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By now I'm sure everyone has heard or seen the recent CIA woke recruiting video. The CIA I'm accustomed to is full of gallant and patriotic Jack Ryan types. Jack Ryan a graduate of the Naval Academy and Marine Officer was an archetypical hero. Jack is an accomplished individual. He loves his country. He is honest and has integrity to a fault. Jack is an impressive man.

Yes, I realize I'm comparing fantasy to reality, but, in this case, art intimidated life. The CIA is secretive and I have never been a part of it, but, I know of people that joined the agency and they were of the Jack Ryan ilk. That was the CIA.

What immediately strikes me about the new woke CIA recruiting video is one word - unimpressive. The person highlighted here is overweight, not athletic, not attractive. She wobbles through the corridors not strikes with confidence. The Jack Ryan types are humble and tend to be reserved with any awards they may have gotten over the years. By contrast, she's quick to boast of her "accomplishments" and "accolades". However, at closer inspection, we discover she got a diversity award? You mean just being who you are you got an award? Jack Ryan spies stop terrorist attacks and disarm nuclear bombs. She gets an award for just showing up.

And then you have the cherry on top. "I have an anxiety disorder". Oh, so you scare easily and can't handle things when they're easy, which means you'll really unravel when things are tough. Huh, things getting tough as a spy? Nah, that will never happen.

This reminds me of Professor Eric Weinstein's interview with Douglas Murray. Murray talked about how people today wear their disorders as a badge of honor. People are proud that they're bipolar. When this country was sane a mother might say junior's football team won the championship or he just got a full ride to Notre Dame. Today, it might go like this - my daughter is doing great she just got diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, anxiety disorder, bipolar, and depression!

This single admission takes the cake because it brings it all together. Its indicative of the lower standards and anti-merit theme overtaking our society. The joke is ultimately on these people who weasel their way into institutions like the CIA because it shows you just how low the bar has to be set in order for people like this to be let in.

In general, the CIA is highly regarded and so to say you're associated with it means something significant. This is what these people are truly after. Its certainly not patriotism. I think its abundantly clear the person in this recruiting video is not patriotic. Rather its status. Its the same reason why "they" push women into medical school or blacks into academia or homosexuals into etc. Its a cliche around our neck-of-the-internet-woods to say - gee wiz, you people don't seem to be so eager to implement equity for things like gas pumpers, janitors or sewage workers etc. Naturally, this is because none of those jobs carry any prestige. Again, its prestige these people are after.

But, what kind of prestige do you really have if standards have been lowered? What difference does it make to call yourself a spy or a doctor or a Marine or a VP etc when its not as hard to become these things as it once was? Worse still, how "accomplished" can you really feel if you got this because of a handout? The status of such jobs has been diluted. They got what they wanted, the title, the name, the logo, but at the same time, they didn't get what they really wanted, which is the egotistical satisfaction for doing something most people can't. Because if you lower standards then everyone can do it and if everyone can do it then its really not that special.


As I recall, during his eight years as prez, Obama issued lots of memos and orders to various government agencies to hire more minorities, more women, more gays and trannies, etc. The mainstream media of course kept these orders mostly under wraps. With the actions of the FBI and CIA the past few years, I think we are seeing the results of his diversity push in federal govt. The agencies that are supposed to be about keeping America safe and a superpower, are now about being woke and making us a laughing stock to our enemies. If this BS continues, we're dead. Death by globohomo.


I know someone who worked in one of those three letter agencies maybe ten years ago. Went back recently and he said there were more gay flags flying inside the building and on desks than there were American flags, no exaggeration. It really is occupied territory.

It probably makes good sense that the CIA would seek out LGBTQLMNOP types - homosexuals make good spies because they've spent a considerable amount of time living double lives.


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This guy is on Bannon’s show often:

Max Roscoe

The CIA is one of the most evil and satanic groups in existence. You have to be born into most of the Eyes Wide Shut type groups; the only way for a regular person to get close is by joining something like CIA.

They probably conned a few 100+ IQ good ole boys in to joining in the past, but surely the organization today is only going to attract weirdos. This can only be a good thing. They are responsible for so much death and suffering around the world. Maybe it will lessen a bit, when they are staffed by people like this Latinx, but they will probably just focus more on attacking traditional, conservative societies like Iran and Russia.


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The various departments within the three-letter US government agencies are highly compartmented. So, it's likely that certain offices are full of feminist shrikes and intersectional snowflakes, hired because everyone else in the office is like that, while other offices in the same facility are completely unaware of it except for wondering why there are so many frumpy, tatted-up women in the cafeteria at certain times of the day. I know someone who worked at one of the agencies and he said that he had heard that there were employees like that working in other departments, but he rarely interacted with them. The problem is that it is slowly becoming more pervasive. One thing to keep in mind is that a history of drug abuse is usually a disqualifying factor for working at a three-letter agency, so that weeds out a lot of them.

Another friend of mine became a foreign service officer for the State Dept. He said that that department puts priority on hiring "marginalized populations" so, in his class of 20 he was the only white person and the only Trump supporter, as far as he was aware. In the classroom discussions he said the others openly pushed foreign policy opinions that were part of the Democratic Party platform. That's one of the reasons that there were so many leaks during the Trump administration, because a certain percentage of the workers were trying to undermine the President.



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Quite the shirt she is wearing. What is does it say under this commie fist symbol?


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Montana Immigrant Justice Alliance? Federal workers are prohibited from advocating for political organizations at work. If she was really wearing that shirt at CIA HQ, someone should report her.
Why? It was in an official video. Not only are they aware of this, but they deliberately decided they wanted this message in the video.