UFOs: Pentagon admits to possessing materials


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I also find it amusing that the aliens always reveal themselves to middle aged yoga teachers.

Also the same demographic who buy into flat earth.

UFOs are a "safe" conspiracy outlet for normies, people who religiously believe that the government can't possibly stage false flags will believe in UFO and alien tech at Area 51...


I don't believe God created any other intelligent beings on other planets, and I most certainly do not believe they are flying around in secret flying saucers, kidnapping people, making crazy crop circles, and mutilating cattle.

I do think demons, or demon possessed people could be creating some of these activities.

As for the pentagon saying they have UFO materials, this is (((aliens))) lying like a rug.

What about angels? Certainly God created them, and the Bible tells us very little about them. Usually, when mortals encounter them, they are scared out of their gords, whcih is in contrast to the beautiful and serene depiction by artists over the years. And don't forget the origins of the Nephilim.

That doesn't prove the existence of aliens, but I disagree with your reading of scripture that would suggest we know of all of God's plan.


Headlines like Pentagon admits to using UFOs etc are convincing. However, how do we know that this information obtained from the DIA, I think it was, wasn't disinformation from years ago. What has also been revealed is that the government was active in inserting various kinds of disinformation into the UFO community. I think one of the ways this was done is that an intelligence agent would create a fictional document and then put it into some archive. Years later a person makes a request and like clockwork an orderly queries the archive finds a few files and hands it over. Sure seems legit, because it comes from and official government archive. I don't think its all that mysterious.


I'm not sure of the exact interpretation of this passage in scripture, however it has been linked to an explanation of UFOs and Aliens by others before:

Zechariah 5:

Vision of the Woman in a Basket​

5 Then the angel who talked with me came out and said to me, “Lift your eyes now, and see what this is that goes forth.”

6 So I asked, “What is it?” And he said, “It is a [a]basket that is going forth.”

He also said, “This is their resemblance throughout the earth: 7 Here is a lead disc lifted up, and this is a woman sitting inside the basket”; 8 then he said, “This is Wickedness!” And he thrust her down into the basket, and threw the lead [b]cover over its mouth. 9 Then I raised my eyes and looked, and there were two women, coming with the wind in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the basket between earth and heaven.

10 So I said to the angel who talked with me, “Where are they carrying the basket?”

11 And he said to me, “To build a house for it in the land of [c]Shinar; when it is ready, the basket will be set there on its base.”

We use the term flying "saucer", or small bowl, to describe UFO sightings today, perhaps a flying "ephah", or basket, is just as accurate a description then to Zachariah. Also, we liken aliens to small grey androgynous beings today, perhaps like woman is just as relevant a term back then. The land of Shinar is Babylon, perhaps there's a connection to these evil things and the end times.