U.S. Government Official death toll predictions on Jan. 1, 2021

What will the U.S. Government Official death toll be on Jan. 1, 2021?

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I did a poll back in spring asking what everyone thought the official death toll would be by New Year's Day. The highest choice was 150,000+ deaths. The vast majority voted for that. I voted for 75,000 and was quickly wrong. Deaths were around 40,000 at the time.

Now that we are a pivotal point in rising cases again in which July may or may not see a large rise in deaths wondering what everyone thinks.

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What does this include? Murders, illness, car wrecks, home accidents, bombing brown hillbillies in far away lands with space age weaponry while they celebrate weddings and birthdays, sanctions that starve people and keep medical supplies from them, invasions to spread peace and democracy, cops shooting at suspects but hitting bystanders and then charging the suspect for the crime, drug overdoses, overall Darwin awards stupidity or something more in line with fairy tales?


Like others in this thread, I think betting on the official death toll is really just betting on how much they can inflate that number, in which case I'm going to say over a million.

Actual death toll - that is, number of people who died of COVID complications and didn't have other complications that probably were the key and would've killed them within a few months anyways - will still be under six figures, though. Not that we will ever know.
deaths due to covid-1984™ - 0
deaths due to medical malpractice - 30,000+ likely
deaths due to suicide - check instagram obits
deaths due to anstinkfa and Bitching Little Marxist protestors - 1,000-2,000 if no battle breaks out, 20,000+ if fighting does break out
other deaths due to car crashes / heart attacks / cancer / organ failure / 5G exposure / etc - several hundred thousand.


The best measure for CV19 is weekly excess mortality rates. The highest I’ve seen were in Europe, from 50% higher than last year, same time, to 9x, if I recall correctly.

Does the 50%, for example, mean 50% were dying of the new virus? No, likely more. Why? Because of lockdown and much less driving was happening, and therefore background death from auto accidents were not occurring, thus an added 10% or more meant the virus was causing over 60% of all deaths some weeks.