Using the term "virgin" to refer to males

Rob Banks

I see the term "virgin" being used a lot to refer to guys. It kind of makes me cringe.

The term "virgin" traditionally only referred to women. Up until relatively recently, it was not used (or very rarely used) to refer to men. It makes sense that it would, because women are really the ones who lose something valuable when they have sex for the first time.

What do you guys think?


I won't hold it against a guy if he has never had sex before. Some people focus on other things in life, as is their right. And those who want to have sex, but can't, already feel enough shame without others piling it on.

Apparently the word "virgin" originally referred to a sexually inexperienced woman. Just looked it up on the ole Wikipedia. I didn't know that before, but now I certainly won't use it to describe a man.

Still, I don't think it matters so much. We're all bags of meat that move around for 70 years or so. If one bag hasn't humped any other bags yet, big deal.

Maybe a better term for men who haven't put a P in a V is "carnally unenlightened."
"I won't hold it against a guy if he has never had sex before. Some people focus on other things in life, as is their right. And those who want to have sex, but can't, already feel enough shame without others piling it on."

I've never met a guy who was a virgin past say... I dunno, second or third year of college? Who didn't have something seriously wrong with him. I suppose it's technically possible that someone's been "focusing on other things" like curing cancer or serving meals to starving African villagers to the point that they've had no time to get a girlfriend, but I've never met such a person. Have you?

Rob Banks

Horus said:
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My point was that the term "virgin" originally referred to a woman saving her virginity for marriage. The meaning of the term was then changed to be gender neutral. The reason it makes me cringe is because it is another example of Orwellian "newspeak." By applying the term "virgin" to men as well as women, "losing your virginity" is now seen as something desirable instead of something to avoid. This is just one tactic among many to encourage people to believe that female virginity is not important.

The same is true for the custom of men wearing wedding rings. Wedding rings were originally worn only by women. A man puts a ring on his woman to signify to other men that she belongs to him. but at some point it was decided that women shouldn't be "treated as property" and that if women were going to wear wedding rings, men should wear them too.

In fact, if you look around at society's traditions and customs, especially the ones pertaining to marriage, you will find things that have been changed to fit the feminist narrative. Another example off the top of my head is wedding dresses. Originally, a white dress was a symbol of virginity. A woman getting married for the second time did not wear white. Nowadays, to suggest that a woman should not wear white at her second wedding will get you branded a bigot.


Phoenix said:
The whole point is that it should make you cringe, being a virgin man is shameful.
This however is a very modern phenomenon in itself, too.

Before Darwinism, Television and Feminism - nobody cared whether a man has slept with women or not. A man was judged by his bloodline, wealth, health, character, ability to keep his word, knowing his trade and swordsmanship skill - never by his slyness with women. In fact being a Casanova type of women slayer would get a man killed quickly in a traditional society.

Only with emancipation of women and their fathers losing a say in the choice of their sexual partners did society start to judge men by their ability to talk women into sleeping with them. Television helped to further this by creating the image of the romantic hero trough famous actors who played bad boys. On an intellectual level Darwinism did it's part in proclaiming that men who don't reproduce have failed the prime mission of life. Before that nobody would think that priests, monks, philosophers or scientists (called disrespectfully geeks and nerds today) are somehow inferior by not having women in their lives.

In fact life of celibacy for men has always been respectfully admired throughout history.

The only exception to this was perhaps the royal courts of Renaissance kings and similar courts trough history, when thriving and perhaps even survival in royal courts required skills of seduction and ability to resist seduction for yourself and high born parents paid experienced mistresses to show their sons the way around women including all the intimate stuff. (The 42 law of powers are inspired by this historical setting)

So with exception of royal courts there was never a reason to distinguish a man who has slept with a woman and who has not - it was very irrelevant and the word virgin was not used for men until very recently.

Heck even things like having a big dick were not always seen as a good thing for men. In ancient Rome and Greece men with big dicks were made fun of or so I have heard. Political caricatures made fun of politicians by drawing them with bigger then average dicks (or big noses implying big dicks). That's because nobody really cared about whether women got pleasure from sex or not, and for a man to be seen as an entertainer of women, even if sexual entertainer was humiliating.

brick tamland

Chastity is no longer what it used to be, so how much do females lose with their first act.
As for guys, any guy who's never done it and isn't trying hard not to be involuntarily celibate needs help. Calling him a virgin is mild treatment.


Virgin here, not ashamed, more like slightly annoyed. But the point is I am getting out of that "zone" and this forum is helping me (one of main reason I registered account here). I turned life around in the last couple of months and its only matter of time when I lose the virginity.


I think losing virginity is not a one time act but more of an accumulation of a lifetime of experience. There are many mind blowing experiences to be had. Getting the first blowjob is actually way more thrilling than the first time sticking dick into a pussy. Sucking on a perfect set of tits is way better too. I could go on for pages.



Yes, I've met a lot of guys who care way more about their careers or academics than they do about learning to deal with girls. Usually their relationships come from a girl seeing their worth and taking the initiative. Think about the top universities, for example. Say, caltech. Lots of those guys didn't get out much in high school, and are inundated with schoolwork while in college. Maybe they spend summers doing research or internships. Then graduation rolls around. Then they start work, and maybe they go out but none of their close friends are too experienced either, so they start from scratch at age 22 or so.

Rob Banks

OP here. Lots of good responses.

I want to clarify one thing, though:

My issue is not with shaming or disrespecting men who don't get laid. My issue is with using the term "virgin" to refer to men, period.

My issue with using the term "virgin" to describe men has nothing to do with it being disrespectful or shameful. It is because the term "virgin" historically only referred to women, and it is only in our modern "brave new world" of feminism and leftism that the term is used to refer to both sexes. Men cannot be "virgins." Men can be sexless losers, but not virgins.

Maybe there should be a different term for men who have never had sex. A poster above had suggested "carnally unenlightened." I just don't think we should use the same word to describe both the beauty of female virginity and the ugliness of male involuntary celibacy.

When you throw the word "virgin" around as an insult to men, women and girls will also start to believe that "virgin" is an insult. This is by design. Leftists and feminists love to manipulate society by butchering language and changing the meanings of words.


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Trying to bring a man down based on his sexual encounters is a move borrowed from women.
Someone standing on a pile of pussy shouting "virgin" to the guy on the ground is just as basic as the guy on the ground shouting "player" up in return.

Meanwhile a man walks past laughing.
I was actually just talking about this. There is no such thing as a male virginity. The hymen makes a woman a virgin or not, obviously men have no hymen. I have broken a hymen or two and in one of those instances I was also a "virgin", but nothing changed about me other than I had now had sex. She on the other hand bled all over my NFL comforter. In short no such thing as male virginity it's just "Locker room talk"...Shout out to Donald Trump.
Spot on this thread. I don’t understand why it has caused so much confusion in the answers. Sometimes I think that feminism is so rooted in American culture that it has even penetrated masculinity strongholds like this one.

I had never considered myself as "virgin". I simply had not fucked, at that period of time.


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I've met a lot of male virgins. It's only natural. After all, they're one twelfth of the population. But as a result, I've met just as many Geminos, Taurasses, Lios, Scarpios ...