U.S. Supreme Court nominations


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Interesting thread about the Kavanaugh "drama". Sounds like he's still p*ssed after what the Democrats did to him & his family.

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But Kavanaugh also desperately wants to gain readmission into polite society. “I don’t think Thomas or Alito gives a sh*t what The New York Times says about them,” one friend told me. “But I think Brett does.”
I spoke to one woman who went on a date with Kavanaugh at the same time he was working on the Starr investigation.


The most surprising part of reporting this story was learning about the deeply weird internal dynamics of the Supreme Court, and the internal maneuvering Kavanaugh’s arrival prompted among his new colleagues.
Elena Kagan led a liberal charm offensive once Kavanaugh arrived on the court. "She saw him as up for grabs," said one insider.


I report that Clarence Thomas, whose own confirmation was nearly quashed by allegations of sexual harassment, was eager to take Kavanaugh under his wing. Thomas would be "a good mentor," Armstrong Williams, a friend of Thomas's, told me.
Meanwhile, I heard lots of talk among Court insiders—former clerks, friends of the justices, etc.—about the tense relationship between Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, and what's behind it.


Hearing from lots of people like this today—MAGA types who are angry that Kavanaugh hasn't Hulked out on the bench like he did during his confirmation.


“He was no fan of Donald Trump,” one friend of Kavanaugh's told me. “But he’s not going to say no to the nomination. He had to kiss the ring to get there.”
After months of reporting, my biggest takeaway was about the nature of the Supreme Court itself: There may be no greater indictment of America’s democratic system than the fact that Brett Kavanaugh’s feelings are so potentially consequential.
Whatever you think of Kavanaugh (or any of his colleagues), we need to think a lot harder about how much power these Supreme Court justices have in our dysfunctional political system. OK, I'm done tweeting. Please read the piece!


It's not uncommon for justices to be chummy with each other. This is just another attempt to write a narrative about private relationships that there's no public access to.

That being said, the smear job on him during the nomination process was an American disgrace. For a party that believes in the rehabilitation of any person that holds their values regardless of the severity of the event that caused them to falter (Democrats), there is zero acceptance of even the pale insinuation that someone on the other side did anything.


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Bumping this thread up.

Who would have thought that the two best Justices on the bench would be Bush appointees? Bush 1 gave us Souter as well, so it's a crap-shoot when someone receives a lifetime appointment. To Trump's credit he did say he'd appoint justices from the list he gave us and he did so.

Where are these warnings that the tweet refers to? Do we have sources?

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David Souter was the closest thing we have ever had to a libertarian justice.
I can't think of any modern "good" supreme court justices but he is one of the ones I can tolerate the most.
I'm far less of a libertarian than I used to be, but at least, when you live under as evil a government as we do, the principle of less government is a benevolent one. There is hardly anyone left on the bench who votes for the little guy.

Kavanaugh was a big corporation, pro-spying, pro-torture justice from the beginning, and I said at the time he would be a horrible justice for exactly those reasons. But no one wanted to hear it because it was all about his behaviour when drunk at a party at age 16. Amy Barrett I just knew was going to be a giant failure. I think the biggest surprise of all this is that Kavanaugh and Barrett are SO bad that they have gotten the normally speechless Clarence Thomas to publicly criticize them!