Unethical Human Experimentation in the US


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B.Clinton lifted the ban for federal funding on fetal tissue cells research and transplantation efforts. Aborted children's tissue have been used in federal funding research in academia and private sectors. And the Trump Administration has made it more difficult to use aborted tissue cells in research, but are still used today.

Why is there a transgender push for healthy girls to surgically remove breast tissue?
If aborted children's tissue are sold and used this begs the question if human mammary cells (female breast cells) are sold by butchers who surgically remove healthy breasts from confused/brainwashed young girls.

Biomilq is a women owned company that has received support/funding from an investment firm founded by Bill Gates; along with a list of other investment firms.

This world is demonic:

So this is going on in a clinic in Florida.

And they plan to get it pregnant...