U. Chicago English Dept. says it will ONLY admit ‘Black Studies’ grad students this year


  • The English department at the University of Chicago has committed to only accepting graduate students focused on Black Studies for the upcoming year.
  • The department cited the Black Lives Matter movement in its reasoning.

University of Chicago has traditionally been more conservative than other top Universities, but now this...
Universities have been under attack for a number of years now by far left, maoist forces.
Now universities are Antifa training camps. Don't send your kids to college!


Well people are now hip to the fact that the English department is a waste of time and money. Once something has no value, it gets opened up to people who would not have had access in the past. University of Chicago is about $60k a year. White people got hustled into taking out those big loans and now have told their younger counterparts how worthless it is. Now they are hustling blacks to take out big, pointless loans.

Max Roscoe

University of Chicago is so conservative and nerdy that I, as an 18 year old high school nerd, decided against applying after visiting there. I can't imagine it has much of a black student population. What's going to happen when they only get 3 applicants?

Anyway, this is just more reason to avoid college at this point. The only thing my college experience was good for were some elective liberal arts classes like music appreciation and astronomy, things that one is not normally exposed to in life, and they were taught by passionate intellectuals.

College hasn't really helped me career wise, other than getting respect from others for attending a prestigious school vs being looked down on if I was just a high school grad. But these days I don't think people would blame you if you skipped college. Its not like people will be able to work again anyway.

La Águila Negra

Black Studies....what kinda job is that gonna get you? Uber driver?
You can roll straight into the professional protestor jobfield after graduating. Funded domestic trips to all the big cities, weekdays off, and work is adventurous and generally outdoors. If you are good at it you might even be able to take a couple of Gucci bags back home!

I've heard good things about it, lots of opportunities these days!
If they only allow these students to attend, and likely graduate, that creates a disparity. There seems to be a subtle, if not indirect desire to transform "We Wuz Kaengzzzz n shieettt" into "We izz Kaengzz... n shiet"