Tor Browser Update

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Hey, everyone who uses tor needs to be aware the new update defaults to unsafe/unanonymous settings. Namely java script runs by default.

It would be great if an IT guy could chime in, because I'm not an expert and I'm sure I'm missing something, but click the no-script thing and uncheck everything, and go through the settings menu. Again, someone with more knowledge please add anything I missed.

Edit: This update is real sketchy to the more conspiracy minded part of me, so use caution.


Today my Tor browser got an update (10.5) and now all my user login data are missing.
Furthermore it's not possible to store passwords anymore.


Did they rename "master password" to "primary password" because these idiots have a problem with the term "master"?

Is there any known workaround to fix the deeds of these libtards?
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Case closed, this issue has been fixed with the latest update 10.5.4 :)

Now I can import my old profile data in order to forget this little glitch.