Transgender thread

A transgender person in the Colorado Springs area has been arrested and charged with attempted murder for allegedly planning shootings at three different schools. The suspect admitted that churches were also targeted, and that their manifesto contained "schizophrenic rants".


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Why do transgenders report increased dissatisfaction with themselves and have even higher suicide rates after transitioning than prior? Because wherever you go there you are. They're trying to change the outside world in order to change their inside world, whereas the only way to change your inside world is from within, and your outside world will change accordingly. If you transition, nothing will change. The only thing that'll change is that you realize now that it didn't matter at all to go through all the havoc, and that leads to panic attacks and nihilism, despondency and hopelessness, what do I do now? What else can I possibly do to solve my spiritual problems? The fact that this is promoted now is one of the most vile and heinous, openly Satanic things I've ever seen up until now, especially considering that up to 2013 this was known as GID (Gender Identity Disorder) which was a mental disease, which would give people help to get back on track. The fact that people openly are steered towards the cliff and it's just accepted tells me we've reached a new epitome of depth in Satan's plan for evil on a global scale and destruction of all that is true, good and beautiful, like he as the father of lies has done from the beginning.