Ugly Art Style Used By Facebook, etc.


All illustrated propaganda in the 1930s and 40s (Nazi, Soviet, American), interestingly, had a common art style.

I'm not seeing it.


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Yellow submarine style was great and they animated interestingly. This new style is awful. Hasn't seen it much but now will be in the lookout. I noticed the dumbing down of the icons though.


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Is anyone thinking that technical limitations are a part of this, the slower speeds of the early Internet, and it just carried on as a style?


It isn't just art, it's architecture itself. Yes, it can be designed to control you.

EMJ's first book, Degenerate Moderns, goes into how the art expressed by Picasso cannot be separated from who Picasso was - an unrepentant reprobate and an egoist. Much of the "art" above probably attempts to mimic Picasso, unsurprisingly.

On a similar note, I am watching Tucker Carlson right now and he's channeling EMJ while praising Trump's order to make federal buildings beautiful.

Tucker Carlson even got a dig against against Frank Gehry, someone EMJ and others blamed for awful architecture everywhere, but of course the usual elites think is magnificently talented.


Part of communism has always been simplification. Function above form. Uglification as I like to call it. Take a look at cars, why there are no beautiful cars any more? It's by design.

The return/regression to the 'practical' pre-war two-box design is more and more evident with the prevalence of modern crossovers - tepid, soul-less things that make up for their lack of styling with overexaggerated motifs - gaping maws, insincere side sculpting, oddly-placed forward lighting, and HUGGGGGGE marque badging. Everyone is guilty of this, but the Japanese and Koreans are especially egregious as they generally lack any true history of organic, indigenous automotive design.