Traditional Wet Shaving

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I shave with a traditional safety razor, a badger brush, and Taylor shaving cream (although I have a beard, so I'm really just using this on my neck.)

Here's a great tip I wish I'd known when I started: after you shave, use shampoo to clean your brush. My first badger brush only lasted maybe two years before bristles started falling out. My second one, which I think I got in 2017, is still going strong since I've always shampooed it. I just get cheapo Pert two-in-one shampoo/conditioner from the grocery story. Cleans the brush great, and one bottle will last you for years.


I shave with these bad boys. I would recommend the soap if you can get it over there. Has a rather non-chemical, natural smell to it. It definitely takes practice to shave with a straight razor though. Pic related is actually in such a fashion that you replace the razor when it becomes dull, instead of a corpus to sharpen it just holds the razor. Couldn't find a distinct name for it in English.


It takes time and skill and investment up front. Nobody wants to take the time to develop specialized skills these days. We just want to pull something out of a box and be able to use it right the first time without reading the directions. We also don't want to buy anything "expensive," so much so that we'd rather by ridiculously expensive Gillette cartridges over and over instead of buying a great straight razor for $100 ONCE. The world is full of lazy idiots. That's why wet shaving fell out of fashion.
it is also necessary to take into account that the rhythm of life has accelerated and there are no people for this time