Untangling the lies of modernity

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Killing saves lives.
That's the Modus Operendi the US has operated under abroad for at least 70 years.

Why did we kill a million Iraqis? To keep us safe.

Why did we wage wars and kill countless others in dozens of countries all over the globe? The bizarre notion is that by murdering others, Americans are safer (if that were true, it would merely be evil, but in fact it's the inverse: The reason we are hated (or even *KNOWN* across much of the world, is because we are murdering their families and destroying their countries.)

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Good talk on the false Gods of America. The fact that religion is pushed out doesn't mean what replaces it is not religious. Everything is religious in essence, even secularism and all the movements that come out of it.



Sorry for the length of this comment, but modernity is a huge topic and difficult to adequately explore in just a few sentences. Some assorted thoughts:

I think that one of the worst aspects of modernity is philosophical materialism, i.e. the idea that only matter and its actions/behaviors are real. Atheism is an obvious consequence of this, and from that its only a few short steps towards the horrors that typify our current age.

Prescription psychoactive drugs as a primary form of psychological treatment is one of the most widespread of these horrors. If common psychological problems such as depression or anxiety are exclusively the result of “chemical imbalances in the brain” rather than a spiritual crisis, then theoretically they can be perfectly treated with psychoactive drugs, but of course this has been a total failure.

Philosophical materialism leads us down other paths, for example certified homosexual relationships masquerading as marriage. If the spiritual aspect of marriage is removed, then basically what you are left with are two men (or two women, or three men, or a man and a child, ad infinitum) touching each other with tax advantages under the auspices of the state.

Connections with God, angels, saints, etc. are replaced with a simulacrum induced by DMT or other illicit drugs wreaking havoc on your brain chemistry. Its the rejection of the spiritual realm for an illusion produced by a few powerful molecules. You can get some kicks from a material substance instead of spiritual fulfillment.

On another note, I really should re-read The New Science of Politics; even though it was published approx. 70 years ago, Vogelin gives us a succinct definition of what we are currently facing.

The German revolution, finally, in an environment without strong institutional traditions, brought for the first time into full play economic materialism, racist biology, corrupt psychology, scientism, and technological ruthlessness—in brief, modernity without restraint.
In this situation there is a glimmer of hope, for the American and English democracies, which most solidly in their institutions represent the truth of the soul, are, at the same time, existentially the strongest powers. But it will require all our efforts to kindle this glimmer into a flame by repressing gnostic corruption and restoring the forces of civilization. At present the fate is in the balance.

The last paragraph is clearly out of date and representative of a different time—our institutions are visibly crumbling—but his list of aspects perfectly describes the modern state of Western civilization. His aspects of "modernity without restraint" are what have caused our institutions to crumble. I can't help but think that this decay is an inherent fault of classical liberalism--it is, after all, an ideology that at it's core is dedicated to righting the wrongs of the past, and in order for it to survive it must continually seek out wrongs that must be righted. This might be a topic worth an effortpost.

Economic materialism: Consumerism. Millions of people have gone from simply buying too many consumer products into being full-blown bugmen, whether its Apple products, Star Wars toys, veganism, etc. People are replacing real identity formed from religion, work, family, etc. with a particular movie franchise or fad diet.

Racist biology: I think this has morphed from the old Nazi-style biological inferiority into political racism along the lines of BLM and CRT.

Corrupt psychology: Transgenderism has gone from mental disorder to celebrated lifestyle category, with serious professional and/or legal consequences for denying it. Homosexuality was also widely considered a mental disorder, but is also now yet another celebrated lifestyle category that like transgenderism conveniently ignores all the attendant negative consequences. Vogelin, again:

A specifically "modern" psychology developed as the emipirical psychology of "modern" man, that is, of the man who was intellectually and spiritually disoriented and hence motivated primarily by his passions. It will be useful to introduce the terms of psychology of orientation and psychology of motivation in order to distinguish a science of the healthy psyche, in the Platonic sense, in which the order of the soul is created by transcendental orientation, from the science of the disoriented psyche that must be ordered by a balance of motivations. "Modern" psychology, in this sense, is an incomplete psychology in so far as it deals only with a certain pneumopathological type of man.

Again per Vogelin, pneumopathology:

condition of a thinker who, in his revolt against the world as it has been created by God, arbitrarily omits an element of reality in order to create the fantasy of a new world.

Scientism: My scientific knowledge is admittedly limited, but I see this as taking science as the be-all-end-all of truth and reality, as well as the uncritical acceptance of what scientists say or what is presented as science in the media and schools. Its almost as if scientists have become the new pagan priesthood, with “studies” replacing the search for omens in goat viscera.

Technological ruthlessness: Mass technology is an especially ruthless form of social repression, primarily through non-stop propaganda broadcast to people almost every waking moment via mediums such as popular music, TV shows, movies, 24 hour cable news and their Internet outlets, etc; what I find really stunning is that people willingly pay for and plug into the propaganda. Then there’s automated financial surveillance via financial institutions, automated tracking via “smart” devices, mass collection of electronic communications, facial recognition cameras, and so on.

Modernity has become so unrestrained that it is essentially reinforcing itself. We are living in an age of self-sustaining, voluntarily consumed techno-propaganda.
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Its a way to dissolve and ameliorate the traditions and heritage of white Europeans and reconstitute them into a homogenous 'white' group, a group that has no distinct identity or culture compared to others, which is far from the truth.
-The West /white people is evil
Another lie of modernity is that the West is equivalent to white people. This is not true by a long shot. White people have historically lived outside the bounds of the social/political construct known as "Western Civilization".

I would say that "Western Civilization" was created during the Reformation/Enlightenment period. Before that period, Germans, Hungarians, Scandinavians, Poles, Russians, Armenians, etc ... had a culture which was closer to for example Persia or even Japan at that time. Even if we do not take into account that the latter two were non-Christian countries, still the culture of for example medieval Poland had such common elements with medieval Japan, which are characteristically missing from "Western Civilization": respect for religion including both rituals/holidays as well as spiritual philosophy, "extended" family values, patriarchy, dowry and other habits, respect for elders and ancestors, close community, primarily agriculture based economy, small scale farms instead of Big Farms (plantations), traditional food instead of Big Food, folklore instead of comics, traditional clothing instead of fashion, traditional music instead of rap/techno/heavy metal, traditional architecture too, often some kind of hereditary monarchy, and acceptance of various paranormal phenomenon. This is what can be described as a "Traditional Civilization".

Then "Western Civilization" can be defined as the rejection of all these described above common points which comprise a "Traditional Civilization", in favor of something which is completely fake and made up. "Western Civilization" is in itself inherently anti-traditional. They take everything and pervert it. The Byzantine Empire, or the Vikings, or even 19th century German peasants, were not, according to my definition, parts of the "Western Civilization", even though they were white peoples! Their mindset, lifestyle, and values system was closer to for example Japanese or Vietnamese. Throughout the whole of Eurasia, the peoples had different languages, different architecture styles, different religions, yes ... but they had the same or very similar social organization, mindset, lifestyle, values, inherent beliefs, etc. They all belonged to the same civilizational model known as the "Traditional Civilization".

However the civilizational model known as the "Western Civilization" is completely opposite in all ways. And it is now eating the Traditional civilizational model on all fronts, in all countries, starting from the cities first. And the Western civilizational model isn't sustainable in the long run. It can only live by way of expansion, because it is based on consumption. Science fiction movies such as Star Wars depict the Western civilizational model taking over the space, but I doubt that it will be capable of doing this. An implosion according to the scanario of the Idiocracy is most likely. Those nations which will preserve the Traditional civilizational model, just to hold out long enough for the Western civilizational model to implode, will prosper in the future.

Going back to the main argument though, I would like to make a claim that white people aren't inherent to "Western Civilization" any more than other people. In fact, you could say that black people are more in the "Western Civilization", if you look at all the propoganda.

I used to say that "White Americans" are just Europeans who have forgotten who they are. The "melting pot" is just a psy-op to make European immigrants assimilate and forget their culture after a few generations. So to reconstitute them into an agglomeration, a group that has no distinct identity or culture. After the immigrants lose their rich traditional culture, the magistrates of the "WC" then give them a fake made up culture based on coroporate consumerism and sexual degeneracy, quite the opposite of the traditional culture. The end goal is to make a population without any motivation to do anything, who can be easily swayed by propoganda to support the current thing.

I would say that I support real multiculturalism. But in the WC there is no such thing as real multiculturalism, as immigrants are bombarded with the fake made up monoculture, to reject their own traditional culture and forget who they are. The end result is simply an agglomeration, lots of different people, with a fake made up monoculture.

As soon as I understood this truth, I doubled down on my efforts to learn my traditional culture and preserve it. It is something that we all should be doing as immigrants, no matter how many generations back. It's more than just European immigrants that they want to reprogram into mindless rainbow consumers, Asian immigrants also! And the WC is now going into the home countries of the immigrants and trying to reprogram the populations there as well. We can already see this in East Asia, which previously used to be the bastion of the Traditional Civilization, has now itself come onto the WC rails of development, as is evident in the rejection of traditional architecture, and institutiation of corporations, dropping birth rates, and slowly creeping in values of the WC. Those countries that last long enough as a TC to see the inevitable global collapse of the WC, will win and inherit the world.
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I discovered this piece of information about the corruption of science and its entanglement with politics, something that only got worse in modernity. The interview addresses the topic from a secular point of view though and is "normie" friendly in my opinion.



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I discovered this piece of information about the corruption of science and its entanglement with politics, something that only got worse in modernity. The interview addresses the topic from a secular point of view though and is "normie" friendly in my opinion.

I like your use of the term "normie friendly." We certainly need more of such an approach, being tactful while still refusing to compromise with the prevailing narrative of deception. I know I'm not the only one here who feels suffocated in censoring myself on social media because some forbidden words will activate the worst side of normie strangers on the other side of the planet.

I partly attribute the normie social programming on the removal of morality + Christianity on the American public school system, and the general gap of communication between parents and children. The youngsters of the present generation are more connected to the Internet than their predecessors and thus are more susceptible to woke brainwashing from Big Tech, more likely to be turned against the moral upbringing of their families because it's a "cool" and "trendy" thing to do. And this will be the case even for kids outside the West who are now more exposed to Western degenerate pop culture (add the consumerist trash from Korea into the mix), despite having never set foot in the United States.


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I was just listening to an interview with a priest and he talked about the transformation from formality to informality. In clothing, speech, society in general. The formality of the past was a situation where people gave each other a bit more space, by being considerate of each other, so that things in conversations or living together would be much smoother and easier. Also, this formality established hierarchies and clear distinctions. The informality of today has blurred that all out, with the result of social friction, since people are pursuing their own desire and are not considerate of each other, their neighbours, strangers. Also, the hierarchies have fallen away, and therefore the clarity that came with a clear distinguishment.