Trolling Russian scammers, online dating


This is quite a funny story and is still in progress.

I want to share with you, perhaps you could suggest me what to reply.

I was on an online dating site when I've been contacted from a russian girl, telling me to text her in her e-mail. I knew from that moment that it was a scammer.
Anyways, moved out by curiosity I wanted to try, with a fake e-mail in case.

I texted her and no she didn't send me any link to click or money asked.
She (or he, the person behind) texted me very long e-mails. It had been 3 weeks! I repeat 3 weeks she has been writing me.
Every time with a picture of her, with her mum, with her friend. All the times with very very big e-mails.

I was answering very short.

It isn't a computer since I also made some questions that she answered.

Mainly all the e-mail contained 90% expressing her feeling for me (always expressing deep love). The remaining 10% was about questions or answers.

I stated in one of the first e-mail that I am really poor, and I was surprised she continued texting me.

In her e-mails she wrote me she doesn't care about money, fame. She didn't play any games with me.

Well, obviously a scammer.

I was just waiting for an e-mail asking for money. And here we are!!!

I am making believe her to the point I am willing to give her (probably a him) money. I want to keep trolling her.

This is her last e-mail

Hi my love Name!
Thanks for your letter. I realized that I should fly to Arlanda airport. I really want to fly to you. And you know, even when you are not at home and you go away on business, then for me this will not be a problem. At this time, I can do household chores in your absence. Cooking dinner for us, I can do the cleaning or washing, I can sew some torn thing. You know Name, I can do many useful things in your absence. A woman should be able to create warmth and coziness at home, because a woman is the keeper of the family hearth. so when you come home from work you will always have a delicious and hot dinner. If you are very tired, then I can give you a massage to tone your muscles. I want to be with you and I want to make you happy. I have some news for you. Today I was at a travel agency and signed a contract. My visa will be ready for a maximum of 5 working days, so we will have the opportunity to meet next week, I think next Sunday. I had to give 160 euro to prepare a tourist visa, insurance and move to Moscow, since I have to fly from a Moscow airport. This is the most convenient and fastest option. I can’t tell you exactly what the airport will be. As it is known this will be after I can book a flight. After I pay for the tickets, I can tell you the full information about my flight. Name, I am ashamed to tell you about this, but I ran into financial difficulties. I did not expect that visa preparation and tickets would be so expensive. My cute Arlanda airport ticket price is 450 euro. But after I paid everything, I had about 100 euro left. My dear, I do not have enough 350 euro to fully pay for my tickets and I can’t cope without your help. This is sad truth and I want to cry from it, because I don’t know if you can help me with the flight to you. You have no idea how important this meeting is for me. You have opened for me a lot of new things, this world of love and harmony, and I really want all this to become a reality. Every time I fall asleep, I think about you, I think about how good it will be with you and me. Every morning, when I open my eyes, my thoughts are again only about you. I can no longer imagine my life without you! And I can’t reschedule our meeting, since my next vacation will be only in a year. I just can’t wait for a whole year and I confess that I can no longer live without you and want to be with you right now. I love you and I am waiting with great excitement for your letter! I kiss you my Name!
Your Yana!

And this is the last e-mail (with a nice picture of her). All her other e-mails are like and long like this. Where I replaced Name with the name of my fake e-mail.

This is my answer:

Oh my dear Yana, I will do my best to help you!

As I said I have really few money.

For now I can't pay you with money. But I have a solution. In my garage I have 50 shovels. As I checked the price in Russia for a shovel is about 9 euros. That means exactly those shovels are worth exactly 450 euros.

I can send it to you but I don't have money. Though I have found out an other solution! As for here the price for a corrier from my place is higher than a corrier from Russia. Also I checked! There is a russian corrier that could come and pick them and bring them to you! With respect the volume and the weight of the shovels, from a russian corrier it costs exactly 100 euros!

If you can send me those 100 euros left to you I can make the order!

I cannot wait to see you my love.


What will she reply? Will she reply? :laugh::laugh:


The African dude behind the computer already figured you out.

Sad but I bet those scammer make a living just typing behind the computer fishing for losers willing to send them money.


"I can’t tell you exactly what the airport will be. As it is known this will be after I can book a flight. After I pay for the tickets, I can tell you the full information about my flight."

i.e. so you need to sent me cash and can't buy the ticket yourself.