Vaccination in the sports world


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There's another thing that man's father could campaign for, but ir wouldn't get any positive press and the dad wouldn't get virtue signal points over it. This whole thing is just tiresome. Sad people sacrifice children over this ideology.


A soccer player of a local club was diagnosed with blood clots.... from Covid-19 (of course there was no mention of the vaccine, because it obviously had nothing to do with it). He is to lose the next 6 months, according to the ...experts. It's possible his career is over.

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How many more young people have to die until the sheeple finally wake up?
Honestly, I think they need some sort of tragedy closer to home before they start asking questions, but even then I'm not sure they will.

I know a guy who says his girlfriend hasn't had a period since April 2021. Doctor told her it was "too much exercise" and "too much cortisol running through her system because of too much exercise" and they accepted that blindly.

Gee, what else occurred in April 2021?


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One last thing that I'm struggling with is although I don't really have an NFL team I root for, the closest thing would be the Los Angles Chargers, and I understand they were one of the first to be fully vaccinated. It's made it a struggle to continue pulling for them, but maybe that's for the best. I should be ultimately directing my focus more on Christ, so making it harder to root for certain players/teams is kind of a natural way of trending more toward God.