TRT Is Like Botox For Men


Nothing wrong with you not understanding why a man would need TRT, but that person knows why he needs it. People seem to think with low T you can work hard, excercise, make love, play golf, jsut live a normal life, but that is ridiculous. You are so tired all the time and don't even think about sex. You are finished. Some men still want to live life.
I fully understand the why a man would want TRT, the whole point is I want my grandsons to live in an environment comparable to their grandfathers so that TRT wouldn't be even an option considered. As a rule, making your body dependent on yet another corporation is a horrendous idea, greatly increasing your overall fragility.
I said Men age 40 or so should take TRT. Trt does not mean shooting a gram of test a week. TRT just means getting your free and total Test into therapeutic ranges (around 800).
There's a lot of peer reviewed studies and science that show having low T is more dangerous due to the Test to Estrogen balance for cancer, heart and prostate and other issues. Androgens do affect blood lipids and other health markers, but a large part of this is also based off of kidney and and blood pressure issues.
There are risks, and that's why you have a doctor monitor you.
So I stand by my original comments. Ive used steroids for specific physical goals, and felt the difference between super physiological doses compared to trt, compared to coming off and feeling like crap.
Ive come off before for about a month to get baseline blood work.... My wife(then girlfriend) told me to get back on and don't come off. Everything still worked, but the difference was noticable.
I think it's a personal medical decision that has lifelong implications and should be taken seriously.
How about vitamin D3 instead of TRT? A study in 2011 has indicated a correlation between vitamin D3 supplementation and increased testosterone level. I am not a doctor or nutritionist, but there is scientific evidence that vitamin D3 act as pre-hormone and regulator.

This is the journal publication:

Just convert all to metrics. For testosterone and 25-hydroxyvitamin D in serum nanogram / milliliter instead of nanomol/ml. For your supplementation intake, please replace IU (international unit) with microgram.
Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol or ergocalciferol)
1000 IU = 25.00 mcg = 0.025 mg (milligram)
Better take it with vitamin K2 to avoid hypercalcemia. Also better after meal. Vitamin D3 is fat soluble.
Getting UVB at noon during spring and summer helped, but what happened in autumn and winter? So supplementation is the answer.
Hopefully this could help with your testosterone level. Please update us with your condition.