Vaccine injury stories

Is there a good site to check common side effects? Someone I know who's been jabbed x2 at least has developed a pretty severe parkinson's like shake in his arm. No idea which one or batch tho
Anyone know if vaxx cards have the batch number? I remember seeing some type of registration or serial number handwritten on the cards when people started posting copies.
If you are interested in different batch #'s I'd recommend grabbing the VAERS database. It has them all.
Its more of a personal observation than facts but my brother that always looked 15 years younger than he actualy is, and a very energetic guy (he is never tired and always happy) got jabbed around 1 year ago and he looks now very much different.
I only see him on christmas so 1 year passed since the last time but my wife and myself noticed he gained weight, looks now more or less hes age (early 40s) for the first time, and he looked very tired overal. He also told us that after having Corona/jabbed he has a lot of motion sickness problems....
April ‘21 batch

BTW...His faith in Pfizer because “it also makes Viagra” is not only stupid, its misinformed. Viagra wasnt developed as much as it was accidentally stumbled upon. They were trying to to create a heart medicine and came with a pill for broken peens instead. Not exactly demonstrative of competence in my book.

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