URGENT - help me fight against indecency



They say "if you really want to make a difference, act locally". I agree, so much so, that I was wondering if I could ask your help. The public schools in my town are now flying homo flags outside on their flag poles. As you can imagine I object to this on every level. Acting local means something different today than it did previously, specific to this case, that you don't have to be in that exact location. Here is the contact information of key personnel at Hingham Public Schools.

Kindly call them and issue a complaint against flying the homo flag on public grounds or whatever you feel is appropriate.

Yes, I do think this can make a difference, and besides, we're past the point of inaction. We must act. Let's start taking this fight to them. If we can get a dozen or more to call it will make a difference. Thank you.

Hingham Public Schools
220 Central Street, Hingham, MA 02043
Tel: (781) 741-1500
Fax: (781) 749-7457

Paul W. Austin, Ph. D.
Superintendent of Schools
781-741-1500 ext. 2
[email protected]

Rick Swanson
Hingham High School
Mr. Swanson (781) 741-1560 Ext. 2102 or [email protected]

East School
Anthony Keady

Middle School
Derek Smith

Foster Elementary School
Dr. Elizabeth Wilcox

Plymouth River School
Melissa Smith

South Elementary School
Mary Eastwood