Vaccine injury stories


I really feel for her. She didn’t just say she misses her health, but that she “grieves her old life every single day”. That is serious pain. Second sentence, she is struggling to forgiving herself. Nobody should have to carry the burden of a 2 year old mistake. These companies, I mean these people working for these companies, failed our trust and should be punished for the harm they caused. It’s time we get serious about the crimes being committed in our country.


Other Christian
This one hit the wires today:

When this story first broke I remember it very clearly, not a lot of details were given. I instantly knew it was the vaccine. Today we get the full details. She almost didn’t make it and it appears she’s turned into a semi-vegetable. 53 year-old wife of billionaire and owner of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, obviously not high enough on the totem pole to get the saline shot.

It again brings into question how Hamlin could’ve possibly recovered so quickly with zero adverse effects while Pegula is still struggling with her recovery 8 months later.