crime and some drug addicted women who came from horrendous white trash backgrounds.

I don't understand the Gen Y obsession with porn. I was already 24 in 1998 the first time I saw internet porn of course and by then I was getting laid often and had no use for porn.

But it is odd for me to hear that Gen Y men who have access to sexual partners are addicted to porn. When I was a young man, you used porn because you could not get a sexual partner.

And at any rate, what man would want a woman who had done ungodly sex acts for mafia members money laundering operations?

So I don't understand-and I don't think many Gen X do-the Gen Y obsession with porn.


My generation is obsessed with porn because it has been pushed on us for our entire lives. Playboy was considered glamorous, soft porn was shown to us in television and movies. The movies Barbwire (which is just soft porn) and that one where Demi Moore plays a strippers came out in the 90s when we were kids. I remember the video store had an entire wall dedicated to it. Thats why. It was there, and it was normal, like baseball or other pass-times.

Also the format changed. If my grandfather wanted porn when he was 18 or 19, he would have had to drive to the seedy part of town to buy a magazine. If my dad wanted it, he would have to drive to a strip mall and buy a VHS tape. If I wanted it at that age I would boot up kazaa or some other file sharing program and I could have multiple videos without leaving the house. Now if a kid wants it he can access HD video on the internet and stream it right away. It requires less thought and effort to access, and there is an infinite amount now. All for free.

Part of it is also that many more women are consuming porn than is normal. The majority of pornography consumers are men, but, women are a growing % of porn users. So if something becomes normalized for one gender, it's normalized for the other. Furthermore, the men can't really judge the women for creating the products that they consume, so now porn is no longer shameful for the women involved.

Also, it's not just shot by skeezy mafiosos anymore. Onlyfans and websites like it allow for any girl with a smart phone (all of them) to shoot porn in her bedroom.

I'm also surprised that you say you don't know any Gen Xers that are pornography consumers. I know a bunch, they are just less loud about it.

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OK, here's one for older guys:

Divorced women with kids who call themselves "single moms." There is a difference. "Single mom" means never married. It's an entirely different thing than when a woman marries, divorces, and get custody.

When a divorced woman claims she's a "single mom," that signifies she's over-dramatizing her life AND that's she's "disappeared" her ex-husband. If she "disappears" the man she chose to have kids with, how little will any other guy mean to her? Very little.

I've noticed a lot of Karens are divorced women who like claim they're "single moms." Anything to create a dustcloud of drama around themselves that drowns out everyone else.