Twitter is scum... switch to Parler


Twitter is accelerating its persecution and censorship of conservatives. Lots of conservatives are opening accounts with Parler. I see Roosh just created an account.

I created an account called Dusty.
At first glance, Parler seems like a good alternative to the anti-free speech zone that Twitter has become. However, Parler has daunting terms and conditions, especially with respect to legal indemnification:

You agree to defend and indemnify Parler, as well as any of its officers, directors, employees, and agents, from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including but not limited to all attorneys fees) arising from or relating to your access to and use of the Services. Parler will have the right to conduct its own defense, at your expense, in any action or proceeding covered by this indemnity.
Lol so Parler is complete trash already.

Parscale is an utter loser.

When will Trump fire this incompetent loser.

I'm also beginning to suspect Don Trump Jr. is not all that bright, associating with people like Charlie Kirk and now Pascale and Parler.
Yeah I’ve heard Parler promoted on War Room by Raheem Kassan,
The fact that so many cucks have a "War Room" podcast galls me to no end.

Civnat cucks: "I got kicked off of twitter so I want an alternative platform, but not gab, it's full of bigots."

Gab: "But you were happy to be on twitter, which was full of hardcore marxist POC supremacists..."

Civnat cucks: "I define myself as Right wing even though I'm actually a weak-willed centrist, so the presence of an actual legitimate Right wing makes me far more uncomfortable than the presence of a hardcore Left wing which makes me look Right wing by comparison. Understand?"
Another thing I wish I could upvote.

Vox Day also seems to be calling out Parler.


I'm very suspicious of this pushing of Parler.

We already have Gab, which is awesome and already proven.

Note - Q pushed Parler and Gab has recently been under financial attack (credit card processing disabled by Visa).
I posted in this thread:

And this Thread:

MasterCard is in on this financial deplatforming too.


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Just as I suspected, Parler is shady as heck. People are questioning and calling out Parler on a lot of things: TOS, vague community guidelines, banning America First Conservatives, etc.

'Free Speech Social Network' Parler Reportedly Bans America First Conservatives and Democrats - National File
Monday, June 29th 2020, 10:05:31 pm
Parler, the "free speech social network," has started banning America First conservatives and Democrats, despite their supposed anti-censorship credentials.

Henry Ate
Be careful with Parler. There is a reason why Parler is permitted on App Store and Google Play but Gab isn't.

Parlor is a honey pot through and through. DO NOT USE IT!

I was interested in Parler because I thought it could be another alt tech platform but I didn't like having to register my phone number as part of the registration process. Then I read about them banning people and that was it for me. I am going to say no thanks and stick with Gab!

Their community guidelines are pretty vague at times. I see no reason to participate.

David Bridges
I'll stick to Gab, thanks.

Also, is Parler using your phone to track you?

New untried platform appearing from nowhere claiming to be for free speech but then censoring people? Say it isn't so Parlor! Gosh, NO one saw that coming. :\ :\ OOooh wait. I did.

But I am curious if there's another side to this. It seems obvious from some of those tweets people were just getting on to cause problems. The one guy said "I got banned faster than ANY of my Twitter accounts." Um .. does he make a job outta this? @Sargonofakkad100 @CringePanda

You're required to use your phone number. If you thought this was any different than the others, you're a fool.

Why do they need your number. To sell more worthwhile data of you to advertisers. The advertisers then advertise to you. Advertisers are the censors now. They're the ones who tell these companies so and so isn't profitable because they're "toxic".

any 'free speech' platform that isn't subject to media hit pieces, big tech deplatforming, and demonetization by paypal and other woke payment processors is probably not really for free speech at all imo.

I was almost doxxed on that app Which is why y'all should use VPN

Borkus Aurelius
Devils advocate here. We don't know what those communists posted to get banned. They could have been in there posting child porn for all we know. In fact one of them makes reference to porn in his post, claiming Parler is "abusing pornography laws" - whatever that means coming from a communist.

One of the things that bothered me about Parler was the fact that is isn't open sourced. Who knows what kind of data mining is going on in there.

Parler is for people that prefer to be controlled opposition vs. those that just want to speak their minds. Gab is a better fit for the second category.

Lodi Silverado
No Man wants to hang in a parlor anyway.

American Rightist
OOPSIE not so free there are they

michael williams
“if you can say it on the street of New York, you can say it on Parler.” Right now see what you can get fined for saying in NY

Thomas Ballard
Even Gab bans people if they are egregious enough, but they are certainly a lot more wide-open free speech than pretty much any other platform that has a decent base of users. I check out Parler and a lot of other sources to get a wide variety of opinion. Parler seems to work well, but I suspect there is some moderation going on because most of the posts come across as rather bland - I could be wrong though. Still, it is mostly a different crowd on Parler as opposed to Gab. I've been highly supportive of Gab since close the very beginning, but I actually find it encouraging that there are more and more outlets for conservatives (of whatever flavor). Gab has been incredibly resilient, but the way things are going these days, concentrating everyone onto one platform seems inadvisable.

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From what I understand they are being flooded with left-wing bots. Bot attack you buy a box of SIM Cards = SIM KIT in the U.S. you can register manually or as Russian bots, do rack them and software registers them and gives the person a handle = name and detail script generator.

Hey Parler, way to make conservatives look every bit the fascists the left accuses them of. I don't know how anyone read the terms of use and still signed up anyway.

I gave up on the whole idea when i saw that a phone was the only way to sign up for an account. Tried using disposable sms numbers but that didn't works so forget it. Glad I did.

Too bad. They had a decent network. My posts don't show up on Gab for day's at a time. Sometimes never.

Dialla Sckofski
I will keep my eyes open but Parlor is so far a good resource compared to twitter and facebook. I am sure there is more to these stories that they aren't sharing with us. Some people want to see how far they can push things before they are banned.

I am become Death
Confirmed. Parlor is shit.

Jay Walker
Parler requires a phone number to register. I don't want to give that data to them, so it's not for me.
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‘Free Speech Social Network’ Parler Reportedly Bans America First Conservatives and Democrats
Free speech, but only for those with the right ideas.

June 29, 2020

Parler, which describes itself as a “free speech social network,” has reportedly began banning America First conservatives and Democrats, despite their supposed anti-censorship mission statement.

Founded in 2018, Parler bills itself as a “non-biased, free speech driven entity,” with their goal being to “offer the world a platform that protects user’s rights, supports publishers and builds online communities”:
Parler aims to empower users to control their social experience. Users can be responsible to engage content as they see fit. We are not regulators. We are not governors. We are a community. Parler accepts your right to express your thoughts, opinions and ideals online. Just like in society, Parler interactions are subject to guidelines; and when you respect them, you are free to participate wholly.

In an interview on Thursday, Parler’s founder, John Matze Jr, said that Parler is “a community town square, an open town square, with no censorship,” and that “if you can say it on the street of New York, you can say it on Parler.” Matze also called for liberals to join the platform, offering any liberal commentator with over 50,000 followers $20,000 to set up a Parler account.

However, their actions over the weekend have suggested the site isn’t so pro-free speech as they put out. A number of leftists, Democrat, and America First commentators:

Beardson Beardly, an America First streamer and Twitter personality, was one of those banned from Parler. He spoke exclusively to National File about his removal from the site, saying that Parler is simply another case of “free speech for me, but not for thee.”

“GOP Inc has managed to build a very effect safe space free from fun, comedy, humor, and criticism,” Beardson said. “I was banned from Parler faster than any Twitter account I’ve ever had, and at least with Twitter I knew why.”