A thread to track and examine happenings in what is an agenda slowly edging it's way into the overton window.

This seems to be the next step beyond what today we consider "trans or transexual". Now that the idea has somewhat taken root that we are not tied to our biological sex, the door is open to other human traits outside of sex to be 'trans'.

There seems to be a very diabolical mindset that we must 'improve' ourselves as part of advancement and evolution. Surely this is an abomination.

British show begins to socialize this idea.

A pretty good breakdown of a particular black mirror show where people's eyes are effectively turned into cameras.

What might be floated initially as medical corrections, which might have some merit, will soon move to enhancement. Elon Musk is using this approach with his neurolink, and this ted talk demonstrates this. Initially he opens with how this technologys' capacity to fix his amputated legs and quickly jumps to how inevitablly humans will be augmenting.
Augmenting humans strength, jumping, and running speed. ... Humans may also extend their bodies into wings.... Humanity will take flight and soar
Yes this idea has been around for at least 100 years. The dystopia of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World wasn't fiction, the guy was an insider with the elite. His brother Julian Huxley even coined the term transhumanism in his philosophy of UNESCO. The end goal is to merge man and machine. Sounds sci-fi, but sci-fi is only predictive programming anyway. And if it's sold as something that will benefit you massively, why wouldn't you take a chip to pay or link your brain to AI or the cloud?

As Schwabbo puts it in his fourth industrial revolution it's the merging of the physical (body), the digital (tracking, digital payments, chipping) and the biological (confuse gender then fuse it, no gender is the goal + complete control over the baby supply, testtubes babies and so on).