Trump Trial Thread

What happens if Trump is sentenced to prison?

  • Nothing, people are to weak and downtrodden to react

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  • There will be minor protests that will die down after a while

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  • There will be mayhem, blood on the streets and maybe a revolution or civil war

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  • Any of the above, but with Trump also fleeing to Russia while he still has the option :)

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  • Meaningless question, since it will never happen

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Other Christian
It's time to start thinking about what will happen if Trump (and associates) actually have to go to prison. I've seen this as very unlikely up until very recently. But with the long sentences handed out to the Jan. 6 patriots, as well as in general these days (Danny Masterson case etc.) I'm not so sure anymore.
He will file an appeal.

Democrats will want him to get the nomination and will say “vote for Biden to put Trump in prison! It’s the only way!”

This is my fearless prediction
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